Darius (Xardius) Lionheart

Member of the Ultimate Organization; Phoenix

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by DarKnight36


Tall and muscular; dark red hair, blue eyes; to most people, he seems like a giant, but for his size, he's simply fit. Carries himself like he's used to having a sword on his back.


Confident to the point of egomaniac; he doesn't show a lot of respect for people who can't take care of themselves, but doesn't have a problem helping people. Very loyal to his friends, but also seems to just have a natural sense of when he needs to back off. Enjoys fighting a little bit too much, but doesn't seek out fights.


One of the Masamune-style katanas; a crystal-power katana named Ryukai (or Chomper); two semi-automatic pistols. Due to the events leading up to the current Ultimate Organization story arc, he has lost his Phoenician powers... or so everyone believes...


Darius Lionheart was born somewhere in the Empire of Kalva, before his family was slaughtered by the Mage of Darkness Oblivion. Oblivion posed as Darius' savior, and Darius tutored under Oblivion in how to fight before being used in an experiment of Oblivion's. During this experiment, he became a Phoenix, the Empire of Kalva was sealed, and Darius was left without memory on the desert world of Sahran.

After meeting up with Rune, another of Oblivion's "pupils" who retained his memories, Darius made it to a small city, aptly named Nirvana. There he met Teresa Williams, and over the course of the next year, became an integral part of the town and Teresa's life. He fell in love with her, and was even entertaining plans of asking her to become his wife. Suddenly, however, Rune went mad, killing everyone in the town, and burning it to the ground before Darius' eyes. Darius escaped thanks to his Phoenix powers, and fought Rune for the sake of the planet. The result was an impasse, and Sahran was destroyed.

Darius managed to survive, again thanks to his powers, and was deposited on the world of Larenska, where he met Tera Roth, Tyre Rutherford, and Highwind, becoming a Guardian, an elite member of the world government's army of Knights. Darius also met a younger man named Wing, and trained him in the art of fighting. Wing and Darius became very good friends.

After a series of events that left Darius and Wing alienated from the Knights, hunted by the government they once protected, the two separated and went into hiding. Wing ended up joining with a budding anti-Knight organization, pledged on ending the corruption in the world's government.

Darius eventually joined as well under the surname of Xardius, and the Ultimate Organization was born, the most elite and strongest group of fighters the worlds had ever seen. After long and hard battles, the destruction of the Knights, the rise of the Sora System and Ulfire governments, a showdown with Rune and his Brotherhood, and the destruction of Oblivion's original project sealing the Empire of Kalva off from the rest of the universe, Darius was once again separated from the friends he had shared the last five years with on and off the battlefield.

Now, Darius is struggling to cope with the loss of his Phoenician powers, learning to fight without the enhancement he's learned to rely on. Helping him is Tyre Rutherford, what remains of the Brotherhood, and the mysterious Enigma who has goals of his own...

So begins...

Darius (Xardius) Lionheart's Story