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Doctor Durough

"i see your fate... it is sealed child, the last wisps of your life will pass and there is nothing that can be done

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by WinterRose



Name: Madam Aniya Durough

Race: Wraith/healer
occupation: Plague doctor/Death Doctor/seeker
age: 677 (give or take a few years)
age looks and sounds: 19
voice: "almost like a whisper in the back of your mind. it's like something you feel not hear."

Biography: growing up in a small English town. she grew up studying the practice of medicine. her father Doctor Durough realised his daughter had a gift he quickly locked her away to hide her from the king. little did he know that the plague would arise that night taking their very lives. re remembered waking up feeling different.
like she could feel things that weren't supposed to be there... like she could talk to the dead... realizing that her "gift" has turned her into a wraith of dark energy. she still felt the pull to the light. so she balanced in between deciding to punish those who did wrong. and heal those in need.

personality: though twisted by dark magic and the pull to the light her knowledge in things exceeds many though she can come off as nieve seeing she never really aged. the plague mask she wears is a permanent feature seeing she cannot be touched by any mortal without any non mortal blood or weapons/artifacts. she seems to rely mostly on her mind and magic as a defense making her a bit cocky towards other fighters. though she can come off as rash she is usually soft once getting to know someone. she's willing to help as long as she feels involved, seeing after around 600 years of doing nothing generates an unseen amount of boredom

Likes: helping, healing, fighting, magic,

Hates/dislikes: close quarter combat, her curse, being bored, being crossed

the dagger she carries, just because it's unnamed, doesn't mean it's damage isn't felt..

Magic: She has learned over the years base telepathy, telekinesis, Death Magic, Curses, and Necromancy as well as a few healing and cure spells, and a shield and magic armor spell

health: 7/10
stamina: 10/10
defense 4/10 up to 6/10 for brief period
magic: 10/10
damage 4/10 to 10/10
mobility: 8/10
charisma 8/10

role: healer/dps
play style: passive aggressive

clothes: Navy blue shawl with wrapped hood around a scaly leather plague doctor mask. a gold band around her upper bicep and a Navy blue tunic with black boots and pants, and a gold encrusted buckles on her boots and belt. face is unknown

So begins...

Doctor Durough's Story


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as an ancient trees shook in a storm that cropped up around an ancient grave site, a young girl barely out of her teens stood over a single grave. The girl shimmered. as she chanted a corpse rose from the grave crumbling the grave stone on it's way out of the ground. she lightly took a step back as it stood. the cold rotted corpse looking at her blankly. "Do you remember me?" she asks the corpse.

The corpse in turn grabs her arm and stare as her in which she stare back through the mask. in a matter of seconds it took a turn for the worst as it shoved her an proceeded to try and eat her. she immediately shouted something thrusting a hand towards the corpse which immediately burst into dust...

"damn" she stated sadly, starting to get up and stare at the damage. most of the graves in the area were damaged beyond repair and where bodies were sinkhole are now. she took a slight step back as she tried to grip a grave behind her she fell through.


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This graveyard was old some of the stones worn almost completely away from rain and elements. Even the loftiest marble graves had lost all definition. However these were yet the youngest here built only after the dead completely filled the deep catacombs below. Grave robbers had to be careful of such old places that spirits or zombies did not consume the unwary. Many of the fresh bodies in this place were not brought in coffins.

Especially one such body that smacked a bloody hand across Cruor's scaled head impaling itself on a horn. It wriggled and the crimson-colored pseudodragon whipped his head out of a mixture of surprise and disgust. At least until getting hit with stones and dirt to look up and see a forming crack in the ceiling. He dove away with sharp claw pressing to cracks moving barely in time to not get crushed with stone. Instead being buried under sod and a rotten coffin shattering on his sturdy back. A loud shout matched his own as someone fell through with the good fortune to be above the debris at the time.

He pushed at the coffin moving it just enough to get room to breathe a four legged creature with a strong back and heavy muscle. Sin pseudodragons also rather fond of black humor he remarked at the air while coughing, "Unlucky enough to be smashed by the only other one shopping? How this day has gone so far!"