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"all must set aside their personal gains and join together for the journey..."

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Arcayne


Conventional name: The lost world of Dynaris
Conventional short form: Dynaris
Local name: Dynaris
Local short form: Dynaris

Typical Dyrani Fire tribe member(with helmet):

Dynaris floating metropolis:

Dynaris from space:

Motto: "It is the duty of the strong to protect the weak"

Anthem: (no idea...working on it)

Capital: The city of R'haktoog located in the region of the planet called R'halook

R'haltoog: ... 4ca97z.jpg

Largest city: Seraden located in the region of the planet called Gakraw

Seraden: ... y_aksu.jpg

Flag of Dyranis: ... keflag.htm

Regions of the planet:
Official language: Gooklam (old tonuge)
Recognized regional languages: English
Minority ethnic groups: Draconians (recovering from conflict with humanity)

Government: Militant or Martial law

Current leader: General Rudmantaal

Legislature: Tribe system

Tribe system:
Rock tribe (the builders and labour force of the race)
Wind tribe (the pilots, space pioneers, explorers and often engineers who work alongside the rock tribe members)
Fire tribe (the soldiers of the race, theese guys are often bigger than other Dyrani people and are a lot tougher they are also the rulers)
Water tribe (the aristocracy and bureaucrats, also the traders who secure relationships with other races and make sure everything flows smoothly within Dyranian society. They are often advisers for the leaders of Dyranis)

Area: 449,200 km(circumference) 61,420,000,000 km²(surface area)
Water(%): 65
Population: 15 billion
Population density: 10,000 per square km (urban)
Currency: Dyraki
Current conversion rate: 1 Terran to 0.9 Dyraki

Legal system: The homegaurd

Suffrage: Only members of the fire tribe are allowed to vote and the people up for vote are the current leader (who would be standing down) and two other fire tribe high commanding officers who have served at least 15 years in the military.

Constitution: Every man women and child on Dyranis is expected to treat each other equally, everyone has equal power and equal rights no-one has absolute power except the ruler themselves. Big companies will not gain power and will have to file for bankruptcy to gain benefits to restart their business from the ruler also they listen to the ruler and cannot simple go into liquidation of the ruler does not approve this minimizes the risk of 'fake' companies stealing money through scams against the public also every month at a random time a government inspector of water tribe descent will be dispatched to inspect the way the companies work. The ruler is advised not to become power mad and run the whole planet's economy into the ground and if the ruler should become a problem it is the duty of the people to rectify them to take them down and restore peace and order to Dyranis this will help to keep Dyranis a strong and ever prospering place. The governors of the different regions are also subject to this statement and will simply listen to the ruler and the people of Dyranis they will not enforce new laws for their own gain and they are subject to the laws of Dyranis, if they are found to be breaking these laws they will be punished just the same as any other person living on Dyranis.

National holiday:
Workers day (all workers get the day off to relax after putting in so much hard work all year round)
Festival of the sky (a week long festival held to celebrate the ancestors achievement of finally reaching above the clouds and beginning construction of the first floating metropolis)

Citizenship: must be a Dyrani (foreigners can't get citizenship) though refugees that no longer have a home to go to e.g
planet or race destroyed may get citizenship if they work for their keep.

Tourism: Tourists may be accepted from time to time to visit Dyranis but the Dyrani people are very strict about who enters.

Standing military: The fire tribe memebers

Military resources: Things dug up by the rock tribe members and a few scientists of the wind tribe.

Space fleet: over 500 million different military space vessels specifically designed for combat and transport.

Technology: The Dyrani people's technology works on the idea of crystal energy, many years ago a young scientist discovered that if a beam of light with the right wavelength is fired at the common crystals found beneath the surface of Dyranis that high levels of energy were released at first all they created were weapons but very soon many devices were invented to convert the energy and so Radio came along and then T.V, cookers, flight, houses basically everything around the Dyrani people today.

Branches: The Dyrani people are quickly running out of space to build what with the surface of the planet being pretty much inhabitable and so are looking into colonising two of the three moons that dyranis has.

Chain of command: General Rudmantaal is at the top of the chain of command and is the only idividual to be named in the chain of command it generally goes as follows:
The rock tribe members - as nothing would be possible without the labour force
The fire tribe - protection is always good and the fire tribe are the best fighters
The water tribe - they keep things running and make sure relations within the tribes is running smoothly.
The wind tribe - they are very useful being explorers and scientists but many of the other tribes can easily learn these skills and are really the weakest of the tribes.


Dynaris is a planet of many things scientists, explorers, soldiers anything you can think of more importantly second chances...Dynaris is full of second chances if something doesn't work out for you well go look for something else start your own business the people will come flooding from all over the planet the people of Dynaris LOVE new ideas especially the crazy ones that are wild and wonderful. Dynaris however is a dangerous place, the Dyrani ancestors were brutally attacked by other creatures which took almost a thousand years for them to find a way to fight off these creatures and then the planet started heating up the surface cracking in place spewing out lava from deep within the planet itself even worse climate change took place at a dangerous rate (just a few years) causing super storms and all sorts of weather variables all over the planet.

Eventually after almost being driven to extinction the 3 million survivors developed a gene that doubled the size of their brains increasing their intelligence and because of this they soon started climbing high above trees building primitive houses suspended above the surface of the planet however they weren't high enough to escape the weather and many of these earlier attempts were destroyed however the fire tribe soon saw what was happening and aided the rock tribe by giving them protection and guarding them allowing them to climb higher and higher above the trees. Within a thousand years the rock tribe were building cities high above the surface almost reaching the clouds with the help of the fire tribe protecting them as they built killing every predator that came at them and even better by this point the wind tribe were using their skills to develop new technologies allowing the rock tribe to build higher and bigger cities as well as scouting areas out for new cities to be built. 50 years after this arrangement the water tribe finally got involved making sure things ran smoothly between the tribes preventing wars and even negotiating agreements with other species that showed a possibility of becoming intelligent unfortunately these other sentient beings were ravaged by a plague that wiped them out.

However with the four tribes united under a single leader (elected from the fire tribe) the population boomed high above the clouds hidden from the dangers of their planet the Dyrani became masters of technology their weaponry, medicine and other things needed by an intelligent race, within just a few thousand years the population rose from 3 million to well over 2 billion another thousand years population is at 5 billion and it just kept rising until the creation of the different regions and the cities within them when the population boomed to over 15 billion guarded by a fleet of over 500 million military space craft.

Dynaris is a growing empire and there are already plans to colonize two of the three moons that orbit the planet and a goal has been set for the people of Dynaris with their great wisdom and technology they are the strongest and most feared race within the 300 light years that they patrol. General A'keeshan said to the people of Dynaris back in the year 3562 'It is the duty of the strong to protect the that is what we shall do from this day forth any other race within 300 light years of our planet shall be under the protection of Dynaris! we shall help our allies we shall make sure they become strong like us...FOR DYNARIS!'

So begins...

Dynaris's Story