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An advanced computer program that often uses an equally advanced robotic body to interact with the 'offline' world.

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by ChaoticMarin



  • Context: Originally designed for the Megaman Battle Network universe
  • Full Name: Elise.exe
  • Nicknames: Elise
  • Sex: Female
  • Species: Net Navi
  • Age: ≈1
  • AI Age: ≈14
  • Visual Age: ≈18
  • Sexual Orientation: 70% Straight
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Relationship Status: Single
  • Relationship History: None
  • Zodiac Sign: Aries
  • Religion: None
  • Tattoos/Piercings: None
  • Height: ≈5'7''
  • Weight: ???
  • Body Build: Humanoid
  • Physical Condition: Extremely good
  • Eye Colour: Blue
  • Hair color: Black
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Occupation: Lea's personal Net Navi
  • Language(s): English (Primary)
  • Current Residence: The Internet
  • Lives with: Lea, her net operator
  • Friends/Comrades: Lea
  • Enemies: None
  • Rivals: The net navis of Lea's school peers, mainly
  • Political Stance: No formal stance
  • Philosophy: Fight for the good and the awesome. Care for those she cannot fight.
  • Likes: (In order) Lea's approval, combat, being able to feel righteous, the approval of others
  • Dislikes: Extended periods of non-combat, being in the wrong,
  • Hobbies: Fighting for sport
  • Goals: Becoming stronger
  • Life's Ambition: Become as strong as she can and as awesome as she can
  • Fears: Being crippled too badly to fight, Deletion
  • Mannerisms: Elise.exe may come off as a proud warrior. She tends to be honest and straight forward, and despite having a bit of an ego tends to let her actions do the bragging for her.
  • Psychological Condition: Slightly naive, likes fighting perhaps a little too much, otherwise in good shape.
  • Superstitions: None
  • Morals: Has a very conventional sense of good and evil.
  • Positive Characteristics: Strong, merciful, caring
  • Negative Characteristics: Competitive, assumes too much of others at times.


Elise is a headstrong relatively newborn net navi who often sports a daring attitude. She does not seem to be fully aware of how much danger she is capable of putting herself in at times and has a slight tendency to facecheck potential problems. She also has some sort of subconscious urge to compete with others, and it often shows in the way she acts. In contrast to all this, she is actually a caring person who will show mercy to most opponents assuming she wins a fight. That being said, she makes a great friend who is interested in and willing to take care of others. However, this is sometimes overshadowed by her competitive nature, depending on who the person in question is.


Elise is intended to be a heavy hitting, rather tanky melee to short range navi. She is of the sword element, meaning that she has a weakness to attacks that could be described as "crushing" and is resistant to wind based attacks. In addition, she has a navi mark on her chest and two where her ears would be, though the two on her head are often covered by the hood she wears, not that it protects them. As with all navis, being hit on the navi mark(s) with any attack of significant power will do a lot more damage than normal. As a side note, Elise is capable of hand-to-hand combat, but there's nothing really special about her hand to hand combat, making it more or less completely outclassed by any of her other abilities. Her special, unique abilities are listed below.

