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Darth Rolak

"Peace is a lie, there is only passion. Through passion, I gain strength. Through strength, I gain power. Through power, I gain victory. Through victory, my chains are broken. The Force shall free me."

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Zarhara


Gender: Male
Species: Unknown
Hair: Black spiked
Weight: 120
Clothes: Dark black robes.



Cold, Arrogant and dismissive of others very self confident and ruthless. One might say he has no other cares for others except himself and his cause.


Blood Res lightsaber- Nothing too special

Force abilities:
Force Choke
Force lightning
Force push
Force Pull
Force shield

So begins...

Darth Rolak's Story


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#, as written by Zarhara
Rolak nodded, "Possibly but how do you know so much about the empire, what's your angle?" He asked as he reached around for his helmet and began to secure it to his head.


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Character Portrait: Darth Rolak
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#, as written by Zarhara
"Some find my scars to be unpleasant." He said motioning to the helmet. "Now I must be going. I have urgent business to attend to maybe I will see you around and discuss this matter further.

The setting changes from Gambit's Bar to Forest Border


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Character Portrait: Deiyi Character Portrait: Byron Irura Character Portrait: Darth Rolak Character Portrait: Thai Vong Character Portrait: Iason Mentor
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#, as written by Zarhara
Above the forest Two drop ships coming from two seperate locations one from high above the planet dropping in just beyond the Terran blockade and the other from the east of the forest. The two ships lowered into the hanger. Rolak had been given this location and he had hoped the information to prove valuable though he hated the thought for doing what he was about to do. The ships landed and two ramps decended. "Remain here!" Rolak shouted to a small assembly of Sith troopers in the ship. He redonned his mask and walked slowly down the ramp.

As Rolak walked down the ramp of his drop ship a smaller figure exited the other. She was clearly much younger and had pale skin of a Dathomirian. She fell in step just behind Rolak as the two of them Approached the group. Rolak nodded to Byron and then spoke. " Good evening, I know it's been a long time and you probably do not remember me but you spoke to me in a bar once and offered for me to join your master in his "dream" after careful consideration I have decided to take you up on this request." Rolak said though inside he felt like vomiting.


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Character Portrait: Deiyi Character Portrait: Byron Irura Character Portrait: Darth Rolak Character Portrait: Thai Vong Character Portrait: Iason Mentor
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#, as written by Marcus
The hanger was not something that was not out of the way though Iason simply looked at the oncoming group unimpressed Byron on the other hand just turned his gaze away from his company too the new found annoyance that had found the hidden hanger and past the buildings cloaking device. This however did not stop the Sith Archivist from standing up and offering his hand. "I am sure Master Mor will be pleased to make your acquaintance." Byron frowned a bit and then took his seat just to wave them on. "I am sure we will be able to get into contact with you when we are able to get into contact with our master."


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Character Portrait: Deiyi Character Portrait: Byron Irura Character Portrait: Darth Rolak Character Portrait: Thai Vong Character Portrait: Iason Mentor
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#, as written by Zarhara
"Thankyou both, I'm sure you do no remember me I am Darth Rolak and this is Thai Vong." Rolak said as he shook the mans hand. "I will be most please upon meeting with your master." He added as he looked around carefully. He noticed a jedi in the hangar but decided it would be best in this case to leave any past feuds beside.

Thai looked around quietly as she stood just behind and to the left of Rolak. She was very interested in the jedi. Thai had only seen sith in her lifetime as one master Vontra took her on from the academy they left the galaxy to come here as they trained on their Cruiser.

#, as written by Zarhara
Ahead of Commander Thorn A smaller force was landing on the dock in a civilian transport. A small group of 20 veteran mercenaries and a handful of combat droids emerged. At the head of the group their leader Captain Hawk and Darth Rolak began to pace towards the entrance forming up with the Droids.

