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Dominik Meissner

Dominik is a being who has been there and done that. Near middle aged, he is both an experienced soldier and hobbyist. But he always looks to meet new people, and see new sights.

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by breadbasketbomb


Physical Description:

Dominik appears as a rather lithe, yet very athletic being, clearly very offset from what one would expect be created by genetically modified and spliced man. He is clearly, very alien. Standing at a good 5'11" weighing it at only 142 pounds he is a giveaway lightweight fighter. His athleticism is defined by his defining yet they don't get in the way. They are most pronounced in his backwards bending legs, taking up around 5/8 of his total height they are meant for achieving great speeds. To support them, Dominik's lung capacity is more than triple that of the average humans, shown by his puffed up chest. Coupled with a powerful heart, long distance running is combined with great speed for unparallelled mobility.

His head is an eye catcher, because it is a skull. A dart shaped, bone-beak face that is unmoving like a mask, representative of his cruel one dimensional nature, to kill fast. Two immobile eyes of teal give him wide and sharp vision. His skin, beak, nails, and feathers are of the same solid color; a light grey to that of a ghost shows great minimalism in his appearance, adding to his nonexistent complexion. His arms are proportionately somewhat longer and of less muscle mass, with hands symmetrical from the top down, consisting of six digits. Two opposing thumbs, index fingers, and long fingers, each digit having one more section than what humans would, yet thinner. They move fast, and are great for typing or handling small objects. His feet have two digits each, an inner longer one, and an outer supporting toe.


On the outside, Dominik is a very likeable person. He is very considerate, very respectful, and very presentable. He is a connoiseur of food, seemingly fascinated by them; his table always has something elaborate on it, already with platters and utensils. He is also caught simply delivering free food door to door, atleast a jar of something. However, if one was to approach him, he isn't the happiest of people. Dominik performs these actions of consideration as a way to over come anger and depression, even if these things are entirely artificial and without reason, exemplified by the fact that he just sits and glares at the world. He is shown to be very Stoic, his emotions are almost never shown (mostly due to his beak) even in intense moments, and even if his mind is constantly bombarded by them.

Dominik can be considered a very traditional and rural. One of the greatest signs of this conservative nature is his respect for his military lineage, patriotism, and strictly enforced mannerism. He is very polite, and expects the same from many others. He has a very strong sense of independence, claiming to be a minarchist; a believer in minimal state. With it includes self reliance and practicing physical labor. He also goes by a very simpe rule in life, quoting Alice Longworth; "Fill what's empty. Empty what's full. Scratch where it itches." Dominik, while organized, is mostly an unscheduled person who performs things only when he feels like it, and his habits are anything but consistent. He is an avid minimalist, to add to his rural nature. While his house interior is very homely and rustic, it is both Linear and has far less furniture than what one would expect. One must also consider it is made from storage containers.

He doens't like abstract concept, only straightforward, meaningful thought. He is very akin to a laborer, who does what he is told, and hopefully it's something he already knows. He does not like it when his superior is both slow to inform or giving him unfamiliar tasks.


Dominik's machine gun, the Kawlen Model 72, is more of a beefed up assault rifle. It's extremely simple, yet quite functional. It operates under the simple blowback principle, meaning the bolt is not locked or slowed when fired. Instead it is allowed to travel a long distance of the receiver to dissipate it's recoil more slowly, making the weapon much more controllable. It is designed to have as little parts as possible, it also fires from an open bolt and loads with clips. Thanks to this, the bolt doesn't have to be charged during reloading, and there are no finicky mags to put up with. It is pared with a 48 round casket magazine, and fires at 450 rounds per minute. A thick sixteen inch barrel allows it to have reasonable accuracy for suppressive firepower, and the mass to do so for prolonged periods.

His sidearm appears as a sawed off hunting rifle chambered for the rather bombastically sized .458 winchester magnum. Yet it's a pistol with an eight inch barrel and a tilted grip. Though he would normally load it with canisters, making it into a shotgun of very wide spread and firepower. This considers his second sidearm which is much more personal to him. It is a match M1911 pistol used for target shooting, that was chambered for the .45 ACP. Except instead it uses high pressure ammunition to bring it up to the firepower of the .44 magnum, and had a rather generous eight round magazine.

His armor is rather thick, borderline of a bombsuit as the plate carriers are thick with finely woven fibers around a plating consisting of hard composite reinforced ceramics and steel. The joints are however generously loosened, with plates away from the joints, so the range of movement is no longer cumbersome. This does however, slow him down, especially with the ammunition. To help, a rather minimalistic exoskeleton consisting of simple servo motors surround his joints. It focuses on reliability and ease of fixing with spare parts, rather than shear performance.


Dominik can be infamous for his brutal hit and run tactics. Despite the sufficient armor and ample ammunition, he could maintain an immense running speed especially in open areas. As he burns through ammunition, his running speed slowly increases. His machine gun is focused on sustained fire than rapid fire. Along with a rapid reload time, it's balanced fire rate will keep the shots accurate enough. He is also a reasonable shot to a degree, for a person who doesn't use his aiming sight, instead practicing the use of tracers and point shooting. This makes him very suitable for flanking his targets. His main disadvantage is that he can only run in more open areas where cover is minimal. To further the issue, its important to note that his seemingly inhuman running speed makes it hard for him to aim, especially since he is not running the same direction he is shooting, but strafing. At closer range, he has to resort to being more slow and precise, especially when his attacks do not support any other person, (which is why he is supportive than offensive).

Dominik has a strong stomach, and is able to gut down the most difficult of foods. His time in different planets shows he can make something at least edible, or choose what is edible. though certain extremes in his life has dragged him ahead of others. He does show generosity to those he works with by cooking up anything in a long and daring trip. In other words, as a hobbyist, he can cook some descent food for once.

So begins...

Dominik Meissner's Story