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The forgotten king of an ancient realm, left only with the magic of his people and his own despairing madness

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Daimayo


The Orsa of Terminus wish to claim twelve artifacts to release their imprisoned lord, known only as The Sealed One. The Patronus Guardians seek to keep these artifacts from the Sealed One and his generals.
An up and coming family that seeks to spread its influence. As individuals they have their own goals and desires for the family and Wing City, but as a group, power is the name of the game.


Picture is a mildly edited version of a game wallpaper (Disciples 3)

Name: Fade
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown by him, likely millennia
Height: 6'2"
Species: An extinct race, possibly a precursor or variant of a Drow.

Physical Description:

Fade's appearance resembles much of what you would see with elves or drow - pointed ears, height, and some of the narrow features that are seen in both races. He is built more heavily, however, and certain other differences with his appearance could be due to either race or the unique circumstances that he was put into - such as his blackened eyes and the pale blue of his skin.


An eternity ago, Fade was the king of a realm that existed further before the current time than historical writing extends. Although he does not remember anything about his own people or what existed before the appearance of the Mist, he vaguely recalls being ambushed. A huge group of the enemies, mages, had crafted a mighty corrosive curse and when the time came the spell entrapped Fade and all of the members of his caravan. His men were slain by the magic, their flesh eaten away by the nightmarish dark Mist, but the many layers of cautious protective charms, as well as the many royal heirlooms with even more ancient magics kept the king's body safe, although he was still trapped inside of the Mist and still vulnerable to the mental corrosion that was contained in the spell. It is unknown what happened to his kingdom while he was trapped, but the mist fed on his suffering, and the spell sustained him, creating a symbiotic relationship of sorts. In time, Fade forgot his true name, picking one of the many whisperings of the Mist to become his new one. Within time, his artifacts outlasted the curse, and it faded, although the degree of sentience it had gained allowed it to leave some small part of itself inside of the forgotten king. This gives him some abilities he likely didn't have previously, and continues to extend his youth indefinitely. Now that he has emerged from the Mist, Fade is left with no idea of where or when he is, and does not remember anything about his own peoples. All that he is left with is the remembrance of his eons of torture, and the dark temptations of the whispers that seem to constantly hound him.

Since his reappearance in the current age, Fade was approached by Sanina. His lack of memories and overwhelming madness left him vulnerable to her swaying, and now operates as a powerful agent of the undead woman. His eons of loneliness have caused him to attach completely to her, and as such the twisted, unrequited love that he holds for the mad woman has turned him into the perfect bodyguard. Fade would protect her at the cost of his own life without a second thought, and as her influence makes him slip further into madness, she gains even more of a hold on the forgotten King.


Without a memory of how he was before the Mist, he essentially has no personality save the hatred he feels for the situation that he now exists in... the desire to lash out combined with the intense loneliness that he has felt for an eternity.


  • Preservation: Due to the self-sustaining Mist that exists within him, Fade has appeared to become eternally youthful, still resembling how he did when he was first entrapped in the malevolent curse.
  • Resilient to Cold: His race, as well as being adept with Ice spells, seems to have a natural resistance to the cold, and he barely notices even sub-zero temperatures.
  • Superior Hearing: Likely as a combination of his race's ability and his lack of sight for the thousands of years that he has existed, Fade has a superb sense of hearing.

Racial Spells:

  • Ice Manipulation: Other than the listed spells, Fade's race seemed to have been adept Ice Mages. As a member of the now non-existent royal family, Fade can use these abilities at the uppermost level of his species.
  • Permafrost: Ice forms on an opponent's body or another object at an alarming rate, inhibiting movement and wounding them as the ice becomes bonded to their flesh.
  • Cold Shards: Shards of ice (The amount and size depending on how long he takes to form the spell) are formed and simultaneously fly at the speed of an arrow towards an opponent, seeking to impale them.
  • Cold Shield: A wall of ice is quickly formed, large enough to protect Fade from an offending attack.
  • Summon Golem: A vaguely humanoid construct made of ice is formed, over 12 feet in height and almost as wide, with broad shoulders and limbs meant to crush an unlucky opponent. It possesses small eyes and a small amount of it's own intelligence, though nothing beyond a that of a troll or similar creature. This summon takes nearly a minute of uninterrupted concentration to cast.
  • Enchant Weapons: Taking a moment to touch his blades when unsheathed, they take on a pale white sheen. Contact between his weapon and an unwarded weapon often results in them sticking together, frozen, although one with enough strength can separate them again. Fade often uses this to trap an opponent's weapon while he uses his second blade to finish them. Should the enchanted weapon touch naked skin, a wound will usually freeze on the exposed areas, causing pain greater than what one would normally feel. The wound usually does not bleed nearly as much as it would, however, the sheet of ice that coats it almost acting like a form of cauterization.

