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Everest Sage Willow

"Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do."

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Averagebear


Everest Sage Willow
The self-assured, hard to please Doctor & Mad Scientist.

Gender: Female

Race: Human
Category:Scientist: Chemist & Doctor
Weapon: N/A

Orientation: Heterosexual
Relationship status: Single
Past relationships:In the past, Ever had been the girl who couldn't stand NOT having a boyfriend. Thus so, she's shed through quite a few boy-toys, though none of the relationships would last more than a couple weeks or so. She treated them more like assets or accessories than people. However, for the past year or so, she's dropped the boyfriend charade, realizing that they're more of a hindrance towards her growth than anything else.

Height: 5'6"
Build: Ever is slender and relatively toned, though not all that muscular. Compared to other girls, her body isn't the most beautiful, but it is healthy.
Style: Ever wears considerably feminine clothing, usually wearing blouses and dresses that don't restrict her movement or get in the way of her work. Her attire is typically simple, with subtle colors and few accessories. When she's working in a lab, creating concoctions, she takes a whole other approach to style. She pulls her hair into a tight, undecorated bun, wears a smock, gloves, and goggles. She feels equally as comfortable in both of these options.


Strengths: Ever can provide healing agents and medical care for members of her party, to start with. She is also good with long range attacks, using bombs and the such to stun, blind, or harm the opposer. Aside from actual abilities, Ever is good with giving firm support, not one to coddle and lie to her team mates, but tackling obstacles in a very positive yet practical way. She understands most boundaries and will stare a bull right in the eye, commanding respect and having no issue handling tasks most people would find overwhelming. Her confidence tends to rub off on other people, making the team in general more resilient. She has very little fear and is, therefore, a good inspiration for the people in her party. She is courageous and strong-willed. She masks her pain, fear, or sadness so as to not appear weak which tends to give her an upper hand and make other people- whether openly or not- admire her.
Talents:Ever has a lot of knowledge swirling in that brain of hers. She knows tons about science, and has the ability to pull substances from her surroundings to create either harmful or healing substances if necessary, though she's usually prepared with her kits beforehand. She is quick and efficient at patching hurt victims up, and shows no hesitation when tossing chemical explosives at opponents.
Weaknesses: Ever has very little practice with battling, and is inexperienced when it comes to fighting. She has a lot of potential, but it's mostly all in theory.
Personality: Ever is a strong, mature girl. She is often mistaken to be much older than she is and she carries herself like she owns the world. She practically oozes confidence and self-assurance, to the point where she comes off as cocky and arrogant. She can become easily annoyed and is hard to please, being a very demanding person. She is extremely smart, borderlining on pretentious. While her looks are sharp, her tongue is sharper. She's never been one to filter her words, and she has no problem criticizing others. It's not rare that she'll state a very harsh truth and deeply hurt someone's feelings, but she never feels guilt because she feels very deeply that it's a person's responsibility to know the truth, and by forcing a person to tell lies to make them feel better, they are being an inconvenience. Ever's not too big on inconveniences.

All of this being said, she's not a cold robot. She can be playful and taunting in her own tough-girl way, and while it may be difficult at times, if you work hard enough you can get a chuckle out of her. She pretends like she doesn't care for anyone, but she actually grows attached to people very easily. More often than not, it's the people she criticizes most that she cares for more deeply. Ever is like a cactus, guarded by her prickly personality, but actually sweet on the inside. While she might not admit it, she finds goofy personalities extremely endearing, and she's always been a sucker for a boy with persistence. With time and patience, a person who sticks around will see the softer side to Ever, not the stony, exotic, patronizing being she carries herself to be around strangers.

History: Ever grew up with her grandparents, her parents being in some way unable to care for her. She had normal problems like a normal kid, divorced parents and some major custody issues. I mean, it was definitely unfortunate that she didn't have a mom or dad to look up to, but she didn't give it much thought, as she'd been raised by Grandma and Grandpa since she was very young. She wasn't aware of how dysfunctional her life really was until she was old enough to reflect on it. You see, Grandma and Grandpa had horribly high expectations. They were cold and unaffectionate people, life having taken its toll on them and creating bitter sacks of bones. This is more than likely the cause of Ever's calculative ways. As they say, the unloved soon becomes the unloving. While they were both retired, Grandma had once been a hot little nurse and Grandpa had been an engineer and this had more than a small influence on her life. Ever found through tests and trials that the way to earn rewards from her guardians was by progressing her skill in science. It wasn't long before she obsessed over it. science became her motive, her purpose, her only talent. She devoured text books and immersed herself in articles. By the time she was eleven, simply reading about it wasn't enough. With the money she'd earned in various competitions (being so dedicated to one thing at such a young age pays, you see), she turned her room into a laboratory where, in the next three years, she would begin to experiment. Her grandparents, while no doubtably much more kind to her than they might have been hadn't she been such a scholarly child, still didn't fuel her need for love, so she seeked it in other places. She dated until she was sick extracting the care of humans, so she relied on solely science to comfort her. It became her support system.

