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The Brotherhood of light

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by DevilishFae



So begins...

Elohim's Story


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The Elohim spoke softly, to the mountains.

"Char Ha'bek"

It was more of a whisper than anything, his eyes were closed and so he could not see, for to dirty his mind at this point would end his dream, worlds of clarity.

"Char Ha'bek"

He had no ears, so he could not hear, for to dirty his ears at this point with other perspectives would only taint his dream, worlds of truth.

"Char Ha'bek"

His face was soft and friendly, but no features but eyes existed, for to speak his dream would only destroy is perfect vision, a world of silent knowledge.

His mind was focused and for two era's he stood.

"Char Ha'bek...Char Ha'bek...Char Ha'bek"

When his eyes opened the mountain had eroded away leaving behind a basin of water sitting atop a plinth of obsidian.

His eyes were light and grey and they made every effort to hone in on the rippling surface of the water gazing, staring, observing. The chilly wind it and clawed at it's surfaces but still gazing, staring, observing.

"Am'drad ga hee-La'bek" his silent voice commanded as a tear sprung from his eye, containing his vision and fell into the basin. A distant star expanded, it's light billowing and blinding, when it finally settled Elohim was gone, leaving his world at the mercy of its inhabitants.

His vision illuminated and brightened every corner of the galaxy people flocked and civilization expanded, and then it was time.