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Derek "Fade" Milligan

A Neo-Noir style Private Detective with loose morals but a need for the truth.

0 · 190 views · located in WCPD: Interrogation Rooms

a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by RydeDawg


Name: Derek Milligan
Aliases/Nicknames: Fade
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age(Actual/Apparent): 28/25
Build: Athletic
Nationality: Terran
Occupation: Private Detective

Description: Derek Milligan has a slender face but with a clean square jaw and low sitting cheek bones. He's not the most rugged but he has plenty of moxie to go around and a well toned and athletic build. Making fast and nimble, but definitely not a powerhouse of any kind. He walks with a straight posture and an undying casual sensibility about his persona. Wearing anything he can really get his hands on he favors casual sunday bests of a white button up, brown khakis, dress shoes, and one of his favorite overcoats. Of course thats only when he feels he needs to be taken seriously; otherwise he wears casual shifts, jeans, running shoes, and his favorite black leather jacket and hoodie. When armed he usually has a chest holster that hides neatly under his overcoat or jacket, and living in where he does he always finds himself armed. Tucked into that chest holster is his trusty modified m1911.


A Detective

Once Derek was a Detective for the homicide division of the NYPD who had seen plenty of cases. Serial Killers, Gangsters, Disgruntled Spouses it seemed in the few short years of being a Detective he had seen more than most men would care to see in a lifetime. His view on morality became thin and soon Derek earned himself a record for killing known suspects on duty and breaking and entering without a warrant to get at the truth. He was kicked off the force and went into starting his own detective agency in the middle of New York City. Due to his past records as a renegade cop, his clear cynical worldview about morality, and his skills in things stealthily he was soon called "Fade" by cops and crooks alike. Derek is willing to do anything to get at the truth and to make sure people are not only avenged but that Justice is served especially if the system isn't up to it.


M1911 Modified Handgun
-Lead / Silver rounds

Magnetic Gapplegun.
-Electrically powered

Re-enforced Impervium Handcuffs
-Two pairs / Fingerprint-sensitive

Taser Shotgun
-Standard Shotgun with Taser Rounds

ReBreather Mask
-Small, compact / Filters unclean air and toxins / Allows for underwater breathing.

Audio Amplifier
-Small, compact / Allows for eavesdropping and recording of conversations within a reasonable radius

Omni-Lock Picking kit.
-Small, compact / Nanobots scan and produce a key for standard locks

Omni-Hacking tool.
-small, compact / Attempts hacking to bypass more electronic and computer based systems.

New model of Canon DSLR
-Telephoto lens, Extreme Zoom Lenses

So begins...

Derek "Fade" Milligan's Story

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#, as written by Saarai
Faith stood behind the two-way mirror that allowed her to see the Eastern European man seated in the interrogation room, but kept him from seeing her and the other detectives that stood with her.

"Who is he again?" Faith asked, a detective handing her a clipboard. "Andrei Sarkissian. Armenian thug. Never arrested, but often detained and brought in for questioning for his involvement with a Russian criminal organization that's now here in Wing City." The detective explained to Faith.

"The Hammer and Star?" Faith asked, "The Hammer and Star." The detective answered, "Where's that specialist we're supposed to have hired? He better be worth the money." Faith said to her fellow detectives as she read Sarkissian's file, he was a slippery man. But, after such a high profile incident at the spaceport he wouldn't be getting away.

"He should be on his way now. We'll start without him if we need to."

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Derek walked into the police department wearing the nicest suit he could find in his closet. A cheap three piece item bought at a thrift-store and nearly a decade old. Thankfully though Derek had the sense to buy solid colors so his suit didn’t look too far dated. He reached into his suit jacket’s inner pocket and pulled out his red flask, twisted the top off, and took a quick swig. He grimaced as he swallowed the pure vodka and put it back into his suit’s pocket.

As he waited there by the front desk for the police officer working the phone to help him Derek stood by watching cleanup crews trying their hardest to rid the department of the blood stains. When he noticed this he lifted his hand to his mouth and stood there in shock at what must have been a massacre.

“No wonder they hired me.” he said under his breath.

“Can I help you, sir?” the officer at the desk asked after hanging up the phone.

“Yeah.” Derek said. “I was hired for an investigation and I was told to report to the interrogation room.” Derek reached into his pocket and pulled out a folded piece of paper that proved what he said was true. The officer looked it over and then nodded as he handed the paper back.