"Master, This is Rolak I have Arrived in advance with a small token force of my personal men and we are at your disposal sir." Rolak stated. He would have liked to be the top sith but he also knew that this was not his place, nor would it be. It might have been a thought for Rolak in the past but for now his position and loyalty lay with Master Mor.

Captain Hawk on the other hand was glad to be back on Terra for the time being but this was the last place he wanted to be at the moment. All he wanted to do was return home to his wife Natalie and their baby daughter but instead he was here working for his literally arch enemy but the pay was good and it kept his family alive. Secondly he had given his word and sworn his loyalty to Ventra and working for Rolak was an explicit order. If only Chek Knew I was here.... Hawk thought solemnly to himself.

#, as written by Saarai
An object sped down towards Terra, specifically towards Captain Hawk and Darth Rolak. The object slamming down in front of the entrance, creating a small crater and shooting out all manner of debris.

Kneeling in the small crater was a person, this person wearing a black wing suit and an equally black gasmask. As they stood their feminine form and tall figure became more apparent. The newcomer turned to those attempting to enter the facility, shaking their head at them as if to let them know they weren't allowed in.

The mysterious figure began to carefully remove the wing suit, revealing that underneath it they wore a form fitting black and various armored sections. The armor they wore was dark orange, the color more or less obstructed by the various holsters and handguns the being wore as well.

From revolvers to berettas, to glocks and a couple of desert eagles. Daggers holstered along the left thigh, a combat knife at the right bicep, a grenade pouch strapped to the right shin near the ankle, and finally an Mk.14 assault rifle held by a single strap over their left shoulder.

Defiant as ever the figure stood quietly, stout in the face of being outnumbered. Confident in their ability to fight off anyone in their way and anyone who dared make themselves an enemy of Terra.

#, as written by Marcus
Commander Thorn looked on from his position on the small carrier that he and his men were flying in towards the famed facility. One of Thorn's troops handed over a bit of Intel on the prison at hand and with a smirk after reviewing the information Thorn placed his helm atop his head and began barking orders. "Let the Primary Shadows know that they are to eliminate all hostile forces as quickly as they can and move up to follow under Emperor Mor's command asap. Let them know that force adepts are going to be the most useful in this situation! All members of the Scourge be ready to open fire on selected targets once we land! Gunner, call for reinforcements, we are going to decimate this entire facility once the order is given." The carrier ship that housed the troops suddenly came to a stop right above the docking area and firs the Shadow units hoped down some using the force in mid fall to slow their decent while the Scourge jumped and took on the full brunt force of their landings only to leap into action as if they did not feel a single thing. Some of the dark armored troops took aim and fired their blasters at Anodyne thanks to their combat suits registering friendlies in advance and marking anyone who was not singled out before hand as an unknown and eventually an enemy. Thorn smirked underneath his helm as he plunged out from the ship himself and landed next to two advancing Shadow Troopers who were already engaging the enemy with glowing lightsabers of silver and blaster pistols. The droids who remained outside already had their weapons up and aimed at Anodyne only to relay the information back to Mor as he continued to move through the halls of the RIP Facility mercilessly slaughtering all who got in his way with either sabers or force alone there was nothing that was going to stop this killing machine.

"Rolak I'm surprised that you even decided to show up after your last sparring season with all of my droids again? Regardless have whoever you brought with you kill any who stand in your way. We are after a rather unique subject I wish to mold." Mor spoke into a communications link that was on his right wrist just to then control four of his blades to cut into a panel that was to his left just to reveal a plethora or multicolored wires and strange devices that hummed and vibrated. "Rolak one more thing before I shut this link off between us. Get here and let me know how my Shadow does with this places emissary. You know the one who is outside with you, she is really strong." With that said Mor cut his link off with the other Sith and let his blades go to work cutting into the wires and archaic devices that powered certain parts of the RIP in the section he was in and smiled as the lights went out along with the cameras.

