Florence Illes

Greedy Spirit Medium with a degree in Law.

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An up and coming family that seeks to spread its influence. As individuals they have their own goals and desires for the family and Wing City, but as a group, power is the name of the game.
Citizens of the Lutetian City State of Issunar


”Let me get something clear out of the way. No, you are not hallucinating. No, you are not dreaming. No, this is not some giant mistake. You are dead. D-E-A-D in the ground. Wormfood. NO YOU CANNOT COME BACK TO LIFE! Half my damn problems revolve around everyone trying that and trust me NO ONE HAS BEEN SUCCESSFUL. You’re dead. Live with it and move on.”

Name: Florence Illes

Gender: Female

Age: 32

Work accredited to David Cheifetz If I am contacted by Mr. Cheifetz I will take it down.

Bio: Florence Illes hated not being as rich as her cousins. It was the driving motivation for pursuing a high revenue career throughout much of her life. She had considered businesswoman for a particularly long time but found that law was a lot more stable. Having pushed through one of the country’s best school and passing the Bar Exam in Lutetia she was ready to begin a promising career. That was until she started seeing dead people in her office.

Florence quickly learned she had developed the ability to communicate with ghosts and others spirits. What might have been a wrench in her plans she quickly turned into a flourishing boon. She decided to leave law all together, becoming a high end spirit medium scamming impressionable rich people out of large sums of money.

Florence now spends her days and nights being the force that moves around the city often putting the dead to rest. She does not do this out of an obligation for the balance of life or death. She does this because too many of them won’t stop leaving her alone if there are a lot of them to flutter about. So in an effort to have some daily peace and order in her life she has become the physic with the law degree.

So begins...

Florence Illes's Story