“Just go down the hall and follow the signs on the wall.” the officer said.

Derek lifted his hand in a slight thank you and did as the officer told him. When Derek finally got to the room he opened the door where the detectives were located.

“Glad I found the right room.” Derek said as he opened the door. “The name is Derek Milligan. I was requested to come in to lend a hand in the questioning.” he said.

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Character Portrait: Derek "Fade" Milligan Character Portrait: Faith Park
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#, as written by Saarai
The room full of detectives turned their attention on Derek, only a few of them acknowledging him with words. The rest remained silent. Resentful about the fact that they needed Derek at all, that the WCPD was the laughingstock of law enforcement for several years running.

"I'm Detective Faith Park. We're undermanned and understaffed at the moment, so you'll be handling questioning, but you answer to myself and my fellow detectives." Faith said to Derek, "His name is Andrei Sarkissian. He's an Armenian working for the Hammer & Star Bratva." She explained.

"Just the other day he and his friends from the Russian mob found themselves being shot down and their ship full of illegal drugs, cocaine, elysium, heroin, set on fire." A detective chimed in, "We figure the Yin Yang Tong or the Red Rain Yakuza are the ones behind the attack." The detective continued.

Faith extended the clipboard with Sarkissian's 'credentials' over to Derek, her expression stoic as she looked at the private detective.

"We need your... not-bound-by-a-badge charm to get what we want out of him. You're still under contract though, so keep violence to a minimum if it must be used." Faith told Derek, "We'll be here if you need us."

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Derek took the clipboard from the police detective and firmly gripped the wood board in his right hand while he lazily flipped through some of the papers attached with his left. Skimming over some of the information about the man in question, and his eye glancing over some of the information that the two detectives began telling Derek about.

The private detective looked up from the clipboard and nodded his head at the female detective who was clearly in charge of the entire situation. She stood there with a certain pose that indicated she was stronger willed than the rest of the men and women standing around, and her almond eyes never broke contact with Derek’s own green eyes, and he felt like he had to avert his gaze or risk provoking a test of dominance.

So all the while he tried to figure out the correct way to make eye contact with his contractor he was also listening intently to what she was saying. Going over the list of drugs she mentioned in his head: cocaine, elysium and heroin. All some pretty heavy stuff that were not cheap in any form or fashion, so there was most likely some very angry buyers and suppliers somewhere.

“I get it.” he said. He gave small smirk that indicated that he understood why he was here, and that perhaps he wasn’t all to welcome from the others here. “I’ll see what I can do and I doubt i’ll have to even touch the guy.”

Derek took the clipboard with him and left the room filled with detectives. When he closed the door he breathed a sigh of relief and rubbed his free hand through his hair. He hadn’t been around many detectives since his NYPD days and being placed back in the pot wasn’t the best feeling. He was nervous, not about the interrogation, and he didn’t really care about what others thought of him but he was nervous and he couldn’t really pin why that was.

After a quick second he was able to compose himself and he walked into the next room that held the Armenian. Derek was pretty quiet when he entered and he didn’t say a word until he sat down on his side of the table.

“How are you, Mister Sarkissian?” he said, trying to start things off civil. A known fact was that the ruthless violent cop routine didn’t work all too well at times, and that sometimes being civil and respectful got the job done. So it was usual for Derek to start off civil and get into violent later if he had too.

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#, as written by Saarai
Faith crossed her arms as she watched Derek get to work, several of the detectives leaving the room to get back to work. The WCPD was understaffed, everyone was pulling double duty these days. "Keep me informed." Faith said, heading out into the hallway.

An officer brought her another clipboard, the two looking it over. Faith could only hope it was new information they and Derek could use on the slippery gangster they had in the interrogation room.

Said gangster was indifferent to Derek entering the room, as far as he was concerned he'd make bail and his lawyer would arrive before the questioning went on for too long.

"I'm peachy. A little irritated, I admit." Sarkissian told Derek, "I was wrongfully arrested, possibly because the WCPD is racist. I might have to sue for emotional trauma." He continued, serious about taking the WCPD to trial. It would be a bullshit case, but newsworthy enough to make the WCPD look bad.

What better way to cover your tracks than covering the people investigating in red tape?

"What about you, detective? How are you today?" Sarkissian asked Derek, a wry smile forming on his face as he sat confident in his ability to bullshit the law. Confident in his lawyer's ability to bullshit the justice system. And confident in the Bratva's ability to make sure certain detectives go missing.