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Elizabeth McCarthy

Former Citizen and Teacher of Rapture and 'Big Sister'

0 · 934 views · located in Canti's Diner

a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Rulke


Name: Elizabeth McCarthy

Age: 27

Occupation: WCPD Cop

Partner: Jenna Crespo

Appearance in Armour:

Appearance out of Armour:

Elizabeth was an aristocrat in Rapture and actively taught in one of the primary schools, she was well-liked if at times considered little harsh. Although outside of this she was addicted to plasmids. Her fate may have been different if it was not for being noticed and chosen for the Big Sister project, she was not the first nor the last, but somehow maybe due to plasmids she was injecting into herself outside school hours, she kept some of her kindness and generosity when she was changed forever into guardian of the Little Sisters. She is at times volatile but has a caring compassionate side despite her dark and terrifying appearance.

Before New Years 1958, Elizabeth was a teacher until they changed her, during that time she subscribed to teachings of Sofia Lamb, finding her philosophy more realistic than the so-called pretension or idealistic bullshit, Andrew Ryan would have them believe.

Stab: A Big Sister's basic attack. When at melee range, she will jab her ADAM syringe into the player, dealing a high amount of damage.

Charge: When at a distance from the player, a Big Sister will run towards Delta at a high speed, dealing minor damage and minor knockback, as well as temporarily disorienting the player.
Fire Barrage: Occasionally, a Big Sister will fire three large exploding fireballs in quick succession, dealing high damage.

Telekinetic Pummel: Occasionally, a Big Sister will use an advanced form of Telekinesis to lift every nearby object around them, pull them towards her and fire them at the player, with the amount of damage depending on the size of the object. If the object is large enough, it will push the player back, temporarily disorienting them.

Drain: When low on health, Big Sisters will run towards a wandering Splicer, impale them with their ADAM syringe and drain their health. This gradually recharges the Big Sister's health, but leaves her vulnerable. Attacking her while she is draining a Splicer will cause her to drop her victim, killing the latter in the process.

Teleport: Big Sisters possess a unique version of the Teleportation Plasmid used by Houdini Splicers. The energy ripple seen when they disappear is purple as opposed to red, and they can teleport much farther. They are seen using this ability in a handful of scripted situations throughout the game, and they may also use it to reach the player from a distance during battle.

So begins...

Elizabeth McCarthy's Story


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Albert sat in his seat silently. His mind flashbacked to when the Radio's and Business Radroaches took control of the Mojave. People were dying because of their tyranny. He had been fighting to stay awake for hours whilst flying the Vertibird from the Commonwealth. But as he called for the nearest waiter for another coffee, the guilt of leaving his allies behind in the Mojave at the mercy of the Radroach/Radio Coalition started to overwhelm him.

He started to shed tears as he pulled out a group picture of his family from his pocket. He began to sob as he started to drink his fourth cup of coffee.
Cuddles, Jerry, Steve, Janet, Ballarms, AJ and Sizzler. I'm so sorry. I wish I could have stopped them. But I didn't know what to do. I just wish... I could turn back time.

He puts the picture back into his pocket as he polished off his coffee. He thought about going back to the Mojave, but even then he knew it would mean certain death for him. A death that even he wouldn't want to suffer.


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Character Portrait: Elizabeth McCarthy Character Portrait: LAI Character Portrait: Souless Character Portrait: Albert C. Breach
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COME AND SEE LAURA THE AMAZING STAR JESTER FOR FREE, ONE NIGHT AND ONE NIGHT ONLY! A sign had boasted on every wall in the buildings only a few feet away from the diner, the night was young and full of energy as several people gathered around to take a gander of just who exactly this star jester was, that's right folks, the circus was in town! Laura was inside of the building, she had booked herself some time inside to set up a stage and her tools and such, she had just gotten done juggling some flaming torches whilst telling a few funny jokes. The crowd inside was already in a good mood as Laura went on to eat the flames much to the applause of the audience, after that was finished, Laura at last began to speak once again. "You see, there's really nothing to fire eating, all it really takes is guts, determination and absolutely no social life." She bowed to her audience before opening up a box of tools, she'd pull out a sword inside of a sheathe and present it to the audience with a raised brow, the small crowd in the diner stunned by suspense of what she might be doing with said sword, she'd then lift the sheathed blade upward, arching her back and would balance the tip on her chin, placing her arms a few inches away from the sword for a few moments before dropping it and catching it with her hands, the crowd applauding, but then Laura shushed them, unsheathing the blade. The audience in awe for a few moments as Laura stood there gripping the sword firmly for a few moments, she would then drop the sword and then go to balance the sheathe on her chin again, once again, the audience in stitches. -e-