When Ever began creating unheard of elixirs and dangerous chemical weapons, her acclaim turned to local infamy. The rest of the town was starting to predict disasters that might become of Everest and her experiments, some fearing she might even blow up the whole place. There is nothing more scary than a slightly sociopathic scientist, you see. Naturally, an alumni warrior of Anexia contacted his old school and reported her. A memory that has been seared into her mind is the day the officials came knocking and her grandparent's door and took her away to do her entrance exam.

'She had been extracting oils from a tree frog when Grandpa clumped up the stairs and threw her door open, an enraged glimmer in his eye. "You wanna tell me why there are men standing at my door asking about you, Everest Sage?" he croaked in his old-person voice. Her answer was simple. "I have no idea what you're talking about, old man." Her icy words were enough to make him scowl harder. "Get down there, young lady. Maybe they'll finally get you out of our hair. You know, I thought I'd be able to relax when I was retired." Ever sighed, deeply annoyed, and quickly descended the stairs, two steps at a time. She didn't even bother removing her smelly gloves or smock when she answered the door, only peeling back her goggles so they rested at the top of her head, red rings circling her brown eyes from their lines.

An old man with a long beard and a peculiar twinkle in his eye stood there smiling at her as if she was God's gift from heaven and, suddenly, Ever knew that she would do whatever the man said because it was bound to be spectacular. "Greetings, Miss Willow. I am here to escort you to Anexia Academy for the adventurous. I'm sorry to have interrupted your... err, session, but I'm afraid we must depart immediately. Pack any belongings you might need, including your best concoctions. When we arrive, you will have to pass an entrance exam or else I'll have to bring you back, to be prepared." Ever, slightly confused but more eager than she'd ever been in her entire life, ran up to her room and packed all the viles and kits and substances she'd been altering for the last three years into one oversize purse and ran out the door, throwing her dirty garb on her floor and shoving clean copies of them in her bag. When she came back the stairs, the man was sitting at the table drinking tea with her grandparents, the three of them in a discussion that had the two people who'd raised her more lively than she'd ever seen in her life. "Oh, this is wonderful!" Grandma said in a voice so sincere it made Ever's heart swell. "She'll finally be in a place that will suit her. I... I don't know how to thank you." And for the first time in her life, Ever felt sympathy for her Grandmother who was now tearing up. She slowly approached the table and stared Grandma and Grandpa down.

"Bye, guys." she said, and then after a moment added a hesitant "Thanks for everything." which might have translated to "I love you" in Willow speak. The old man that would soon take her away stood and said a polite goodbye, before looking at the 14 year old Ever with those same twinkly eyes that gave the girl goose bumps. "Now, let's go take that exam, shall we?"


Upon arriving, Ever was almost sad that the old man who she had learned was named "Caliphrus" was to leave and put her in the hands of a different man. He was a middle aged guy who looked like he could go for a shave and maybe a cup of coffee, with the demeanor of a rugged mouse. He looked at her as if her existence in itself bored him, and she couldn't help but to feel the same. A moment more of apathetic silence, and he began speaking again in his disgruntled, surprisingly low voice. "You're exam consists of three trials. The first is a written, multiple choice test. The second will test your first aid abilities. The third is a battle where you can use either your own material or the material we may provide for you. Right this way." he said monotonously, as if he'd said it a million times. She nodded confidently and strut behind him, though she was secretly worried about her ability in the battle. She'd never done that before...

The guy lead her to a small room painted completely white with only a desk, chair, clock, paper, and two pencils. "I will need to hold you belongings until the test is over." he droned, and she immediately tossed her bag at him, pleased to see him stumble off balance for a bit. He glared at her, mumbled a "whatever. You have a half hour." and shuffled out of the room. She took a breath, sat down, and got to work. Ever just scribbled down her answers without even thinking and once she was done, she was pleased to find that she'd finished the test in five minutes, confident that she had gotten a 100%. She stood up and stretched, and right when she began to wonder what she was supposed to do next, Mr. Disgruntled came back into the room and passed her bag to her. "Cool, you're done. Don't think you're super smart or whatever. I finished that exam in two minutes when I first took it." he said, not bragging, but warning. "Come on."