#, as written by Gasmask
The lights didn't go out. They flickered sure but then shone with a bright red light for all of three seconds and were brought back up with a loud hum. Navidson didn't know where the guy knew where a primary security concern would be, but he dismissed as it allowed him momentary confusion to turn the blaster pistol away with an elbow blow to the droid's wrist and popping the head off the droid like a cork off a wine bottle with a strangulation hold.

The cameras continued to click away and rotate to take in the massive enemy forces coming though.

Navidson picked his shotgun back up and darted down the hallway, sliding under blaster fire and sith trying to close into close combat, who were evidently having trouble with the controlled bursts of NPA fire, the NPA had dealt with close combat, telekinesis wielding maniacs before.

The facility was full of them.

Among the assaulting soldiers was a tall, thin force wielder. The alien was clad in black armor with red highlights wrapped in blood red robes with various black markings on them. This alien was Ashan Starek. He moved silently and unscathed among the masses. He was looking for someone in particular, someone he could fight alongside.

Ashan pulled up next Darth Rolak. Ashan made no effort to let Rolak know of his presence. If Rolak knew of Ashan, he knew that the ex-padawan did not alert others to his being near them. Ashan would stick with Rolak until he saw fit to leave his side. Rolak would provide an easy path to Mor. Ashan wanted to meet up with his master. He had heard rumors and he needed them dispelled. That and the path to Mor surely had many enemies for Ashan to vanquish on the way.

#, as written by Saarai
Anodyne's movements were quick to avoid the shots thrown her way, the armored woman advancing on her attackers as she tried to avoid their attack. Every now and then a shot glanced off of the woman, sparking to life the personal shield generator she wore on her person.

She only needed it to work until she could close the distance. Anodyne was a melee fighter above all, but if it had to become a gun battle she was no slack in handling a pistol or rifle well enough to defend herself.

Feeling her luck about to run out the woman rolled forward, simultaneously grabbing a grenade from her pouch and rolling it towards the troopers firing at her near the end of her own roll.

She discarded the pin, scrambling to find cover before the inevitable explosion.

#, as written by Zarhara
Rolak listened to Mor and decided to send a quick response. "As you Wish Master, It Shall Be done."

With the message sent Rolak ignited his saber. His face was fully hidden from his attackers behind his mask. Rolak nodded to Ashan but made no comment instead he began to charge toward Anodyne. As she rolled the grenade he reached out with the force to fling the explosive device from the platform.

Meanwhile Captain Hawk opened a comm to his Mercenaries. "Leave the fighter to the others and Advance into the Facility!" Hawk barked into his comm as he activated his jetpack he rose above the attackers and made a beeline for the entrance to the famed prison.

#, as written by Marcus
The Scourge continued to open fire and keep up their attack on the facility while the Shadow troops moved up towards the door in hopes of getting inside to assist their master without any further delay. Between the troops who were on the ground and the pilot of their ship watching above it seemed like the invading force was having little to no trouble at all dealing with the defenders of the facility. Further in was proof of this as Mor himself walked the halls making his way down the hall only to stop and allow his blades to orbit around him a bit more.

"So it seems that someone yet survives? Your friends retreated further back and yet here you are bravely holding down the fort for must be a very proud man." The blades began to rotate while in the air, spinning, and moving faster with every second that passed by. "So tell me something and I will allow you to survive this night. Were do you keep the girl named Choi? She will be like me but a bit colder I suppose." Mor imposed himself a bit more as he allowed his ability with the force to once again spread out into the facility before him just to perceive the body of Navidson who was just around the corner.

#, as written by Saarai
The Ripper had taken cover behind what would have been a barricade were it not for the damage it was sustaining and the fact that the NPA were inside dealing with the attackers. She was the only line of defense keeping them from swelling their numbers, but it was hard trying to be in multiple places at once.

Why couldn't people just charge her head on?

The woman got what she asked for when Rolak began his approach, flinging her readied grenade from the platform before she got the chance to really make good use of it.

