Darling "Nymph & Elf"

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by mummydove


Physical description:

Darling has ivory, flawless, smooth skin. Her thick hair is a slightly dark blond. Darling's hair reaches down to the mid of her knees. Also, her hair is wavy and in layers. She has big dark blue eyes. Her lashes are a very dark blond, thick, and long. She has a small round face. This makes Darling look somewhat child-like. She has a straight and somewhat small nose. Her small lips are full and a very pale light pink. She stands at five feet, two inches. Darling has a slender hour-glassed figure, which looks quite fragile. She has a slight muscular built that is barely noticeable. Her breast are slightly smaller than the average size. Her bottom is small and round. Darling keeps her nails clean and short. She usually keeps her small pointed ears hidden beneath her hair. Darling has a beauty mark behind her left and right ear. Lastly, Darling's voice is sweet and gentle.


Darling is a very sweet but bashful creature. She usually stays quiet and just goes along with things. Also, she rarely makes choices, she'd rather have others choose for her. She'd rather just go along with things. If she ever had to choose, she would leave or not choose if she could.Though, she is stubborn when she believes something is wrong.

She is kind to those who don't deserve it. She dislikes conflict of any sorts so she avoids it as best she can. Though, she would protect and try to save any creature that may come into harms way. Also, she always tries to be helpful. Darling is a very curious creature. Being curious has made her love to explore. If she builds up enough courage, she will go try to talk to creatures that spark her curiosity.

Also, Darling would never leave any creature that is hurt, dying, or needs help. Including, Darling is a bit naive so people tend to abuse the kindness she shows. Once she cares for someone, she gets very protective and attached. It seems that Darling does not have a temper at all. One would say nothing bothers her. When indoors, she becomes more nervous than usual. This is as she feels trapped, especially in small places. Lastly, Darling isn't one to defend herself, she will usually just go into the fetal position.


Darling carries a black leather knapsack with her. In it there are clothes, two brown wool blankets, a pot, and sometimes food. Also, she has a sheath belt that holds a small dagger, leather water skin, and a pouch of herbs. Lastly, she always wears the gold chain with the two gold rings hanging from it.


Darling has a dark side because of her father's side of the family. Something had gone wrong during a traditional dark elf ritual done on Darling. Unknown to anyone, it led to Darling having two souls in her. The other soul is called Essence.

Essence only comes out when Darling is at risk of dying or in danger. In short, Essence is very cruel, unforgiving, and deadly. Essence will kill and harm without mercy. When Essence is present, she possess Darling's body. She usually stays in control until Darling is safe. Though, there are times when Essence feels the need to possess Darling for longer. Essence is protective of Darling as they share a body. She speaks to Darling through dreams when possible.

Including, Essence uses and can control the powerful dark magic they possess. Darling does not use her dark magic. If she must, Darling will only use it to heal others. Darling doesn't really know how to control her magic well because of this.

Lastly, Darling doesn't remember anything when Essence takes over. She just remembers blacking out. Although, after, Darling usually has a feeling she has done something bad if Essence has. This is why Darling feels the urge to help others. She knows something is wrong with her. Though, she never gets the chance to know about Essence. No one has the chance to tell her about Essence. She is usually in another location when she wakes. Lastly, Darling never remembers her dreams when Essence contacts her in them.

Historical Background:

Darling has a royal family tree that is very powerful. Her mother’s side are powerful, royal, pure-blooded water nymphs. Her father’s side are powerful, royal, pure-blooded dark elves. Each side is highly respected. Her parents meant during a war between Elves and Nymphs. Darling's father, Drake, captured her mother, Ella, hostage. Her mother was next in line to be: Queen of Nymphs. As her father was next to be in line to be: King of the Dark Court. While Ella was held prisoner, love sprouted between Ella and Drake. About a year later, Darling was born.

After Darling was born, her parents called a meeting between the two fighting sides. At this meeting, her parents announced they wanted to marry and join the two families. They wanted peace for their newborn child. The two sides argued and looked at the child with disgust because she wasn't pure-blooded. Though, their child's blood was much more powerful than both races, well, magic wise anyways. It took a year before both families agreed.

Darling lived with both of her parents until she was five. At age five, it began to show how she was different from both races.

Her mother and father families argued about Darling's differences. It frustrated her parents. After a while, they couldn't stand each other and broke their marriage bond. They had began to hate each other. The hate caused them unable to find any love for Darling. Darling reminded them too much of the other. Her parents still loved each other. Truth was, they were too stressed because of their families. Once the marriage bond was broken, they put Darling in a row boat while she was asleep. They pushed the row boat out to sea. Only thing they left with her were two gold ring which hung off a gold chain.

Now Darling just explores every inch of the earth. She remembers some of her past, but doesn't like to think about it. She has repressed most of it.

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