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Demor Ragani

"Yea, I'm....not normal."

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Scorpion01


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Name: Demor Ragani
Full Name: Irral Davoff
Title: Storm Dragon Slayer
Age: 24
Height: 6'3
Tail Length: 7'
Species: Drachini
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Pan-Sexual

Personality: Demor is inherently a flirty individual. He is open about his sexuality, and is casual about his body and various forms of physical affection. He is slow to anger, but has a nasty temper. He is extremely hard on himself, and desires to be perfect in everything he does. Beyond this, he is also a good man - he does the right thing and can be counted to do so time and time again, though he may go overboard.


Magic Type: Caster

Specialization: Primarily Offensive, can be Defensive, and can be used to Heal if needed.

Description: Storm Dragon Slayer Magic is like most other Dragon Slayer Magic, it is cast with the Magic within the Mage's body, and may or may not use Magic Circles depending on the spell in use. Demor channels it through his arms, legs, tail, breath, and entire body to pull off incredible feats of magic and destruction when needed.

The three Magics of Lightning, Water, and Wind/Air Dragon Slayer Magic all come together to form Storm, and as such, Demor's knowledge of each of them is limited, as he only mastered Storm Dragon Slayer Magic; needing only a rather basic understanding of the other three to do so. Demor is powerful in all but Wind/Air Dragon Slayer Magic, as his ability to heal is rather weak, and his attacks are mediocre at best. He favors Lightning Dragon Slayer Magic; and is the most powerful using that particular magic of the three; though his Defensive skills using Water Dragon Slayer magic are nothing to shrug off, either.

When he brings all three together, they create Storm; and that is where all of his more advanced, and powerful techniques come from, as he focuses the wrath of Nature into decimating his opponents. His magic is strongest when it is raining; for rather, obvious reasons.

Spell List:

-Teravolt Claw: Enveloping his forearms and hands in Lightning, Demor can use them as an energetic, claw-like weapon, and even block other attacks with it. He has since learned to channel the lightning to his feet, and in a limited capacity, his tail.

-Roar: Big ol' beam of lightning magic shot from his mouth. Nothing too special here.

-Flash Wing: A ranged-version of the Teravolt Claw, wherein while swinging, a wing/crescent like blade or extension extends from the teravolt claw either as a projectile, or sometimes as a whip-like extension. Also works with his feet much like the Teravolt Claw.

-Heavenward Halberd: Originally used to form a javelin out of pure Lightning and hurl it, is being modified into being used not just as a projectile, but as an actual weapon akin to a legit Halberd/spear/great-sword/whatever

-Thunder Pit: An original spell, what Demor would consider a secret technique: Thrusting his hands to the ground, he channels lightning through it until the ground beneath his opponent shatters in a 5x5x5 meter hole filled with Draconian Lightning. The victim falls in, and is assaulted from all sides by the lightning.

-Arc Flight: A precursor to the Phoenix Cloak - Enveloping his whole body in lightning, Demor is able to use his sheer speed to fly, or achieve a flight-like state by literally jumping off the air in a zig-zagging, lightning-like pattern.


-Roar: Big ol beam of water. Nothin special.

-Shield Wing: Similar to the Terravolt Claw, only it's water and forms a shield. Think Captain America's Wakandan shields in Infinity War. Has since been extended to the feet and tail.

-Iron Wall: Creates a dome or simple wall of water in front of or around Demor and anyone around him for protection. Water pressure ensures density, hence the name.

-Razor Wave: Similar to the Flash Wing, only with water, often shot out of the Shield Wing, can also be used by the feet and tail.


-Roar: Big ol beam of super high air-pressure to rek yer shit. Took him long enough to figure out if he screamed while doing it it becomes a Sonic Shout as well.

-Heal: Pure magic has pure effects - minor healing or increase to a natural healing speed - trying to figure out how to use it on himself still.

-Blessings of Speed, Strength, and Defense: After managing to find his Dragon-Teacher, he learned how to amplify the powers of those fighting with him, or conversely, curse his enemies....


-Grand Devastator: Releasing a pulse of energy from his body, Demor creates a Storm around himself with about a 10meter diameter. Within the storm, which is also ten meters tall, the winds are harsh enough to tear trees from their roots and toss them like pebbles, the lightning scorches the earth, and the water pelts those inside with the force of basically a gunshot. The ground is often torn up and the debris is tossed around within the storm. The clouds are so dense that it is extremely hard to see whilst inside it.

-Typhoon Gaze: A Secret Storm Dragon Slayer Technique: Think a KameHameHa, but with all the power of a Raging Storm Dragon. This can pierce through a mountain when at full power.

-Grand Typhoon: An original Spell, and a sort of Trump Card - Demor combines the last two Storm Dragon Slayer spells. While firing a condensed beam of Storm Energy, a Storm forms around the beam, adding the destructive power of the storm with the piercing might of the beam. This can level a mountain at full power, or kill an Elder Storm Dragon.

-Storm Copy: Another original spell, Demor can do this in his base form without much trouble. Think Shadow-Clones, but made of Storm Magic. When destroyed by an enemy, they explode in a burst of Storm Magic covering a three-meter diameter.


Born as the first and only male of an all Female race known as the Drachini, Demor was praised as the next step in evolution for the Draconian Humanoid race. At the age of 7, however, his village was attacked by a group of hunters who came looking for him. His entire village was wiped out as he watched from a nearby tree that he loved to climb in.

After that, by instruction of his dying mother, he climbed a nearby mountain that was covered in a permanent storm. There he met Annyo Mitne, the "Last Light" of the thought extinct Storm Dragons. Annyo became his new father, and taught Demor the Magic that would make him strong, and eventually help avenge his village, and any other Drachini that were harmed by the hunters.

After accomplishing his revenge at the age of about 15, Demor wandered the globe, searching for a guild that would take him. He heard of many guilds and their strengths, but they didn't appeal to him. After years of wandering, he's settled on Origin, where the Magic is strong, and he grows stronger daily.

So begins...

Demor Ragani's Story


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It didn't take long before Demor was let inside, the smaller size of his party facilitating quick entrance. Once inside the main hallway beyond the entrance scanners, the pair was quickly faced with a choice of hallways, each leading to differently marked rooms. It seemed that the rooms were assigned for different purposes. Two of the hallways were marked as leading to casinos, while one other hallway lead to stairs leading up and down. Four other hallways lead to various bars and clubs if their labels weren't inaccurate. A single console occupied the otherwise sparsely decorated hallway, whose decor kept the same neo-future tech Egyptian style.


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Kathryn brought her gaze over to Demor, taking in the various hallways in front of them, before pointing to the one that showed the stairs leading up, and down.

"We need to find our room, so we can get established, and plan from there." Kathryn said quietly, before she approached the console, and turned back to Demor. "Maybe we should scan your compass, so we can find out what room we're in?"