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"I want to eat your soul.. Rawr."

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Ashes



--- Name: Dris
"M'name? It's always been Dris, since I was born. Never had one of them 'surnames'. Nicknames, got a bunch of those; Cyborg, Dizzy, Half-breed Piece of Shit-" "Squishy! Hehehe. Don't forget Squishy!" ".... Shut up, fucker." "

--- Age: Twenty Seven
"Age is just a number, right? If my countin's right, I should be about twenty something. Young for a Demon, I know. But hey, I was born one! And Leia was a little late on the.. 'conceiving'." "Twenty Seven Years, four weeks a-" "Yeah, yeah, they got it Jes."

--- Gender: Female
"Obviously I'm a fucking female. Most males aren't exactly shaped this way. Well.. A few are, but those people are strange and confuse the hell out of me." "Breasts! Boobies! Num-Nums! Tits! Fun-bags! Squishies! This is what Hoomans call them, yes, yes?" ".... Yeah, Jester."

--- Species: Demon / Bio-Engineered Weapon
"I wish I could just say Demon, but it's not that simple... From what they told me, we were just supposed to be altered a bit, ya know. But that was obviously bullshit. Me and Jes are far from 'altered'. Though I dunno what you'd actually call us now.. Demon s'fine though. Yeah, just fuckin' stick with that."

--- Appearance: Dris, aside from a few 'odd' things, appears to be as Human as Human comes. Her pure white hair falls down tot he middle of her back in thick, straight strands, her eyes set in a bright crimson, while her skin has a light tan to it, due to her love for the day, versus the night. Her form is that of a curvaceous woman, having wide hips, large 'squishies' as her counterpart calls them, and a fit but lean form; she also stands at a normal height of 5'8". Her usual attire is black, and partly red, with various white trim here and there, her half-shirt, shorts, gloves, and thigh highs, all matching in some way or another. The only 'weapon' she carries, aside from Jester, is a scythe that is hidden somewhere on her person, obviously manufactured by the scientists that 'created' her, due to it's ability to compress into a small box at only her will. Jester on the other hand, appears play the part better of a 'Demonic Cyborg', his skin appearing to be red and scale-like, while black metal forms over his horns, claws, underside of his tail, and the inside of his wings. His eyes were removed, during the testing, and now blank sockets lay underneath the metal band that runs over part of his face. If for some reason, that band is removed, a dim white glow will be found in the empty sockets. He appears to have the same features in his more 'threatening' form, excluding the armor that forms, and mends to his skin. He also grows to an imposing height of roughly nine feet, and similar to Dris' scythe, a staff will shape at his own will.
"What, you blind now? Just open your eyes. I'm not fucking spelling it out for you.."


--- Personality:

--- History:


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So begins...

Dris's Story

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Resting almost precariously atop a mountain, was a strange metal hulk, appearing to have been sundered cleanly from something else. Plumes of smoke, and flame occasionally flared up from the strange, almost iridescent grey hull. It had fallen from the sky with a loud crash, and this was it's final resting place.

There were few markings on the metal hulk, in a language that was alien, blocky writing emblazoned under a large emblem that was as charred as the rest of the hulk. The image on the plaque was of some kind of bird.