She had a few more, with one hand she removed one of her pistols from a holster on her body. With the other she grabbed another grenade from the pouch near her ankle, expertly removing the pin and holding down it's lever.

Suddenly The Ripper sprang from cover, firing on Rolak as she tossed her grenade underhandedly towards the troops supporting him. Having primed the explosive it was likely going to go off in mid-air seconds after it left her hand.

The resulting explosion likely to be detrimental, if not devastating to anyone who didn't react fast enough. Anodyne made sure she was at a far enough distance that the blast wouldn't catch her.

#, as written by Marcus
If it was not for the fact that Darth Rolak and Ashan were not alone that readied grenade could have spelled trouble for them but thankfully the Crimson Legion and the Emperors Shadow were ever present. One of the lightsaber wielding Shadow Troopers assessed the situation, as it all played out, and called upon the force with enough kinetic energy behind his push to send every vehicle including the grenade itself hurtling towards The Ripper. Several of the dark armored scourge however were not so lucky as there was a secondary grenade that detonated at their feet sending them flying.

Commander Thorn simply shook his head began to fire at the woman right along side his men. "Lord Mor will be waiting for you all on the inside! Move it!"

#, as written by Zarhara
As the grenade was thrown Hawk had been prepared and sprung into the air activating his jetpack and Rolak threw up a force shield to block the bullets flung at him. Though the Shadows force had saved most of the troops a few of Hawk's soldiers were still caught in the blast of the secondary grenade.

Rolak used the moment of Commander thorns attack to attempt to bypass the ripper and move into the facility. His remaining men followed closely behind him.

Hawk unholstered his pistols and used his jet pack to fly toward the door and join Rolak and the others inside.

Alarms rang through the complex. Power was cut to several secure areas in order to keep from being broken into. In the deep freeze zone however alarms rang shrill as something was waking up. Wind whipped at controls unseen. Doors broke apart. 'Find me master, Free me, master. Teach me!' The voice, it had to be a voice, was screaming now, mentally.

The closer Mor got, the more shrill the voice became, yet it remained focused, focused on freedom, there was no fear in the voice, there was nothing but the pure need for freedom. And a hatred had begun to brew within the heart of the frozen in carbonite woman. Hatred at those that froze her, hate for being betrayed by the Order.

#, as written by Nemo
The carbonite rippled. The slab of molten rock melted like ice before vaporizing into the open air. Choi would fall to her knees, likely vomiting, filthy sick with carbonite poisoning. She was blind, half-deaf and physically drained of all strength. An anti-empath frequency ran throughout the cell, targeting Choi's midichlorian symbiosis, weakening her force sensitivity. Worse still, was the mysterious assault on Choi's mind by some outside intruder. The telepathic attack struck directly at Choi's frontal cortex, impairing her ability to reason, focus or even think about anything specifically. She would find it unbearably difficult, if not outright impossible, to direct her force energies.

A pair of shiny black loafers tapped calmly around her body.

"My dear child..." a kind, warm voice whispered through her ears, the cooing words soaking directly into her brain, "...I hope you've enjoyed your stay at the Institution, but afraid it's time for you to check-out..."

Darkness would try and take her. A slight pain nuzzled into her chest. The sound of a whirring power-saw resounded somewhere in the black...

...but that was far away... too far to worry about...


The Enforcers were giving no quarter to the invaders. Mor, Thorn, Rolak and his Shadow Warriors would be greeted by a battalion of fully-armored troops as they burst deeper into the facility. Aether rounds soared at them from every direction. Every new room they entered presented new mounted turrets to deal with. Anesthetic gas seeped through the vents. Sirens and radio chatter heralded the arrival of reinforcements. The RIP was on full lock-down.

