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Felken De'Crayne

The Nightmare of darkness; the Crow of power

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Akita


Image// The Basics //
Full Name: Felken De'Crayne. (Coming from the well-known stalker of prey, this shadow-creeper gets its name from the raptor-like flyer, the falcon. Descending from the world of ancient and common birds alike, Felken's name is combined with that of the graceful crane, embracing the elegance of movement in the night.)

Age: Not even this creature is sure what its age is, but rumor has it that Felken has been around for over a thousand years.

Gender: Considering the shape-shifting nature of this creature, it does not possess one gender specifically. It can morph into a mimicry of any creature it fights, touches, or sires.

Nationality: Swamp shifter

Sexuality: Pansexual

// Physical Description //
The night and shadows help make up the essence of Felken's body and shape. Felken's one and only true form consists of that of a smoky, nightmare-esque obscurity. This raptor-like character has no real physical depth, and is only alive through dark magic and the power of the night. Since Felken has the ability to take shape of mostly any creature, the height and weight varies drastically. However, the true form of this creature usually stands to be about eight feet tall, and the weight is more or less non-existant. Since Felken is a flyer, it doesn't actually have a ground stance, and therefore, cannot be weighed.

Upon creation, Felken acquired two main forms that it travels in, which are:

The Nightmare: Felken's nightmare form is the closest it will get to the humanoid species. This form allows Felken to ghost the lands, mimicing a tall, human-like shadowed figure that is hidden under a mass of black matter, surrounding the torso. The Nightmare's eyes slant like the traditional Egyptian cat's, where they take the shape of a large almond and point down at the nose, and up towards the temples. The mouth, however, is the least human-like of the Nightmare form. When closed, it seems as though the mouth has been stiched shut, but as soon Felken speaks, the lips break apart like seams of flames and ripped paper. This is Felken's most common form.

The Crow: When Felken takes shape in the crow formation, it's body shifts into that of a large crow, amounting to the size of an ancient pteradactyl. The wingspread extends a great 8 feet in length, and the body matches the length of an 8-post totem pole, around 10 feet. When standing on its two thick, three-toed feet, Felken's wings fall to the sides, dark shades of indigio and black shimmer through the ruffage of feathers. Felken's face is merely that of an angry crow, with large eyes and a long, narrow beak. Felken uses this form mostly for combat or preying.

// Personality //
Being a ghosting, shadow creature that stalks the world of darkness, Felken is a very complex personality. It often endures episodes of drastic rage and violence, seeming as though it will attack if even the slightest annoyance is brought upon it. However, Felken is very practical with movements, word placement, and shifting. Felken is usually an easy-going character, mostly keeping to itself and not necessarily bothering others unless a benefit could be served. Since it is the essence of a flight shadow, Felken's personality cannot necessarily be explained in full detail. After all, the shadows are untold stories of the Netherworld.

// Traits/Abilities //
Dislikes: Probably you.

Weaknesses: Felken's main weakness is the sun. After all, it is a shadow creature, and when the Nightmare is exposed to natural light, it suffers great pain - each experience falling under a different spell of UV torture.

Strengths: Darkness, endless darkness.

ImageSwamphounds: Felken has a special ability to produce what is called "swamphounds," which are large, shadow-esque hounds drenched in swamp matter, and halfway decayed. These swamphounds are summoned from the depths of the deep, rich land, growing from bodies of other fallen creatures. Using this summoning spell to call the swamphounds requires the bones and flesh of fallen creatures to unite, forming the shape of a universally ugly, dripping, and otherwise revolting smelling devil dog. The swamphounds are mainly black, but some have hints of indigo and green woven into their dripping flesh.

So begins...

Felken De'Crayne's Story


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