Felix Lupei

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Curtsive


The noble.

Ever cold and ever callous, like the snow that drifted outside the window. Like the mortar in between bricks, lined with dying moss. Like the faces of the maids, after so many strained comments, to run left, right, down the hall, don't break the glass. To get the father that wasn't there. Lupei, the father that wasn't there. Mr. Lupei, they asked?

He shouted at them, the maids, not to call him that. The nobles, after all, their surnames took after their fathers first names. The young lord couldn't stand his last name. The connotations it brang. So, Felix he was. Felix, the nurses and maids called him. The young noble, Felix. Born to Lupei.

When he wasn't yelling, he was staring, out into the snow that drifted outside the window. The snow that was cold and callous, like the lord.

The lord.

But that was back then.


G'ael Vampires


  • â—Ļ  Alternative Feeding: Usually only in a degenerative state, a G'ael vampire can feed on diseased or clean carrion of a deceased human or vampire.
  • â—Ļ  Augmented senses: Enhancement of the physical senses. Vision, hearing, taste, smell and touch are typically augmented well beyond the human spectrum.
  • â—Ļ  Augmented physique: Enhancement of the physical form. Strength, reflexes and speed are greatly augmented well beyond the human spectrum. Both durable and strong, they're well equipped to take as much as they give.
  • â—Ļ  Enthrallment: A G'ael vampire that turns a vampire beneath them has limited mind control over their thrall.
  • â—Ļ  Shapeshifting: The ability to assume alternate forms of one or all of a quillmane or a carrion shrike.
  • â—Ļ  Regeneration: Enhanced regenerative capabilities permit recovering of most mundane wounds almost instantaneously. More severe wounds can be taxing, and those inflicted by supernatural means are the most difficult to regenerate.
  • â—Ļ  Resistances: Due to their undead nature and the lack of a need for a functional circulatory or nervous system, those of the G'ael lines share a strong resistance to cold, elecricity, and disease.

Uncommon Traits

  • â—Ļ  Ethereal Possession: The newer bloodline has evolved from such a trait, but older G'ael vampires are able to inhabit the bodies of other beings, with an odd ritual and the cost of leaving their own body empty.
  • â—Ļ  Second Shadow: Some G'ael vampires have been able to summon up a second shadow, which can latch onto the shadows of others and offer as a spy. It can also take hold of other shadows, which will normally affect the person, or thing, it is attached to.


  • â—Ļ  Sunlight: Those from the G'ael bloodline are more susceptible to sunlight than their vampiric cousins. Although sunlight doesn't have any immediate effect on a G'ael vampire, when a G'ael is introduced to sunlight, they'll soon be stricken with a sunburn-like rash, fevers following, declination of their powers, and even seizures. Depending on how much sunlight the vampire has been exposed to, this can be fatal.
  • â—Ļ  Fire: G'ael vampires are more succeptible to fire than most others. Fire has its roots in ancient G'ael and human traditions where the dead were disposed of. Light is inescapable, shadows are intangible, and temperatures reach fifteen hundred degrees or more, leaving no room for regeneration when there's too much damage being caused.
  • â—Ļ  Necromancy: Those of the G'ael bloodline are undead, and thus don't have much defence against necromantic magic.
  • â—Ļ  Divinity: As with most vampires, though average to whatever vampire population there is, any injury inflicted upon a G'ael vampire with a divine source will heal nearly humanely slow.

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