Dark Mist Spells:

  • Suffer as I have: The Mist that now malevolently exists within him can be called forth at his will, and exhaling causes a milder form of the spell that trapped him to spew forth from his mouth, confusing enemies and making it difficult for them to see. Only the most powerful of spell-based lights can penetrate it, and extended time trapped in this mist will cause hallucinations and eventually a slow corrosion of the anything in the spell, including skin. These hallucinations are generally quite disturbing due to the dark nature of the sentient spell, and a mentally unprepared person can be tortured by the visions it evokes. This mist will persist for up to a half hour, unless Fade specifically replenishes the mist before it disappears.
  • Embrace of the fallen: Darkens the immediate area to the point where unaided vision becomes extremely difficult when used in direct sunlight, and practically impossible in an area that was darker to begin with. The temperature also drops an incredible amount, falling well into the range where one could develop frostbite on exposed areas if they become trapped within the spell. The effective range of this spell is about 100 meters in diameter, though the effects are diminished when used outdoors due to the lack of an enclosed space for the spell. Unlike the previous spell, natural light and warmth can help the one trapped in it, and although it is difficult to dispel, magical means of heat/light can work, albeit less effectively than usual.
  • Summon Despair Golem: Similar to an Ice Golem summon, though this takes marginally longer to cast. His racial magic mixes with the magic that the dark mist embodies, creating a dark, icy entity that is over 16 feet tall, though not as wide as a purely Ice Golem. This summon is faster and slightly more intelligent, but the true danger lies in the passive "Despair Aura" it gives off. This aura is powerful, completely destroying the morale of an unguarded opponent and has even been known to cause enemies to fall to their knees and weep. To a prepared fighter this can drastically affect a battle, making them feel as though a fight is hopeless - It can cause a battle to drag on for a long time as well, and represents a significant danger to many enemies. Once the Golem is defeated, however, this Despair aura immediately lifts.


  • Light: When the Mist first lifted, his eyes had not seen light in thousands of years, prompting Fade to immediately obscure them magically. He is effectively nearly blind, although the many layers of spells he has cautiously laid around himself have replaced them. Should the seals cast on his eyes be cancelled out or lifted, it would cause him intense discomfort in dim light, and excruciating pain in regular daylight until his spells can be recast - Even closing his eyes does very little to shield himself should that happen.
  • Sensor Disruption: Related to the first, his reliance on his sensor spells leaves him vulnerable to a weave meant to disrupt them - He will notice his senses being played with however, and his cautious nature and keen hearing would make it difficult for him to be snuck up on by nearly anyone.
  • Heat: As part of his race, Fade is mildly weak to heat and fire, and becomes easily uncomfortable in regular sunlight if he leaves himself unprotected. As such, Fade rarely travels during the day.


  • Weapons: Fade possesses dual blades, each seemingly bonded to him (There is a spell upon them that will cause them to return to his hands should he will it, although this is not a strong compulsion spell and can be resisted by an enemy with either strong physical or magical ability.) They are both eternally sharp, and blood seems to sheathe off of them within seconds of the liquid touching the blades.
  • Protective Broach: The single remaining royal heirloom that outlasted the Mist, this lends resistance to corrosive spells such as acid or something more magical, automatically shielding Fade from harm. It also appears to offer a mild resistance to burns and poisons, although this charm isn't as powerful. This heirloom is clearly powerful and ancient, and as such it is difficult to destroy or tamper with.
  • Royal Armour: This armour is quite well-built, having been made with both physical and magical protection in mind. It is also fairly light, with the weight of leather but the protective ability that is stronger than steel.

So begins...

Fade's Story