#, as written by Marcus
Mor was happy to see that the forces of the RIP facility still had some fight to them. He was at first worried that it was only their bark that seemed terrible but when he met the forces that the enemy provided head on a twisted smile crept its way upon his facial features revealing the deep lines of the ritual marks he had left on his face years ago. "Yes, more, I demand more from you!" His voice raised higher as it echoed with the power of the force as it tore through everything before him with wicked energies. It was strong enough to knock back his enemies before him and flay the flesh from their bodies if they were so unlucky. It was with anticipation alone that made his quicken his pace from a casual walk to a full out run. His sabers he had out moved with him and also quickened creating a blurred image of many different colors. His sabers suddenly flew before him deflecting shots and trimming the barrels of turrets placed against him while simultaneously rending the arms and legs of the more heavily armored troops. It was like watching a saw cut through swine at a slaughter house. The Sith Emperor was also adeptly using his abilities to the fullest as at one point he simply came to a stop and lifted both of his hands up against the horde of enemies and a wave of lightning soared throughout the room electrocuting any who stood before him. "Bring me your all!"

'I am coming for you my child.'

Meanwhile the bulkhead of the Crimson Legion pressed onward and Commander Thorn smiled in triumph as he moved with great haste along with his guardians. "Get your asses inside and kill off any resistance that remains! Our Emperor awaits us men!" A few of the legionnaires began to set up a small turret system and began to mark targets on the tech screens while their ship began to make a pass over the facility. The pilot in the drop ship suddenly began to look down on what enemies remained just to send the information to the troops bellow so that they could make note of it quickly and efficiently. A small detachment of troops breached the door that their Emperor went through already and smirked as they saw Mor cutting through the defenses. "Everyone on the Emperor! Give him cover men!" One of the troopers shouted as they rushed forward with heavy blaster rifles in hand while jumping into the fray of combat.

What was that feeling.


Yes. That was it, it flooded her mind as she fell from the Carbonite, slamming to her knees hard enough to shatter them as she vomited violently. She couldn't see, but she could hear. And her mind, pain. It was all she felt.

Pain in her mind.

Violent pain.

Pain, pain was one of the many roots of anger and hate. She hated certain people, the Order. They betrayed her. Those she had tried to slay for payment, money to get away, to find someplace to live with her memories, find the truth. No. Instead she was frozen. She hated being frozen.

Now she was free. But in pain. She hated pain.

She hated it.

The nshe felt it. Pain at her chest. She focused. using the pain to fuel her hatred and anger. Once bright brown eyes were now dead red fire. Fire of the Dark Side. Pure hate flowed from her eyes, though she was blinded. She knew exactly what do to. Using her hatred, she flung out with the Force. Fueled by her hate and anger. pure anger alone. Stress eat your heart out.

She thrust hard at what pressed at her as blackness came on. The pain at her chest she pushed at, first with her hand, then with the force when her hand felt pain. Refelxes needed work. She then focused again, through the pain, using it. Yes she was leaving, alive.

Wind swirled around her, black in color, red fire swirled with it. Burning of hate and anger built up while frozen in carbonite. And now pain ? No, this was not what she wanted. She was going to get what she wanted. She wanted out. Fueled my anger and hatred within her she wasted little time in ruining everything in the cell, and around it for several meters.

Finally, she was spent. Darkness overcame her, her eyes rolled into her head and she fell to the floor, barely breathing. bone thin. Yet, hatred burned within her.

#, as written by Nemo
The stranger stood silently, enduring the brunt of her force storm with ease. When her impressive (though futile) display was over, his dark shadow stooped over her once more...

She would awaken shortly thereafter, her cell trashed. There was no one in the room. There was not a scratch on her body.


The Enforcers put up a valiant fight against the invaders, and were well equipped for the Sith warriors. Though a lightsaber could slice through just about any tangible material in the galaxy, the Enforcer's armor also came equipped with a potent energy shield that encompassed their frame. Whirring red laser-blades came crashing down on the troopers, easily swatting them aside from the brunt of the swing but unable to severe limbs or heads. Only by battering away at their shield reserves could they be killed entirely, otherwise they would only be incapacitated.

