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Enya Orinda

"Destruction is my occupation"

0 · 183 views · located in Deployment Bay

a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by PikaPunkChu


Enya Orinda

"Let me burn."

Little fire is what the few close friends she has had in her lifetime, though not for long call her.

Physical Age

Actual Age
Lost count, been around for many years, watched the World evolve.


Hair Colour

Eye Colour
The flames dance in her eyes when she's enraged, naturally they are red-ish brown.

Ignikinesis (Fire Elemental)


Enya is the type of person that watches from a distance, never getting too close to anyone for her powers threaten anyone she cares about. She doesn't like getting close to anyone because she's afraid of hurting others for she does not have complete control of her abilities. All in all she's a friendly person but does not know how to accept kindness for she has not experienced it from others. Enya has never fallen in love and fears intimacy and can't imagine anyone accepting her just for her personality alone. If she were to fall in love her fire would burn brighter and I guess you could say it would give her a sort of strength; she would be able to draw on that persons love to control her flame. She takes her emotions seriously and isn't the one to mess with, thought she hasn't had much human contact, she's very sarcastic, and has grasped the idea of self preservative speech.

She does not know who her parents are and can't remember anything before age seven. Enya has lived for a very long time, watched the World change around her, moved from place to place, doing what she can to survive making heated environments her home such as volcanoes and deep underground caves. Eventually she would outlive her environment and be forced to move, this has happened many times and is constant in her life, it has become a routine.

+ Warmth
+ Cooking. She gathers her own ingredients from what ever environment she is currently occupying.
+ Memories of the very few people she shared with in her life. Though she had to leave them once she cared too much or became too attached to avoid hurting them.
+ A place to call home and feel safe
+ Watching animals from afar

x The cold
x Being constantly alone
x Although she likes the memories she shared with others, they're also a dislike as it pains her to remember the feeling of giving up what she wants most
x Fish
x People that have tainted souls because she can feel the dark aura that surrounds them

Moral Alignment
Neutral, looks out for herself for she has no one else to look out for and the human affairs do not concern her. The concepts of good and evil cannot affect her because she has no one around her to brand her as such.

X Never finding someone that can stand her heat
X Water or Rain
X Dying with having no one to remember her
X Never finding out about her origins
X Deer.

Accidentally burned down The Globe Theater as she is a fan of Shakespeare. It was by accident of course.

- Cooking
- Drawing the animals she sees on the walls of her current home
- Seeing how close she can get to a plant before it dies of heat exposure

Outlook on Life
She see's life around her growing and changing while she remains the same and can only destroy.

- Flames cannot affect her body or harm her but for some strange, unknown reason she has a burn make on her lower back. The source of such a burn is unheard of amongst Elemental's, she doesn't recall getting the burn and assumed it's just a birthmark.
- Has slight Empathic powers, sensing peoples aura's and thoughts
- Her flames are controlled by her emotions, If she was to stay relaxed and calm her powers would be easy to control but her personal fear of hurting people stops her from relaxing

So begins...

Enya Orinda's Story