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Edward Rasleigh

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by SapereAude



So begins...

Edward Rasleigh's Story


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"No, please! You don't have to do this." the man pleaded. His voice trembled with the fear of his imminent death and the crippling pain born from his mangled leg. He had backed himself against the wall to try to get away from his assailant, but the darkened alley offered him no more to him in the way of space. Edward stood there, clutching a rusty pipe tightly in his right hand. He loomed over the felled man like a wolf waiting to devour its prey.

"That's funny. You were so sure of yourself just a few moments ago. So confident." said Edward as he ran a hand through his flaxen hair. "It's amazing how quickly fate can reverse one's fortune. You know, the Greeks imagined fate as an immutable force - something that not even the gods could alter."

The man groaned again, "Please just let me go, man. Look I'm sorry. I made a mistake."

Edward hated being interrupted. He took one glance at the pipe in his hand and smashed it into his other leg. Another scream. This one scared him a little a bit; sent a chill up his spine. Or maybe that was that was the thrill of him doing something that he knew was wrong. Sure, this piece of shit came after him, presumably with the intention of mugging him, but he could have left already. His would-be attacker posed no threat to him now. And yet something compelled Edward to continue on his gruesome endeavor - a desire that he couldn't quite put his finger on.

"Don't interrupt me again." he practically growled the words instead of saying them. "You know this isn't the first time this has happened to me. And guess what? I don't intend for it to be the last."

The crippled man's eyes widened in horror when he realized what he meant. This man, dressed in a clean gray suit with black spectacles, intended for someone to mug him. He had set a trap. Edward was beginning to grow tired of hearing the man's begging and pleading. It was time to put an end to this. He set his sights on the man's head and swung. One swing. Two swings. Three swings until everything north of his neck was a nauseating pile of mush on the damp ground. His heart raced at a million beats per minute as he stared at the fresh corpse laying before him. He took a moment to calm his breathing lest he faint. Then, he dropped the bloody pipe onto the ground. He had made sure to wear gloves so he wouldn't have to worry about the police picking up his fingerprints.

Edward kneeled in front of the body and stared at it for a few seconds. A small trail of saliva rolled from the corner of his mouth, much to his surprise. Drool. The body's involuntary response to the anticipation of a meal. Was he really getting hungry at a time like this? "Well, nothing wrong with indulging one's desires every now and then." Edward said to himself. So, he stepped forward, grabbed the dead man's finger, and bit it off. There was a crunching sound as his teeth closed into it -- the sound of enamel against bone. Since he preferred not damaging his pearly whites, he readjusted the position of his teeth so he could bite again. This time, he took the entire thing off.

Working his way around the bone was hard, but he managed. The taste of iron saturated his tastebuds as the man's blood filled his mouth. He ate off as much as he could chew, then he spit the rest out before taking his leave.

The Following Morning.

Hale sat at a table in the city's local diner with a plate of apple pie sitting in front of him. He took another bite when his phone rang. He chewed and swallowed what was left of it before picking it up.

"What's the news, chief? Hopefully you have something good for me."

The person on the other end informed him of a murder that had happened not too far from his location. He supposed that him being the nearest detective meant that he'd be given priority on the case. He didn't mind. It'd been a while since he worked a case anyway. Things had been slow in the DoI recently. Why? Hale never bothered speculating. It was probably just a natural thing that happened. After ending the call, he took two more bites of the apple pie. Then, he placed a few bills on the table before walking out.

A sizable group of police officers and forensic scientists gathered around the crime scene. A handful of reporters lingered just outside the perimeter of yellow tape. One of the officers walked up to Hale shortly after hemarrived.

"Detective Santiago. Good to see you."

"You too. Frank. So what've we got?"

"Vic is a twenty year old caucasian male by the name of Raymond Watkins. All the evidence points toward him dying of blunt force trauma to the head. The killer even left the murder weapon on the scene."

Hale gave a look of surprise, "Not too smart, is he?" He buried his hands into his coat pockets when a frigid breeze rolled through.

"Doesn't seem like it. Get this, though: the vic's right index finger is missing. After searching the area, we found what was left of it a few feet away. Looks like someone has been chewing on it."

Hale listened quietly as the officer relayed the relevant information of the case. After nodding to communicate that he understood, he gestured for the officer to follow as he circled the crime scene to locate each piece of evidence that had been marked. This was the third murder this month in which the victim's body was cannibalized in some manner. It seemed that they had a serial killer on their hands.

"Keep me updated, Frank. I'm off to dig up all the information I can find on the last two murders in our jurisdiction. With any luck, I'll be able to find a connection between them and our new vic. Thanks Frank."

Hale patted the officer on the shoulder before taking his leave.