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Villain is a term that is better suited for those beneath my power

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a character in “The Multiverse”, originally authored by That One Guy, as played by RolePlayGateway


⌈A revolution of peace is about to sweep the nation.βŒ‹


Three years, two months, fourteen days, six hours, three minutes and five far

Flawless is much like his namesake. He appears to be Flawless in his looks, and beautiful in comparison to humans. His skin is sun-kissed, and his full lips are inviting. The red mane of hair on his head moves easily with the wind, and his deep-set blue eyes are listlessly easy to fall into. To look at him is a like a dream.

His strong jaw and posture make him appear almost like an Emperor. His hard-set muscle and barrel-chest are intimidating to stand up to, especially when he crosses his arms. His height is a whopping six feet and four inches, and his Imperialistic persona makes him appear even taller. Although his nature is cold, his looks make him appear warm, which adds to his charisma and approachability. An approachable god is what Flawless appears to be.

He wears his leather green jacket bare-chested, leather green fingerless gloves, and black pants with combat boots complete his attire along with dog tags saying his name.


Watching habits other people posses
He both loves and hates being alone
The thought of intimacy between him and his Beloved

Will not tolerate failure

Flawless appears to be a grade β€˜A’ alpha male, dominant and a leader. In this aspect he is just as he appears. However he also appears to be warm and inviting, but it couldn’t be farther from the truth. Flawless is rather cold in nature, unnaturally so. His logic mind really does not connect individual life as important, and if you are replicable, then he won’t hesitate in replacing you. If you are one of a kind, then he will simply force you to bend to his will. There is no high-way option in his book, only β€˜his way’.

Quick calculation and an impeccable memory allow him easy access to facts, and his uncanny ability to weigh each and every option without fail makes him a formidable tactician. He lacks creativity in a way, but exploring literally every option relinquishes the need for such a thing.

While appearing quite aloof, Flawless actually is highly attuned to each and every move a person makes around him. He must pay attention to every detail, and really is incapable of ignoring anything. So far it has proven to be more of a curse to his temper rather than something helpful.

As for his temper, as of yet he has never lost it in any way. He is extremely calm, even in the face of blood, though does seem to be annoyed fairly easily.

His God complex is something that makes him rather dangerous. He truly believes he is doing right, and that the world would benefit from his guidance. It would be difficult to say that he is a narcissist, simply for the fact that he truly is of great ability. He views himself as on top, and makes sure he is deserving of the title.

One thing that does plague him is his loneliness. No one is like him, and he must stand alone on top of the pyramid, but if he has his way, that dilemma will soon be fixed.

Flawless did have a relationship of sorts with his Scientists and Doctors. They were his creators and as such he both revered and hated them, he hated them because he revered them I should say. He disliked how flawed they were in his eyes, and yet felt responsible for it by being so perfect. He felt it was his responsibility to kill them, much like you would never let someone else kill your dog. Flawless felt that they had served their purpose, and so he moved on from them. A small art of him also realizes that a God having a creator made little sense, so he seeks to be the created God of every human out there. He embraces them as a whole, and really does care for their survival, but as race instead of as individuals.

During the time he started to create his Beloved, he became quite attached to her. He’d spend hours staring at her patiently, and resting his hand on her cheek or her own delicate hand. She is his ticket to complete Godliness; in the sense that he will not be lonely any longer at she comes to him. She is the only one he can relate to, and she is a huge priority in his mind.

During his stay on earth so far, the Mafiosi head is now working under him, as well as quite a few other lead criminals. He has a business-like relationship with them, but requires their utter submission and loyalty to him. He beefs them up with thoughts of being the new saviors of the world.


Everything physical about him is heightened, to what extent no one is sure. Although they do know one thing, he can fly.

Beloved would be a good gauge of his ability, though he is stronger than she is, and better trained.

None that are his, he can use whatever he wishes from the supply of his underlings.

Leadership, combat, and strategy are his forte.

He has a few, but if you knew them that would be no fun now would it? Oh ok, I'll tell you one weakness that should be obvious. Beloved. He wants her by his side badly.


He lives wherever he wants to, and right now that is atop the highest penthouse in the city.

From first point of consciousness, Flawless was being tested and watched. His vitals were monitored for about a month before the Doctors were sure that he was genuinely going to stay alive, and during that time he learned plenty from watching the Doctors themselves.

Flawless began training after that month period, and was primped into a tactical operative with inside information on the going ons of current criminal activity.

A year in, Flawless gave himself his name, and started developing quite the character. He was now genuinely motivated according to his programming, and wanted to become stronger out of his own volition.

A year and a half in, and Flawless is impatient with things. He is tired of waiting around to go do what he was created to do, and he above all reclusive, paranoid, and touchy. He is diagnosed with depression, or more specifically loneliness.

The Scientists wrack their brain for a solution, and offer to bring him a female, he agrees. A female is brought in, and he likes her immediately, however things don’t work out so well. She is easily broken, literally, and he becomes agitated at the frailty of humans.

The Scientists figure out another solution, the only one to work for him. They offer to allow him to help create his very own companion supersoldier. One that is no more breakable that he, and looks however he wishes her to look.

Flawless responds positively to this idea, and for next year he is kept happy. Until the events that lead up to the murder of the Scientist and Doctor teams, and his transport to earth.

So begins...

F L A W L E S S's Story

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