Douglass MacGuyver

Half of the MacGuyver Bros. Inc., Douglass MacGuyver is the engineer guy who focuses on things like vehichles, communications, and heavy weapons. He likes food... alot.

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Conquerer_Man


A large fellow, Douglass is a strapping 6'9" and a heft 280 lbs. He's not in the best shape, but that doesn't mean he's weak. His physique would be well built, or hefty.

He keeps his hair slicked back in a pompadour as a tribute to the Fonz, the greates man ever to pound shit into working. He tries to keep at least somewhat clean shaven.


He's a jovial sort of fellow who enjoys a good joke. He also has a slow temper and tries not to get angry. Intellectualy, he's smart but he's not quiet a genious. He knows enough how to figure out how to know enough to fix and work with things, but this also means he knows enough to fuck shit up good (and not the stuff he's supposed to fuck up).


The only thing Douglass carries on him is his Soviet Union Combat Knife, or S.U.C.K.. Well that and occasionaly his clothes as well.

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Douglass MacGuyver's Story