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A Warforge of incomprehensible knowledge.

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by TheVoiden


Name: Draith
Titles: 'Construct' Draith
Race: Warforged
Specifics: A being made entirely out of an aritifcal body, a Warforge is a golem that is typically of metal resembling heavy sets of armor, enchanted to be capable of moving autonomously, and laced with either a real, or artificial soul of some form. Over time, Warforges may become sentient as they increase in age.

Height: Seven Feet, ten inches, 7'10"
Shoulder Width: 2'8"
Weight: 200 Lbs
Primary Wear: N/A

Umbra's Judgement, warhammer, 6' pole with weight at the end, condensed into a 1" hammer face.
Generic Rectengular Towershield: 6'5" X 3'

Abilities and Traits:
Warforged: A being of aritifcal construct, Draith is completely immune to any effects that rely on the targets being organic. Life and Death Magic hardly effects him, for good or worse.

Warforges are also incapable of magic, and must pursue the use of runes in order to have any similar abilities.

Warforges do not perceive the world as fleshlings do.

Photograhpic Memory: The Construct is capable of memorizing every detail it sees and committing it to memory. It is fully aware of it's surroundings if it has previously viewed them, and can quickly flip through a book for reading.

Indominable: Draith does not feel pain as fleshlings understand it. Damage to his body may panic him to a degree, but will not cripple him from pain.

Keen Eyes: Draith can clearly see even small objects up to twenty five yards if he focuses.

For want of a head: Draith lacks the all powerful brain of his fleshling counterparts. While he is entirely capable and personable (To a degree) without one, illusions that directly effect the mind, and mind altering magic has little effect on him.

Mana Well: Draith unique design allows him to absorb various ambient magics about him. This makes him an adept Templar, as some force of magical strike against him may be stored, and used against them.

Rune Inscribed: Draith is inscribed with a variety of runes, each serving him various utilities. However, this requires the Construct to have absorbed sufficient ambient mana over the course of days after extended use. Magic strikes against him, however, may quickly charge his runes once more.

So begins...

Draith's Story