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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Evrir


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[The Character 'Echa' or 'Eka' belongs to me. My Deviantart can be found here for further proof towards such, please refrain from using this without my given permission. The amazing artist who drew and colored this (seeing I came in third during a contest|draw and earned it) can be found here. Eka's species is open to constant change until I can finalize what she is exactly]

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--- :Name: ---

Originally my name was 'Echo' though for the sake or having a non pet name I changed it.

;Echa; Originally was 'Echo'. The name had been given to the creature when she had parroted what a group of Merchants had been saying, sounding like their voices where echoing outward. Her species are known for mimicking the voice and cry of creatures about to die in order to throw off other scavengers in order to get the first pickings or as a mockery. They rarely mimic creatures whom aren't remotely in danger nor on their death bed but when this happens its often a initiation of playful behavior that is often misinterpreted as mockery. It was only fortunate the Merchants who had named Echa went along with this 'game' and it eventually coaxed the creature to come out of hiding. There they shared some of their food rations with the creature and allowed her to mimic them until her hearts content. (Seeing aside from throwing off predators, and general mockery they find great joy or 'fun' in mimicking the voices and words of others.)

--- :Age: ---

I'm fourteen. Which from my knowledge is rather 'old' for my species... I can only hope I'll be one of the few to live past twenty as having six more years left is rather unnerving..

Echa's species isn't known for having really long life spans. Their life expectancy seems to be around twenty years, often they fall prey to other predatorial creatures or are killed by humans for their soft if not exotic fur. However its quite possible they can live much longer in a more domesticated environment like any animal and as of now their estimated max number of years seems to be forty, practically double of their life expectancy in the wild. (Heavens, most live ten years at the most in the wild.. its rare for one to reach twenty and in most cases when they do they find themselves being made into a nice pelt. The creatures might be cleaver but their curiosity and easily provoked playful behavior results in them being easy prey for many of hunters)

--- :Species: ---

I'm a Delca. I've learned how to speak the way I do from a rather nice group of Merchants, I really don't regret being taken in as a pet now that I realize how awful the wilderness can be.

Delca are a member of the Canidae Vulpes family, though they are often mistaken as Leporidae or Hares|Rabbits do to their appearance and overall body shape. The Delca are scavengers who specialize in deception and tracking, throwing off other scavengers by mimicking the death cry of any selected animal to insure they get first pickings on almost any carcass, even so much as release a pheromone that mimics the smell of dead animals. (which is often why they considered 'smelly creatures'. The only exception that will beat them to a fresh kill is Vultures.) The creatures are able to avoid predatorial creatures by using their long whiskers to pick up vibrations, differentiating predator from prey by the type of vibrations they give off.. the only creatures they cannot pick up are Avian (most large birds of prey are Delcas predators aside from certain Big Cats or Wolves). They also have a keen sense of hearing and smell but however suffer from poor eyesight do spending most of their time in borrows and relying on their other senses.

The creatures generally live on their lonesome and only live in a group when they are with a mate and or offspring. They are rather intelligent and can learn any native animal large (which includes a humans) by listening and parroting them. Delca only stand three feet in height (when upon their hind legs or haunches), the largest being barely four feet and the shortest being three.

--- :Personality: ---

People love my sarcasm. If it weren't for my sarcasm I probably wouldn't be who I am.

Sarcastic, manipulatively and somewhat playful. Echa gained a sense of sarcasm do to how those whom she existed around where, their personality rubbing off on her being or her having picked up on it.. however her manipulatively tendencies didn't arise out of no where.. no the creature once forced to fend for herself was forced to manipulate others to insure her survival. Despite her ability to learn the language of Man with relative ease the laws still considered a rather dangerous animal and a silver tongue was needed to insure she didn't end up in some local Zoo, a fur coat or euthanized. (Though as of recent she's become more carefree with her roaming and feels less threatened.) The playful nature is just something she retained as a Delca and a thing that will never cease to exist.. its part of her species nature aside from their uncanny curiosity and love for raw or rotting meat.

--- :Appearance ---

I'm probably as big as my species is going to get. In the wild this would be a bad thing however in a domesticated scene its proven for the better.

A four foot tall partially bipedal leporidae like creature with cream colored fur that darkens at the ends of her long rabbit like ears, paws, long vulpes like tail and around the edges of her brown colored hues and in the shape of eyebrows. The creature as a long set of catfish like whiskers that almost touch the ground (but do such when on all fours|natural stance) and kangaroo rat like feet. The creature has sharp teeth and a jaw strong even to break bone when bitten into, her claws are retractable like a felines and she only has three fingers and a thumb on each paw and four toes on each foot.

--- :History: ---

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So begins...

Echa's Story

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A wooden cart rolled slowly into view, its old wheels creaking slightly. Two shimmering blue outlines of horses could be seen pulling it; it was obvious to any who studied spell craft that they were creatures summoned from the otherplane. Two girls in their mid-to-early twenties sat atop a pile of crates. One had curly brown hair and was dressed I a leather breastplate and long sleeved cotton shirt as well as leggings- travel gear, clearly. The other was wearing similar clothes, despite having a different color of shirt, and had white hair and red eyes. Both had their hair in messy buns and looked sleepy, as if they had recently woken up. In the front section of their cart was filled with leather bags which a black cat slept against. As the strangers made their way closer, the heavy magic odor made clear the enchantments on their weapons and wares. The brunette leaned over and kissed the white haired one on the nose, causing both to giggle. It was hard to decipher whether this confidence of security was warranted...