Exploration Droid 2731

A self-aware robot that has been exploring the Multiverse for decades.

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by LAMBSAUCE


Exploration Droid 2731 is a very small snake-like robot built from scraps found around the laboratory it was built in. It was able to slip through most small pipes with ease, and attach itself to other robots and seemingly posses them. Three weeks after the news broke out that these robots even existed, someone infiltrated the lab and uploaded a self-awareness program onto the droid. The next morning, 2731 decided that being a test subject and only a test subject was not the right way to treat it, so it escaped through sneaking around the laboratory and attaching itself to a nearby interstellar plane. He has been fulfilling his destiny ever since.

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Exploration Droid 2731's Story


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2731 hopelessly orbited Klizkan. He was still latched onto the main control panel, even though the electric-powered hijacked ship's battery was dead. It was only a matter of days before the ship would become dangerously hot and destroy him.
Exploration Droid 2731 had no other options. He needed to get out of there. Slowly, his energy was being drained so it could be distributed to the ship. He would make a narrow escape by flying out of orbit and into another planet, crash-landing. The aftermath was completey blurred. When the ship was done refueling, it would fly out of the galaxy and onto another planet.
"SEND HELP" was the only message 2731 had sent since his arrival at Klizkan. The worst part is that is was sent in Morse Code. He didn't even know if anyone used Morse Code anymore. For now, he would be filling this ship's battery.