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Her name means ghost but its a good evil name

0 · 161 views · located in Mjötviðr; The Realms

a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Galaxya_lunaStar


Hypnosis - To make people fall asleep

Healing - To heal self/others/both

Freeze liquid - To freeze any liquid including creatures

Animal control -To control animals

Cause blindness - To make anyone or anything blind

Size shifting - To change yours/others size

poison sting - to sting people and poison

poison bite - to bite and poison

Resistant to fire - cant get hurt by fire

All elements - can use all elements

Take power - to take peoples power by kissing them

All kineses - to use any kineses power

To see the future and sing to attack people - see though the future while sleeping and sing at attack people

So begins...

EnigmaPhantom's Story

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Character Portrait: Hestoria Hestoria says,
 “ "Hello?..." The woman's voice was quiet and timid, echoing in the vast space of the multiverse. "Is there anyone there?" ”