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Doctor Buzzkill

A brilliant yet crazy doctor who is obsessed with bees and the flowers they polinate (Yes, its weird)

0 · 332 views · located in The Slumwalks

a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Gundo


Doctor Buzzkill is your stereotypical villain. He has the crazy looks, personality, laugh, and has a stupid evil monologue for everything.
Name: Andy Hivey
Age: 43
Race: Enhanced human
Location: Currently experimenting in Wing City, although he does move every couple years

What does the dude look like?: He is very short, usually wears the trademark evil scientist jacket, with goggles, and a crazy grin. He is very thin and frail due to his multiple failed experiments on his own body.

Personality: Alright, this guy is just weird. He has his own bee hives within his base... its just creepy. He is a very erratic and unpredictable man. He is not quite psychotic, as he feels emotions, as much as he may hate them, and he will not openly kill someone just because they anger him (Unless it isn't in public, then its fair game). He has a weird obsession with bees and honey... yeah...

Equipment and Abilities
Honey Skin: Yep. You read that right. At one point, he augmented his cells, making them produce actual honey. His sweat glands no longer produces sweat, but honey. When he is stressed, his skin will become unnaturally sticky. He can control this ability to some extent if he wants to climb a wall for some odd reason (Although I have no clue why he would want to do this)
Empathetic link to... you guessed it. Bees: Yes, from years of experimentation, he has achieved his life long goal... he can telepathically control and speak with bees. Not any other insect or animal, just bees. Because he is weird like that.
Stingers: He has iron gauntlets that have hidden stingers in them, that can be sheathed and unsheathed with a squeeze or release. Of course, he calls them stingers because... he's weird like that.
Mini- Plasma bursts: He experimented on his palms, and was able to come up with a way to blast enemies with yellow energy.
Immunity to bee stings: He is immune to bee stings, although bees are heavily attracted to him due to his honey scent.

Historical Background:
He doesn't like to bring up his past, but basically, he was a super nerd in high school and was bullied pretty hard. So, he did what any other logical human being would do... He turned to his obsession with bees. He then began to experiment on himself, to create a new, perfect race of bee-humanoids. So far he is the closest thing to a bee-humanoid, and many hope to keep his life goals at bay. Many people don't want weird bee people that sweat honey to be flying around everywhere. But hey, dreams are dreams right?

The Goons:
He somehow got the budget to hire a bunch of thugs that will do whatever he says. And hey, he even has matching uniforms for them! Yep, you guessed it again. Black and yellow biker outfits! Perfect for all their needs. Now all he needs are matching antennae or something... Oh, look! It's something almost as good!

Matching communicators! And they are black and yellow to!

Can there possibly be an even cheesier villain? No? Okay, let's keep going. Yep, that's right. There is more to cover.

The HIVE: A secret villain organization consisting of insect obsessed villains. Okay, think of a villains club right? And there are just insect based villains, like Doctor Buzzkill here, and some grass hopper dude. Yeah, that is what the HIVE is, but maybe a bit more serious... just a little. Their true goal? Does it even matter? I mean, as long as someone is there to stop them from letting a bunch of grasshoppers loose or something then I guess they don't really pose much of a threat now do they?

So begins...

Doctor Buzzkill's Story


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#, as written by Gundo
Lucy and Ty finally made it. Although, it was not much to look at. It smelled terrible. Ten times worse than the Wing City alley ways. And there were barely any lights. Gave the place an edgy feel to it. And it was dead quiet. Lucy yelled, "HELLO!" Ty nudged her sharply. "I advice caution here." Footsteps were heard just in front of them. "Now..." It was a very puny voice. Weak. A small thin man, with yellow skin (Lucy figured she was hallucinating). "You two must be the ones meddling with my plans..." Lucy laughed. "Meddling? What are we the Mystery Gang?" Ty took him seriously though. "Yes. And I am very curious as to why you are stealing toxic plant-!" "And why would I tell you these things? You are clearly not worthy of my information." He crossed his arms. He had a clean white lab coat that swayed at his feet. "Not at all." He narrowed his eyes at Lucy, who was still dying of laughter. He held out a palm, and a swarm of insects poured out of the darkness and pelted them. Lucy held out her hands, and froze the bees like she did at the garden. "That is really just an old trick at this point." The man didn't look surprised. "I have been monitoring you lately... Lucy Monica." Lucy stopped, her gaze hardened. "Who are you?" "A man who likes to... keep an eye on his enemies. Smart to keep your enemies close." He said, tapping a gloved finger to his forehead. "Smart indeed." Ty sighed. "You better tell us what you plan on doing, or you will receive-!" "Nothing but the cries of women and children as I unleash my weapon upon the city." Ty closed his mouth quickly, and unsheathed his sword. In return, the little man clapped his hands, and men on all sides began to pour out of the darkness, all had those wrist gauntlets. "Not even one with your talents could take on this many." Lucy decided it was worth a try.

She punched the ground, freezing it over, and forming icy obstacles that blasted up from the ground, throwing people into the air. The small man was now nowhere to be found. Lucy wasn't paying attention. She socked a guy in the chest, freezing him to the ground. She kicked another's legs, sweeping them, and throwing them face first into the ice. She felt a gauntlet smash her face, and crack her nose. She fell to the ground, sliding on her own ice. Ty was easily keeping up with the first wave of them, slashing them down and parrying their unsheathed blades. Until one got a hold of his hair while another pelted him in the stomach, until he collapsed. He coughed up blood, then passed out. Lucy got up slowly, and threw up her arms, forming an ice shield just as a blade smashed against it, pushing her farther away. She held her hands up. She felt her energy sap out of her from the tips of her fingers until an armada of sharp spikes of ice formed over her, all threatening to fire at the mass of thugs. And they did. Then there was the quiet again. They were all sliding on the ice, with the spikes firmly implanted into their masks and arms. Lucy couldn't keep herself up for long though, as she fell to the ground. She used up too much energy in one spell. And then she was out cold, just like Ty.