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0 · 360 views · located in Solinus City Courthouse

a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by shadereen


Name: Eredh
Race: Tree born
Height: 5' 9''
Weight: 147lbs
Eye color: Green
Hair color: Light brown


Just a normal decorated and sheathed dagger strapped on his belt.

An enchanted long bow made of dark oak wood, carved with ancient runes of power to increase it's durability. Other than sending arrows as a projectiles, the bow could also be used as a staff to knock enemies down as well as block and parry attacks.

Quiver full of arrows:
The arrows are thin for the purpose of intensifying it's piercing abilities but long enough to be used as spears. What special is the quiver which is tattooed with ancient runes to enchant any arrows placed inside it.

His armor are made from normal light weight leather and cotton. When hunting, he is camouflage with materials which goes with the terrain: such as furs, feathers, leaves, grass, and dirt.

With words of powers he inherited from the magical giant ancient tree, he could cast spells in the back of his mind and unleash them. Eredh have vast knowledge of spells and is skillful with myriad sorts of magic. He knows almost every basic spells such as elements manipulation and control, but he excels at healing and protection magic.

The energy which supplies his spells are drained from the existing spiritual residue in his surroundings which are in the air, earth, and water. The more powerful the spell, the longer the sentence he needs to use and the energy he needs to harvest. He could use his own internal energy but it would overexert him.

At all time, he has wards put up on himself to prevent anything harmful from touching his body. But wards could only go so far. Multitudes of attack on him would break the wards, leaving him open for any injuries. Hopefully, his exceptional agility and nimbleness of a hunter will prevent that.

Below are some of the skills that he could do.

Elemental creation:
He could create fire, water, earth, air, and lightning, out of pure energy.

Elemental traps:
He could cast a delayed spell in the environment. Whenever his prey steps into the area of the trap, it will trigger the spell. For example: Eredh could cast a spell where the earth would fall whenever a person steps on the area, he could cause water to freeze whenever something falls in, and strong wind could occur when someone intrude an spell casted airspace. Although he could cast a trap in an empty space, he cannot magically cast spell straight into a live creature.

Elemental walls:
He could create a wall of fire or electric to prevent enemies from reaching him.

Spell break:
With carefully casted sentences, he could break and enchantment and curse which had been done by his enemies.

Air control:
With words of power, Eredh could bend the movement of the air to swerve the trajectory of his arrows.

Singing to the plants:
As a creature born of flora himself, he could ask plants to fight for him but whether they will or won't is up to them.

Agile and precise:
He could run, dodge and tumble, climb, and swim exceptionally well from his time spent in the forest and fighting great beast for food and materials. By enchanting his body with air elements, making his body lighter, he could become faster.

Once upon a time, there was a enormous magical tree. Unknown to most people, the tree occasionally bares fruit, but never the same fruit. One day, a huge blue glowing fruit grew. It only took two days for the fruit to ripe and fell rolling to one of the nook and cranny of the tree. The fruit peeled open and liquid burst out of the opening, drenching the giant branch with mysterious substance. Then, an adolescent boy crawled out, shielding its eyes from the shining sun. It took a moment for his eyes to adjust to the morning brightness. The young boy had green eyes, light brown colored straight hair, and pale white skin. He looked normally human for a boy conceived by a tree.

For a newly born child, he had more knowledge compared to an ancient elf, inherited by the magical tree. He knew how to cast spells, but still had to learn how to wield weapons and grew his muscles. Life wasn't a problem for him but the purpose of life itself was a mystery to him.

For days, he wondered aimlessly. Finally, he found his way to an isolated tree house where he met a young female wood elf named Lineth. It took them a while but they became great friends and lived together. Lineth named the boy Eredh which means seed.

A few years later, Eredh matured and became a young man. His skin color slightly tanned from exposure to the sun's rays, his eyes still green and his hair still light brown as before. Although he had become skillful with many kinds of weapons and traps, his favorite are the bow and arrows.

So begins...

Eredh's Story