The next room she reached was another small, white room, only this time an incredibly life-like manikin replaced the desk and papers. It laid on the floor, starring up at the ceiling with it's lifeless eyes. "Time to practice some first aide. Everything you do will be recorded on video. You can use all the tools in this room-" he pointed at a shelf she hadn't noticed until that point- "or whatever you have in that freakishly large bag, minus cell phones or internet. Right, so I'm gonna go now. Your time starts now." he said, and walked out once more. She frowned. What is it that she doing again? And, then, just on cue, the manikin began bleeding heavily from the stomach, seeping through its t-shirt. Not entirely shocked, she jumped for the cabinet and sprawled all the equipment on the ground and pulled off the thing's shirt. It looked like a bullet wound? Unsure, she dug her fingers into the whole and grinned as she found a piece of metal and quickly removed it. She bandaged the wound and assumed the exam was over before vomit started spewing out of its mouth. Still not unnerved, she simply pulled out a vile from her purse and poured it down the thing's throat. The vomiting ceased. Of course, it would go that it started choking next, forcing her to give CPR to a pukey, plastic mouth. Afterward she wiped her mouth and frowned deeply, though still kept her attention on this accident-prone doll. As she contemplated how creepy it was, naturally it head popped right off. "You have to be kidding me." she groaned. Ever didn't think there was anything you could do to help someone's whose head popped off. Before she could do anything more, the guy came back into the room and said "Yeah, we were kidding you. Sorry about that. It makes the guys in the backroom chuckle." She glared.

"Right, well, onto the next test. Follow me." He brought her to a large gymnasium type room and only muttered "Good luck. You'll need it." before leaving for the third time. On the outside, she was as put-together as always, though on the inside she was shaking in her boots. On the other side of the court was a man holding a sword with both of his hands, already in the fighting stance and shifting his weight from one leg to another. Not knowing what to do, exactly, she just mimicked him while grabbing a particularly potent acid in one hand and a man-made bomb in the other. Seeing her full hands, the man charged at her at incredibly speeds and swung his sword in her direction. Acting on reflexes, she darted out of his way and tossed the acid on the back of his head. Growling, the man turned to face her again, swinging wildly at her. The butt of his sword cracked against the side of her face, too slow to keep up with his rate. She fell to the ground from the impact, a ringing in her ear and a bruise on her cheek. She looked up at him like a savage rat being intruded on, hopping back to her feet with more determination than before. For some reason she'd thought she wouldn't actually get hurt in this. She backtraced more quickly now, efficiently evading his blows. As he went after her and she took her time sprinting backward, she started recognizing patterns. The guy was too easy to predict! Every two steps he left his right side completely open for attack. Wondering if it was worth it or not, she acted out the impulse and punched in right in the gut during this time. He stumbled backward, open for attack. She took this time to toss the bomb at him, detonating it only as it neared. A small explosion took him, making him virtually blind. The brute dropped his sword and tumbled about, clutching his eyes.

She ran over and grabbed the sword that proved itself to be much heavier than it seemed and charged at him with all her might, a totally different person taking over her. Who was this person arising from the depths of Ever? She had never been the type to recklessly attack, let alone without strategy. Why was battle bringing out a ferocious beast out from her? Was she actually enjoying this? Just as she was about to slice the man through the stomach, a bell rang that caught her off guard and the man effortlessly grabbed back his sword in one swift mood. He pulled down his cloak and grinned at her, offering her a hand to shake. He looked much different than the snakey villain she'd pictured him as. He was a filled out man with stubble and wrinkles in his face with deep brown eyes and hair and a friendly smile. He almost looked normal."Well done, Ever. You reacted much differently than the typical scientist. You're quite brave, aren't you?" Suddenly defensive, Ever reeled back, not returning the handshake.

"Were you just pretending to be affected by my attacks right there? Why didn't my acid harm you?" she questioned accusingly. He chucked deeply in return, only offending Ever more so. How dare he condescend her? "You'll learn with time, child. Now I think it's time to celebrate your passing of the entrance exam, no?"

Family: The only ones in contact are her grandmother and grandfather.

So begins...

Everest Sage Willow's Story