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Deatric Warcett

0 · 161 views · located in Iridonian System

a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Deatric Warcett


Circa 500 BBY

Universe: Lucastani (Star Wars / Marvel / Indiana Jones / E.T.)
Galaxy: Skyriver
System: Iridonia
Planet: Iridonia
Moon: Naume

Name: Deatric Warcett
Player: Deatric
Gender: Male
Nicknames: Zanguin, D.W., Ric, Moonblood
Race: Iridonian Zanguins / Moonblood
Class: Naumek Warlock / Alchemist
Alignment: None
Deity: Self
Age: 20 (Adult)
Size: Average
Body Type: Athletic / Muscular
Height: 5.11 feet (156 cm)
Weight: 166 lbs (75.2 kg)
Complexion: Pure White
Hair: None
Eyes: Silver / Metallic (Blood Red when Angry)
Handedness: Ambidextrous
Scars: None
Relationship Status: Single (Never Engaged)
Personality: Determined / Serious
Mannerisms: Never Smiles
Likes: Undetermined
Dislikes: Undetermined

Deatric Warcett is a half-Zabraki, half-Upyrean hybrid subspecies from Naume, one of two mysterious moons orbiting planet Iridonia, the Zabraki homeworld. Deatric has pure white alabaster skin, with black tribal Zabraki clan tattoos all over his entire body. He is completely bald and hairless, with horns and boney protrusions on top of his head, his elbows and knees, with scaley ridges for eyebrows and a mane of spikey boney horns going down the back of his head to the base of his spine. He has human-like white eyes with M-shaped black pupils and silvery metallic irises. His eyes turn blood red when he is powered up. He has silvery metallic teeth with four sharp incisors, sharp silvery metallic nails or claws. Deatric wears a grey tunic with a thick purple belt or sash which hangs loosely at the ends, with a longer purple hooded robe with long wide sleeves as an outer garment. He has 2 hearts, 2 brains, and does not require oxygen. Deatric is also force sensitive. How much so has yet to be determined. He sometimes wears a goldish metallic mask with built-in technology which distorts his voice and enhances his vision. His chain-mail under armor, armguards, shinguards and shoulder plates are made of Mandalorian ore (Beskar), along with his utility belt. His mask and his lightsaber are made of a rare metal substance called Urvibratium, an alloy mixture of enchanted uru, vibranium and adamantium acquired by the Warlocks of Iridonia from Marvelonian alchemists.

Deatric is a Naumek Warlock, a force sensitive Upyrean half-blood with Zabraki characteristics. He is not associated with the Sith Order or the Jedi Order, but is rather a member of the independent Warlocks of Iridonia, who have more in common with the Ordu Aspectu, who had kidnapped Jedi padawans under the guise of peace before either disappearing or transcending their physical forms. Being half-Zabraki, he was raised and trained in Iridonian martial arts and his Zabraki tribal double-bladed lightsaber form. His lightsaber has a pure white glowing beam which hisses when activated. The Warlocks of Iridonia are devoted to learning the force with the goal of achieving immortality by psionic means, with a little help from Naumek blood magic, necromancy and witchcraft bestowed to them by the Sisterhood of Darkness on the Zabraki Five Colonies.

So begins...

Deatric Warcett's Story