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Frank the battlewalker

Its full designation being too long to list here, Frank is one of the most fearsome machines of its category; blistering speed, a ten-foot tall chassis and an infinitely versatile arsenal match well with its redblooded (circuited?) temper.

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Tetrino


An armored construct designed and built with the express purpose of operating on the frontlines, Frank is considerably bulky, numerous layers of armor of various sorts bolted onto its chassis. Standing at an even ten feet tall (thirteen, if you include the retractable communications and sensor array), the Cavalry Mk. XVII model carries itself upon two thick, heavily armored legs calibrated for optimal balance when handling high-recoil armaments.

Its torso forms the bulk of the automaton, easily five feet wide and boasting the thickest armor plates, as well as the identification barcode, dark gray and blue colors, and rank sigil characteristic of warmachines of the Arcturus Synthetic Collective. A pair of mechanical arms extend from either side of the torso, augmented with enough actuators and servos to lift a moderately-sized building, each limb thus being capable of carrying two weapons systems normally found on tanks.

Atop the walker rests its primary sensory receivers, a somewhat head-sized armored block with 360 degrees of movement along its socket. The mounted combat optics array occupies the bulk of this area, a large primary lens ringed on one side by four smaller lenses, all of which emanate a bright green glow. Lastly, the vast majority of Frank's utilities can be found on its back, a vast number of systems and devices all integrated into an Advanced Combat and Command Module.


Never without a weapon, Frank's primary munitions loadout is as follows:
Rapid fire pulse/sustained lance laser cannon (Right arm, mounted)
Semi-automatic HE/IA/PX/FG grenade launcher (Right arm, mounted)
17mm caliber DT belt-fed 11 cylinder revolver cannon (Left arm, mounted)
50mm caliber Jericho pattern .27c superheavy railgun (Left arm, mounted)
15 slot multiple launch missile pod with various warheads (ACCM, upper left hardpoint)
Twin-linked MASER-directed lightning discharger array (ACCM, upper right hardpoint)
Stream/spray phosphothermite-napalm flamethrower (ACCM, lower left hardpoint)
Nanite injector and plasma welder prehensile mechadendrite (ACCM, lower right hardpoint)

ACCM Utilities:
4 weapons hardpoints
Munitions manufacturing hub
Communications and sensor array
Atmospheric jumpjets
Teleporter recall beacon
Psionic dissonance emitter
Quantum stability reinforcer
Kinetic shield generator
Power field generator
Auxiliary datagate power link

So begins...

Frank the battlewalker's Story

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Quickpaw Hurojo awakes after having been asleep for several years. Around the area was only void. It was empty. Dark. Cold. "Where... where have the spirits placed me?" He started patting his body all over; ensuring that he was corporeal. "Not dead; that's a plus." Though there was no time to lose. If he was corporeal, that likely means that he could return to the world he knew, and hopefully return to his king. He began running, hoping to find an exit to this ethereal obscurity.

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Character Portrait: Slyantar Thomas Copper Character Portrait: Kinea Character Portrait: Issuka Character Portrait: Liesha Kennicot Character Portrait: Ruhe Character Portrait: Holy Soldier
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Sibael Rhodwyn looked around, finally staring one of the strangers in the face, "I don't remember you. Any of you, to be frank."