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Earth Z. Drah

"Life is finally falling into pieces"

0 · 260 views · located in Erutin Dimensional Gate

a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Armin


Name: Earth Z. Drah
Sect name: Erothos Dreath
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Physical description: Human, around 185 cm tall, 200 cm counting his ponytail
Weaponry, abilities, armor: One large, especially borad, curved dagger with a golden cross hilt. Its handle is attached to the middle an extended cross arm, causing the cross leg to run past any gripping fingers, shielding them from frontal attack.
One swords, around three times the lenght of the dagger, it has a longdrawn tip: sharp angled, a weapon, not exclusively but primarily used for stabbing. Regularly the sheaths of the dagger and sword are held either by a ribbon strapped bellow his waist, or a belt around his hip.
(O.B.S. in some of the picture i have drawn Earth possesing two swords instead of a sword and a dagger. Imagine one of them is a dagger)
There is great massive giant glory sword suspended on his back held in place by an iron rig strapped to his shoulders, and hooks attached to he hind of his great hip belt. He rarely ever grips it, instead it remains on his back and with a feline like low center of gravity fighting style, he uses it effectively as it extends far past his head, both capable of shielding his own neck and severing the enemy’s. It is also great for charging beasts literally head on. The large hilt of the sword balances the far extending blade, and the whole thing weighs less than it may seem, being somewhat magical. It still is heavy but Earths legs are strong as the ground under his feet crackles and his toes are halfburied under earth crusts when he lifts a boulder, with a straight back using the power of his legs, as one should when doing heavy lifting.
Earths right iris is ice blue or golden orange depending on his mood, his left eye is pitch-black and can see 3 seconds into the feature. However, whenever his left eyelids are open he cries a constant stream of blood, and for every second that passes his lifespan is shortened by 30 seconds.
In exchange for glimpsing 3 seconds into the future, he loses 30 seconds of it.
He is decked out in alot of golden crosses.

-//[SPOILERS] Personality and history//-

Earth finds pleasure in pain and struggle, and amusement watching that of others.
Tragically though, Earth cannot allow himslef to pleasure from self-invoked injuries to the point where any injury he receives that he did not try his fullest to avoid, is impossible for him to enjoy, quite the opposite infact, such pain causes him great anxiety.
This makes Earth seek out grand opponents who can injure him without his consent, allowing him to feel pleasure in pain.
So while Earth, like many others, constantly seeks to get stronger and faster etc. seeking power is not his motive, it’s just a criteria that needs to be filled in order for him to enjoy himself.
Earth recklessly throws himself into battle, but he is terrified of death. Most of the time the ecstasy of pain and strain on his body easily dominates this fear, but sometimes when he feels the pressure of a certain death, the fear overpowers the rest of his emotions and his mind becomes focused on escape.
Earth is still human though. While sitting back watching people struggle does amuse him, he fears the death close one as he fears his own, if not more. And he feels pleasure in pleasure like any other human does.

Earths mind and urges force onto the reckless path of the warrior, but at the same time is terrified of dying. He constantly balances at the brink of death and does his best to bring most people around him there with him for his own amusement.


As a Warrior
- Fast, limber and agile, powerful legs and core body, a very capable swords man effectively triple wielding.
- 3 seconds foresight, rarely used
- Great massive glory sword for cleaving large stuff

- No magic(except black left eye)
- In small spaces the past head extending sword limits maneuverability
- Tends to always be injured somehow.

As an RP Fuction
- Strong morale: the more he gets hurt the happier he is, battles are not left unless death is certain.
This creates an interesting tendency of Earth being left behind fighting on the field when his allies retreat, often leading to imprisonments as well as torture, which he, of course, does not mind at all.
- Emotionally unsteady: pain/fear/love.
- Pretty ignorant and careless when it comes to anything that does not involve brutality.
- Looks cool

- Borderline op if not managed carefully

Earth: 6 years old.
Most children find enjoyment in fun and play, Earth finds enjoyment in pain, but he cannot find it in him to hurt himself. Others must hurt him, that is Earths instinctive thought at this young age, and that is what drives him.

Autumn. Autumn far gone, leaves are no longer burning bright in red and orange among the treetops, they are spilled dead and colorless on the ground, a layer of greasy girt, pale, brown and unappealing.
The trees of this forest are rising tall and naked and sprawling towards the heavens: grey melancholy clouds.
Upon this floor of deceased vegetation step the 6 years old feet of Earth. He is wearing floaty - supposed to be white – grey pants, littered in dirt. His hair is blonde long and wild, there is a lack of bangs, most his frontal hair is conjoint with the rest of it in one messy - supposed to be golden – brownyellow drape.
A few strings of hair are not part of the main mass and q43 hanging loosely down his “supposed to be cute” empty face. An empty face with a small child’s nose and mouth and big eyes, cold iceblue.

