A cyborg that specializes in mecha and serval types of machinery. She lives to serve, in which she has grown accustomed to during her early years.

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Delve


Occupation: Engineer, Mechanized Unit Pilot
Age: 22
Sex: Female
Race: Human/ Cyborg
Ethnicity: Mixed descent
Nationality: Germany
Resides in: N/A
Alignment: Neutral
Born: April 10
Sign: Aries
Blood type: B
Height: 175cm
Weight: 55kg
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Green

Phrase: "Dreams are to be realized."

Personality: Infatuated with foreign travel, likes to talk, expensive taste. A bit of an outsider; she is always day dreaming about her past, future, and present. Likes to take care of business, and never leaves anything out.

Appearance: Delve has a delicate physique, she works out whenever she gets the chance. She has long blonde hair, piercing ocean teal eyes, and slightly pale skin. Delve wears different attires.


History: Delve was born and raised in a continent ruled by one of the worlds nations. Her father served the World Nations as an air-force pilot and died in a plane crash when she was sixteen, yet her dream to become a pilot never faded. Her desire to soar the skies became her first priority.

As soon as she turned 18, she joined the Air Force in hopes of making her dreams come true. During her training she met Brigadier General Carter, who was interested in her for quite some time (Since when he first arrived at her home to tell about her father's death). In just a few months after being recruited he proposed to her, Delve accepted his proposal without knowing that it would interfere her goal to become a professional pilot. Brigadier General Carter was always concerned, and he ordered that she didn't take any intense training--this limited her chances of getting into warfare as a pilot. Being distraught over the fact that she wouldn't have a chance at her No. 1 goal, she ignored his orders and trained herself harder than anyone else in her squad. Delve was forced to secretly take on pilot training whenever the Brigadier General left overseas.

One day during a flight test across the ocean a storm took place halfway before her final destination, trying to control the plane Delve spotted an island and was forced to land the small fighter plane on the beach--rendered unconscious. Little was known that the island was owned by Big Boss, who took her in for questioning. During the interrogation, Delve was convinced to join Outer Heaven realizing that she had nothing to lose and that she was still able to exercise her piloting abilities; taking on the rank of ADU Chief. Delve had forgotten all about her engagement with Brigadier General Carter--her current standing had kept he occupied, and he hadn't crossed her mind ever since.

The wheels of destiny began to turn, joining O.H. was only the beginning for this young pilot, she is yet to discover a tragic accident in her future; which allows her to become a cyborg of the future.

For a long time Delve had no memory of her past or future (Simply because she is from the future), she was a unclassified model that is was way beyond the present time of Crimson Battalion's existence. The great grandson of a famous scientist in the future re-constructed her Cyborg modifications. Coincidentally Eve discovers her body inside an abandoned warehouse in the far end of Vinyl city; Delve was on standby at the time when she was found, meaning she was in a deep sleep, in which she couldn't wake up from unless activated. Delve had information regarding Eve but for what reason she cannot recall. Not having any idea why she came or how she arrived, she decided to follow Eve until she recovered her memory.

Eve was a covert agent of the Vinyl militia; she took down those who appose the law and rights of the common good. Delve becomes her partner to stop crime; she had no reason not to be. There more she becomes involved with others in the present time, the more she discovers little information about herself. Delve is person with little words, she hardly expresses herself but when she does she is unaware of what her face is expressing without being able to see her reflection at that exact moment. Her hobbies are collecting semi-automatic guns and riding her motorcycle when she has the free time.

Some of her own information allows her to work with her hands, discovering her Cyborg abilities and limitations. Delve is specialized in military arms, her favorites are 9mm pistols, she can work with any type of weapon and used for a single purpose, to bring harm to the enemy. When she joined the Heaven's Discipline Delve created her own line of custom mechs under the Equinox patent. She is still in the process of producing her own customs for the Vagrant Skyline pilots; her most recent work is the Nebula--a space mech that is still being worked on. It is rumored that she can also modify artillery, in which is only massively produced and cannot be traced to make certain. One of which is the Napalm shell for a mech sniper riffle.

After working for a year with Hayato she was forced to leave an unknown organization when the company was destroyed. In the process, Delve recovered some of her memory in her past and future. She remembers her life as a human in the future when she worked with Outer Heaven, the people she met, and the wars she was involved in which would explain most of her current engineering skills. There is a faint memory on how she acquired cyborg modifications, but she has found out that her body was frozen for quite some time. It is difficult for Delve to determine whether she is in the future or the past, the time spent across the galaxy could not compare to the present; meaning, it is unknown if she is from the past or future upon joining Crimson Battalion.


Marushin Beretta M84 9mm short

Caliber: 9mm short blowback cartridges - reusable - 10 included
Weight approx: 585g Loaded
Magazine Capacity: 13

Open Barrel
Power: 7mm PFC cap Blowback
Materials: Heavyweight shock resistant abs, and zinc alloy parts
Firing Mode: Semi-automatic

S&W 39

Caliber: .9mm blowback brass cartridges - Reusable
Weight loaded: 738g
Capacity: 9 + 1 chamber

Power: 5mm PFC cap Blowback. - Open barrel
Materials: Heavyweight abs & zinc alloy ect.. Cold to the touch
Firing Mode: Semi-automatic

SIG SG 550 Sniper Technical

Functioning Principle Gas operated, rotating bolt
Caliber: 5.56mm NATO (.223 Rem)
Overall length: 1130mm
Length with butt folded: 905mm
Overall height: 285mm
Barrel length: 650mm
Length of rifled bore: 604mm
Weight of weapon: 7.02 kg
Weight of magazine with 20/30 rounds: 340g/480g
Weight of empty 20/30 round magazine: 95g/113g
Ammunition Feed Staggered magazines; 5-, 20, or 30-round capacity
Take-up weight: 800g
Trigger pull weight: 1500g
Take-up length: 3.5mm
Trigger take-up: 4.1mm

Fighting Style: Street

Elemental Attributes: N/A

Important information: (Will be edited later.)

After severe damage to her exterior/or interior input it is required for her to apply "tune-ups" to her mechanical body. The schematics on this cyborg are so complex that an average human would not able to process it through their mind and try to understand it. In order to apply necessary changes or repairs Delve must be connected to an advanced computer, processing enough memory or it'll fry up. From there software is uploaded into the computer, and instructions on how to repair certain elements on her body will be provided. Some of the repairs can be done on her own, but if her hands cannot be used someone else must do it for her. It would be unlikely for Delve to be damaged so badly, in most cases she calculates what she can and cannot do in a middle of a battle and still take in as little damage as possible.

Delve does not use any blades--if she were to be unarmed, which is unlikely, she would gladly revert to her physical ability to punch someone down. She is incredibly strong, and has a high endurance due to the titanium alloy underneath her skin. Which brings about more questions on how she actually is considered human at all.

So begins...

Delve's Story