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Evelyn Rose Bertram

0 · 255 views · located in Lectre Mansion Main Hallway

a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Deception


Not too tall or too short for a woman of her stature, Evelyn stands around 5’8” and weighs just 135 pounds. She isn’t very skinny and she definitely isn’t what one would call fat. Her build is athletic and consists of coordinated muscle that doesn’t bulk out like a man’s but aligns her Caucasian flesh beautifully. Most areas upon her body are toned like her stomach and lower thighs, showing signs of good health and strenuous exercise. Despite seeming strong in build, the other areas upon her body are nicely proportioned and seem to provide a great but not too sultry view to the eye.

Upon her body a couple tattoos can be located. On her backside, stretching across both of her shoulder blades and stretching just a few inches downward would be a tribal tattoo done in blue black ink. Meanwhile on the black of her neck is a rose, the flower; done in red ink, lying to the left side of her neck while the thorn stem curves and goes towards the right side. These tattoos of course have their own specific meanings and what not of course. No other markings are found upon her body besides these tattoos and a couple battle scars that are mere reminders of her unexplained past.

Besides that Evelyn has dark hazel eyes that consist of a pleasant mixture of medium brown and a light green that tends to fleck just behind of its brown counterpart. Her lips are a soft natural tone of pink; they are neither big and firm nor small and pouty. Instead they are average. The shade of her skin is the average tone, nothing too special or flawed for the matter. Upon her head rests dark ash brown hair. It is long and drifts just to her breasts. Cut in the layered fashion, Evelyn’s bangs tend to fringe to the left and end just above her brows, thus showing that her hair is nothing fancy and could use a good tending to.


Evelyn isn’t the type of woman who flaunts her stuff and acts innocent and cute. She’s actually the type who tells it like it is while remaining sincere to a point. She only respects those who respect her for she believes respect is a thing that is earned, not given. Being the type of woman that she is, Evelyn is not much of a small talker and isn’t one for long conversations if they don’t keep her interest and tend to drag on and on and on. However, when provoked she does have a mouth on her and does know a vocabulary of not so polite words. Evelyn is also a woman who also backs up her threats, and finds it redundant for people to fire threats to one another and then do nothing about them. Of course she does fight and is highly skilled on the use of her fists, but usually refrains from such act unless she is hit first, on which rarely happens for she is not one to lose her temper.


Despite her appearance, Evelyn’s choice in clothing is not much to look at and could rouse one with curiosity and utmost suspicion for a woman like her lacks in the taste of fancy and feminine. Beginning at her torso she can be seen clad in a gray black shirt that is neither loose nor tight upon her frame. Overtop of it she usually wears a black coat that ends just a little past her waist and the cuffs extend to just her knuckles. On the back is a hood on which she rarely wears up unless it’s snowing, raining, or the occasion calls for it, for she likes to feel the breeze on her face and through her hair. From her waist down Evelyn wears a pair of slightly worn Levi Strauss jeans. They’re not too tight on her frame but do fit excellently and provide great flexibility. Other than that she wears a pair of dark brown steel toed boots.

Strong in appearance and attitude, Evelyn is rarely seen with a weapon on her person. But if needed so she’ll carry with her a regular desert eagle pistol, along with one or two magazines full of bullets. Besides that she is usually seen carrying a pair of dark sun glasses that she usually wears during bright, sunny days, or whenever she wants to conceal her identity from people she doesn’t trust. Within her pockets, a decent amount of money; American dollars, could be found, along with some pocket change. A pack of chewing gum, a lighter, and a switchblade can also be found as well.


Evelyn’s past is something she doesn’t talk much about. But when asked she sometimes gives a summary or brief descriptions about certain parts of her life. Likewise, as a child Evelyn lived with both her father; Axel Bertram, and his brother, her Uncle; Mark Bertram. Her mother; Lisa, walked out of her childhood whenever she was just three years old and became a drug addict along with a stripper. In the process she managed to hook up with a man; Tony Hanz, who is an alcoholic but, controls his habit and works in the field of construction. Evelyn’s father is actually a twin brother to Mark, so they look alike even though Mark cared more about his appearance than her father, and was more social. Despite how quiet her father is, Axel was actually a very doting in his own sense.

Even though her mother despised and abused her, Evelyn always tried to visit her in her one bedroom apartment down in the poor, slum side of the city she lived in. There she was constantly hit by her mother with both her hands and various inanimate objects until it got to point where she came home to her father and Uncle with an array of bruises. However, there would be times when Lisa wasn’t home and Tony was. Tony was the type of man who used his power and his brute strength to intimidate young, ten year old Evelyn. He always touched her, assaulted her, and made her feel worthless, thus satisfied him until the point he raped her at eleven years of age.

When confronting her mother about this, her mother of course didn’t believe her, thus provoking her to beat her with a wine bottle until Evelyn got a concussion and scars upon her body due to it breaking in the process of the bludgeoning. These scars remained permanent upon her till this very day. Now frightened, scared, and broken, Evelyn ran home. There she explained to her Uncle what had happened for he was the one who listened to her while her father observed from afar. When alerted of this, Axel was quick to react, which thus resulted in both his and his twin’s fate.

Axel was the type of man who was silent and had his fair share in both the military and gun play. Behind his daughter’s back, he and his brother hunted. Their prey being none other than criminals who lurked city streets and creatures of the paranormal sort. This often resulted he brothers often coming home bloodied and beaten up, as well as tired and wealthy due to the series of payments for their skills as mercenaries. Despite this, both men were average in appearance and tried to act the same on Evelyn’s young behalf.

When hearing of what had happened to poor Evelyn, both Mark and Axel left and sought justice for the crimes committed against this child. In the process of a long lasting shootout in the slum Lisa and Tony resided in, both brothers managed to murder Tony. However, Lisa was only injured in a minor manner. On the other hand she managed to call for some backup from a gang of local thugs on which they came and took on the two men who fought upon justice and good intentions. Outnumbered, Axel and Mark did have the upper hand in this battle but were one too short whenever a surprise shooting to the back of the head ended their lives, all thanks to a thug who had hidden himself in the process of the fight. Expecting payment for this victory, the gang turned to drug addicted Lisa, knowing she hadn’t enough money for the deed committed. Panicked, the woman took her life by injecting antifreeze into her veins with one of her heroine needles.

Outraged by this, the thugs ransacked the slum and took whatever they could, thus leaving the wreckage behind for the police to deal with. This would only leave Evelyn both traumatized and orphaned, unaware what had happened overnight until police officers and child services came to her home just two days later. Taking the child into custody, she was interviewed and put into foster care. Due to her new behavior however, Evelyn was soon given back by the family chosen to care for her as they would claim that her dark attitude and quietness alarmed them, along with her multiple attempts on committing suicide. Now placed in a psychiatric care ward for children eleven to fourteen years, Evelyn lived most of her life there until she turned fourteen, as to where she chose to be put into a military boot camp until she turned seventeen. Being one of the best students in the school, Evelyn graduated and soon moved on to live with a distant relative until she turned twenty years old. And when she did, she left, thus leaving the life she once had behind, only to keep the skills she had learned over the time and the permanent scars that remained upon her body.

Now in her late twenties, Evelyn Bertram is a woman with a fate unknown to her and a past long forgotten. And this is her story…

So begins...

Evelyn Rose Bertram's Story