Still, the Sith were making marks. Their force prowess proved to be their most effective weapon; lightsabers they could deal with, but the Enforcers had no way of counter-acting the raw power of the dark side. Whole squads flew like ragdolls against the walls of facility, groaning as they hit the ground, slumping voicelessly to the floor. The blasters, too, seemed to do their work, the successive laser bolts gradually penetrating their shields and melting chunks of their armor. The force lightning proved to be less effective, however, as the cuendillar capillaries in their armor easily absorbed the lethal concentrations of electricity.

"Grenade!" one of them shouted, tossing a frag into a mob of Shadow warriors near Mor. A barrage of aether rounds followed the ensuing explosion.

The Imperials seemed to have cleared a path down the hallway to Choi's cell. Try as the Enforcers might, they could not hold the doorway.

#, as written by Marcus
One of the Emperors Shadows was quick enough to act as the dark armored assassin called upon the force and shoved the grenade back at the enemy solders. The Sith Emperor continued his onslaught as his legionaries continued to open fire all the while more and more made their way into the RIP facility. "Show no mercy!" Mor shouted as he felt the force quiver from someone deep within, her power no less, and it made the sith lord want to control it even more. Quickly Mor brought his gaze over to several other troops just to lift them off from the ground and use them as projectiles against others while his sabers continued to do his dirty work.

#, as written by Saarai
Anodyne sprinted through the east wing to get back to the fighting, pieces of her jumpsuit torn from the fighting she had done before against the facility's attackers. They needed backup, Anodyne couldn't help but wonder why it hadn't come by now. They needed to hold The RIP with numbers and force.

They had to be a great wall.

But, it was crumbling before it could be fortified.

Anodyne slid into the hall where Choi's cell was, bringing her gaze up towards the attackers. She was one person, but she was powerful. More than enough to fight the small army, but one person couldn't be everywhere at once. They'd achieve their goal, they had the numbers to do it. Anodyne only hoped to slow them down until reinforcements arrived.

If they arrived.

It was the best she could do.

She drew her revolvers from their holsters on her armored torso, raising them up at the attackers. She was all out of grenades, but she'd find a way to keep the attackers from reaching their goal. She had to.

#, as written by Nemo
The grenade exploded midst a squad of troops. Energy shields rippled in the ensuing flames, plates of trinium-plasteel dented and charred.

"They're too many!" an Enforcer growled, holding his ground against the pressing tides. He pumped three aether rounds into the body of the nearest legionary before four successive blaster rounds knocked the rifle out of his hands and send him sprawling on his back. "...shit..." he groaned. His visor retracted and he spit warm blood into the concrete. His hand reached for the plasma pistol on his belt.

"Where the hell is our support?!"

#, as written by Zarhara
Hawk looked down the hall as troops continued to flood into the fray the sith were pushing against them but this clearly was going to be a costly affair. Hawk lived on Terra and was starting to regret his decision he was going to have to ditch this armor set but if he was captured this would be a political nightmare for his wife.

He pushed those thoughts aside stuck toward the middle just out of the front lines. "Commander Thorn, This is Zen Hawk a mercenray and ex imperial officer I have something that might help us out here but I need you to have your guys stick back or their armor is going to get fried., Rolak you slime you better keep these things with those guards and not over here!" Hawk stated through a comm link.

Pulling out two Reverse-Polarity Pulse Grenades, He moved close up and rolled the grenades forward. There was a 10 second timer and if he timed the roll right they should go off right at in the midst of the rip troops front ranks.

Hopefully the effects of the grenade would be enough to knock out the sheilds and armor for long enough.

Rolak smiled as he moved forward saber drawn he kept back force choking guards from within the ranks. He stopped when he got Hawks message. The mercenary had mentioned some of his weapons while they were off Terra. He focused on the orbs ready to use the force to keep them from being thrown back.