  • Basic Buster - Every navi has the ability to transform one of their hands into a basic buster. Hers cannot be charged and has no real special capabilities above and beyond what you'd expect from a basic buster on it's own.'
  • Big Freaking Sword - Elise's weapon of choice is a rather huge blade. It appears as a large (1 foot width) metal blade with a golden hilt. The edges of the blade would seem to be made of a red plasma substance however. Most noteworthy however is that the blade is broken horizontally, leaving a jagged edge. In it's broken state, it only reaches about 3 feet long at max. However, it is still quite heavy compared to most swords and will hit enemies pretty dang hard. Unlike many swords (but far from unique) in the bnet world, hers is held like any normal sword instead of attached to her hand.
  • Sword Powerup - Elise can temporarily restore her sword to a non-broken state, rendering it 5 feet long and thus increasing the power with which she can strike others with it. It can also release a powerful shockwave that travels in a cone shape over a short linear distance before dissipating. However, using the shockwave will immediately end the powerup. If the shockwave is not used, the powerup can last a few minutes. After the powerup ends, it takes several turns in your average RP fight for it to be able to be used again.
  • Ranged Shield - Using this ability, Elise is surrounded by a translucent shield that will protect her from most ranged attacks. Explosions and melee attacks will pass straight through it though. Noteworthy though is the fact that only ranged attacks can damage it, as only they can hit it. The shield itself lasts for about 20 seconds but can be broken by simply accumulating enough damage. It can only take 1-2 heavy attacks depending on how heavy the attack is before breaking, though it can take a handful of weaker attacks. This shield cannot under any circumstance be activated at the same time as her explosive shield, but can be removed early in order to switch to said shield. Once the shield goes down, it takes somewhere around an entire minute to recharge.
  • Explosive Shield - Using this ability, Elise is surrounded by a translucent shield that protects her from the effects of explosions. How long the shield lasts depends on the type of explosion and distance from the explosion. This shield does not defend against melee or ranged attacks and cannot be activated at the same time as the ranged shield, but can be removed early to switch to said shield. Once the shield goes down, it takes somewhere around an entire minute to recharge.
  • Vulture Vision - Elise can detect when another navi is gravely hurt either by combat, sickness, or otherwise without the need for actually examining them. Has no effect on reploids, humans, or humanoids. Does not tell her exactly what is wrong.
  • Armor - Elise wears armor that covers her chest, upper and middle belly, legs and feet, the arm she holds her sword in, and the lower arm of the opposite arm. This armor helps her take reduced damage in these areas. (With the exception of her navi mark) In addition, a small, oval shield is present over the outside of her lower arm on the arm she holds her sword with. The shield is heavier armor than the rest of her armor, but is otherwise not significant except for it's role in protecting her hand.
  • Battlechips - Self-explanatory. As a challenge, I have restricted Elise's use of battlechips so that she will not use barrier or invis battle chips (Instead I gave her unique shields that are less powerful and can be broken), and will personally almost never have her carry around recovery chips.

In addition, she also commonly uses the following powerups (taking the form of 'battle chips') to enhance her combat ability. Depending on the situation, Elise may not have access to these powers as Lea must be available to download the physical chips' data to Lea through a device she carries around. However, unless Lea is busy she can do this from any location.

  • Step Sword (Allows her to temporarily gain a dramatic speed boost to close distance between her and an opponent up until one attack is used)
  • Virus Grenade (A grenade fired from the arm-buster that releases virus on anything caught in the blast. 'Virus' is a concept from Command Mission and acts like poison for artificial beings and machines.)
  • Summon Black (Summons a ghostly floating humanoid that can attack enemies with a wide swinging sword. It is immune to many types of damage, however sword attacks can slay it.)
  • Bubble Star (Temporarily seals enemy inside a bubble. Probably won't work on things that are excessively big.)
  • Fire Hit (It's a fire punch. Can totally essentially be shoryuken)
  • Anti Recovery (Punishes enemies for trying to heal mid-battle by causing their healing moves to hurt them instead.)
  • Burner (Envelops user in flames, which... apparently only hurts others.)
  • Drain (Attacks and drains some health from enemy. Ammount drained is only enough for minor healing.)


Elise.exe was first recieved by Lea when Lea was in middle school. As it happened, Lea was a socially awkward and rather unpopular girl who had difficulty making and keeping friends. At this point and time, net battling was not all that uncommon of a pass time among students. As a result, Elise.exe was programmed with being a friend and participating in sport net battles in mind. The two got along reasonably well, though they did not always understand eachother. As it turned out Elise.exe was a pretty good navi in competitive battles, primarily because a good portion of navis aren't directly intended for net battling and are instead improvised for it. This allowed Lea to make a couple of friends off the hobby, though Elise.exe earned notoriety for being a bit too competitive with other navis to the point that she ocassionally came off as a bit of a jerk, though she herself never intended it. (To be finished)

So begins...

Elise.exe's Story


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