Eric Talmoren

It never mattered who was behind the mask, under the armor. What mattered was that he was willing to carry the shield

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The Knight Protector

Eric Talmoren was born to a simple construction worker and his wife in the city of Van Leugen, Terra. They raised their son to believe that, no matter what problems he might face, if he puts his mind to it, he can find a solution to them.

They were good people, and that was their only crime in the heartless, criminal filled city of Van Leugen. Both his parents were gunned down in a fight between two rival crime families in the city. Eric only survived because he was small enough that his parents bodies hid him from view.

Orphaned and traumatized, Eric grew up with depression and a crushing sense of hopelessness until, on his eighteenth birthday he entered an old antique store, where he found a suit of old medieval armor from ancient days. The owner of the shop, a certain Lee Amutsai, shared with the youthful Eric fanciful stories of knights in Shining armor, who rescued villages under assault from dragons, who battled to protect damsels in distress. Knights who lived by a code of honor, who swore to protect and serve.

These stories became a light in the young Eric's heart, and with a fervor of determination to be unmatched by any man, Eric strove to become a knight. Lee Amutsai, being a former soldier of the Shintenchi Shogunate, looked into Eric's determination and, inspired himself, promised to teach the young man everything he would need to fulfill his desire of becoming, as Talmoren put it, Van Leugens Knight Protector.

Eric has short black hair, dark eyes, and tanned skin. He is exceptionally muscular, a result of both his physical training regime, and his decision to perform his duties wearing heavy armor. He is no more than a man, but he is constantly pushing the limits of his strength and ability. To say he is the pinnacle of human ability is not an exaggeration. He is somber, and quiet, rarely speaking more than a few simple words, even with his closest friends. His dedication to his goal of protecting the people of his city is so absolute and consuming, that little else is of concern to him. If not for his Mentor, he might even fail to feed himself at times.

In his duties as a protector of the city, he has a very clear and obvious MO. His priority is the protecting of citizens and ensuring of peoples safety, and once they've been secured, he does everything in his power to ensure the criminals who put innocent lives at risk are brought to their knees. Despite his determination to bring down criminals, he very clearly has no stomach for the role of executioner. He chooses instead to disarm the villains, his sword being used to destroy their weapons, rather than to dispatch the wielders.

As to Eric's Equipment, he is particularly skilled with his hands, and indeed has the aptitude of an engineer. He uses modern techniques and technologies, combined with the aesthetics of ancient arms and armor, to produce a very theatrical appearing, but no less effective outfit. He also exchanges his armor to suit the situation he expects to find himself in, having different armors to serve different purposes, from heavy yet incredibly resilient armors to withstand the heaviest firepower, to lighter and more mobile equipment intended to allow him to agilely dance and disarm opponents.

Most of his armor incorporates a load bearing system, a series of straps, bracing supports, springs, and wires designed to not only support the weight of the armor itself, but also to help him take heavier hits. The system is intricately designed and particularly calibrated to his dimensions and stats, any other person wearing it would not necessarily be as optimized. While wearing this load bearing system, while it does little to nothing to increase his own speed or mobility, the added support and bracing allows him to make greater and more efficient use of his strength.

Perhaps the greatest tool in Eric's arsenal is his unyielding spirit. Even against the strongest and most dangerous of foes, Eric is an immovable, irrefutable force of willpower.

Below are just a few of his more specialized armors and their functions.

The Ronin
Originally an antique piece in Amutsai's shop, Eric has refit it with a load bearing system, a special loader for throwing knives, as well as several flash pots and other illusionary devices. It is intended for use as a shock and Awe setup, to scare and frighten criminals into thinking some sort of supernatural foe has come for them. It is all but retired.

The Protector
Eric's usual attire. The shield and sword are his most familiar, and most comfortable, arms. Using more robust springs in the knees, elbows, and shoulders, This armor, despite weighing nearly three hundred pounds, is quite mobile in Eric's hands. The springs in the knees serve both as shock absorption for landings, and a way of increasing the force of each step, as bending the knee stresses the springs, adding an extra bit of force to each step that Eric uses to leap and charge forward into battle. The result is a reduction in the perceived weight of the armor, allowing him to move at close to normal speeds while wearing it.

The Hunter
Forgoing the usual sword and shield for a spear and a pair of katana's, this armor is Eric's go to when he needs to bring down a particular criminal. It's made of a lighter alloy than his usual armor, weight a little less than 200 pounds. It uses an extremely optimized version of the load bearing system, more responsive springs in the knees and arms, and an experimental cable retraction system. These cables are ended in specially designed tips, and while on their own power they are not capable of pulling him up buildings, Combined with Eric's own skills and style, he can use them to smoothly and swiftly leap and swing throughout the city with ease and grace.

The Lancer
Eric's Current project, intended to be used in conjunction with a high speed pursuit motorcycle, allowing him to stop escaping criminals and end high speed chases. It's unfinished, and thus unlikely to be seen as of yet.

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Eric Talmoren's Story


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Atop the dark, moonless roofs of the city of liars their was a single flash of steely light. It moved quickly across the rooftops, with speed that was at once darting and graceful, like a sparrow or similar bird. Seldom would those upon the streets see more than the flash of light reflecting off of steel, and most would dismiss it as a trick of the mind, or perhaps as a plane.

But it was neither of these, it was some thing far more.

The visage of a steel clad hunter was the reward of those observant enough to watch the mans approach, and man it was, for the longer one watched, the more obvious it became that only a human would reside behind such a mask.

Eric Talmoren had been advised by his mentor that, on this night, a meeting of great import was taking place. Of course, Eric was not yet supposed to be out upon the rooftops, his mentor had in fact advised AGAINST going out to see this meeting, but Eric would not be swayed. In the depths of his heart he feared that whatever was taking place, or about to take place, would bring the city that much further into darkness.

In his mind Eric made his vow. "On this night, on this night the descent stops! Tonight, Van Leugen takes it's first steps back into the light of justice!"