Earth scurries the forest. Occasionally he spots and picks up sticks from the forest floor and weighs them in his hands, feels them in his grip. Measuring their strength. It does not take him long to find two good ones, one for each hand.

Earth was preparing for battle – the preparations are now finished.

What is he battling? A street gang of four boys 12-15 years old whom he has been following the past nine days whilst scouring the streets. Why them? They feel right. He fears them just right for taking them on.

To battle

Earth is sneaking on rooftops. His steps are not subtle; his bare feet are numb from the cold. So are his fingers which are holding sticks. The wood is a lot colder than his hands and holding them hurts. But it's aright, even though this pain is self-invoked Earth is fine with it, it’s for a valid purpose: beating up a group of thiefs and villains. He can enjoy this pain – no, this pain is what he enjoys.
His little mouth smiles, cheerfully, creepingly unfit for the situation.
He jumps cross a little gap to the next rooftop. Almost there now. The group of four is standing on the grey road by a house a few ten meters ahead, they are much taller than earth, all of them, the biggest one is probably four times his weight. They are just the right size.
Earth jumps another rooftop. It’s difficult, the numbness of his little feet reduces his accuracy greatly, and the sticks he’s hold, one in each hand, make landing a bitch, no hands to hit the ground with and stabilize when the numb feet misstep. But he makes it over.
There are no others in the vicinity, just earth and the four youngsters.
Earth charges.
Feet dash over the wooden rooftop and into the air, arms prepare to strike, two sticks are raised and ready. He is shouting, its a child’s voice, high-pitched as should be but somehow its rough: it is a warcry. Earth crashes down upon the largest of the four, he strikes both sticks down onto his fat head.
It is the perfect start. The velocity of swing and gravity, and the perfectly landed strike to the head is enough to instantaneously knock out the startled boy. The largest threat eliminated straight away, probably for the best.
Earth finds footing on the stricken boys head and falls with him, facefooting him to the ground, a great breakfall, but Earth is still thrown hard onto the dirt, sent tumbling a short distance, scraping his knuckles, right knee and right shoulder.

Blood. There is blood now, blood on his hands and blood on his body. The three boys that are left are startled, chocked, and paralyzed for moments. Earth is shaking, from the cold and from fear. And he’s smiling. His body is cold, but the blood is warm, the wounds are burning, it’s so warm that he can help but smile.

The moments pass and the three remaining boys shocked empty eyes are ignited into fires. They rush Earth, all three all at once, Earth responds, rasing his sticks. He hits the first one in the shin, sending him face first into the ground, then he sidesteps the 2nd one trying to kick him, striking back at the foot causing the foots boy to scream.
But Earth cannot avoid the third one who throws himself over him, big hands are suddenly grabbing his little arms. It’s over now, Earth is pinned down under much a larger, much stronger body, this grip cannot be escaped.
But it’s okay, this was his wish all along.

What happened next was the brutal beating of a 6 year old child whose bloody face wouldn’t seize smiling. The smile was most likely the reason for his survival as it dishearted and crept out his assultants causing them to end the beating early: he was bruised, bloody and beaten, but not broken. Earths beaten body surged with pleasant warmth, left on in the dirt on a cold autumn day.

The men who had been following Earth for some time saw this event as the deciding factor. It was certain, this boy would be the one to cleanse evil.
As discussed in whispers.

“He put his life on the line to battle evil. Again. At such an age.”
“Yes, he did.”
“Is he it?”
“It’s in his spirit, his nature. The instinct to battle evil, the resolve.”
“It is him?”
“Shall we take him?”
“Finally we found it.”

The men were leading members of a small but powerful group of religious extremists pledged to a path violence, they believed Earth to be Messiah. They took him that day and with violent methods(that were meant to discipline Earth, but that he instead very much enjoyed) they tried to shape him into what they believed wound be the one to defeat evil.


1: Earth

1“The brink of death my favorite place in life.”
2“Do you not fear death?”
1“I do.”
2“Then how could you have desires like that?”
1“It doesn’t matter”
2“Say what?”
1“The fear is like an insecure nerd trying to change the course of a group conversation. It’s ran over, barely even noticed in the face of the flow governed by stronger ones.”
2“Oh. Im surprised you aren’t dead yet.”
1"Sometimes the nerd is heard. When a test is coming up the nerd is put in the center of attention.
2“What are you talking about?”
1 “When the purpose of the conversation is no longer amusement but practicality, or survival, the knowledge of the nerd makes it more important than anyone.”
2. “…?...”
1“Sometimes I feel like I might die, sometimes I feel that I will die. The 2nd one is terrifying.

So begins...

Earth Z. Drah's Story