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Gabriel Arch

"I am more than the man who touches the sun. I am the sun."

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Alastairim




Gabriel is, as he would consider himself, angelic in appearance. He has a strong jawline and clear, pale skin. His eyes are red and often bloodshot due to the nature of his birth. He would argue it is simply his perfection becoming too great for his body. In truth, it's the human body rejecting the demonic forces. His body is well kept and well formed. He has the body of a greek god and often wears only the most fitting clothing.


Gabriel is narcissist in its truest form. He is never a problem - he is the anti-problem. He is, nearly, a god. He demands respect and speaks with a well-practiced tongue. He likes to woo those around him and any rejection he receives is simply a product of their inability to see his greatness. He likes to flourish his words and speak in a calming, smooth voice.


Gabriel is half demon and half human. Gifted with the ability of charm and fire, he can mould the world to his wants; however, when born, his mother told him he was the son of an angel. Ever since then, he considers himself a true son of god to do his will upon the galaxy. None shall stand in his way.

So begins...

Gabriel Arch's Story

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Gabriel had arrived rather uncharacteristically to the garden alone. His white tunic fluttered slightly with each step as he sauntered down the well worn path between a series of golden flowers. They were glorious in the night air, sparkling like the stars above. It was his reflection, he thought, that made them glow so bright. His image of perfection was so flawless that even nature glistened from his glory. To anyone with sense, Gabriel Arch was the definition of a narcissist but to him, he was a god - well, almost god. He knew his boundaries like his inability to create anything grand or amusing. Even poems were a challenge for the young man, but still, he could burn things to ash and that was a gift more than most had.

As his mind considered burning the life from the golden petals, Gabriel realized he had been staring at them for full minutes now. It soon dawned on him that he hadn't really considered why he came to this place of beauty. Basking, while not below him, was something he often did in the day where the sun could be blessed to cradle in his form. The night was a time of darkness where ugly things and ugly people hid in plain sight. Their unsettling features lost in the shadows. It was not a place for a prince like him but still he found himself here, staring at the golden flowers.

"Do you think she knows?" Gabriel whispered to the flowers, although ultimately to himself. His tender lips pressed tightly together as he took in a small breath and bent down onto one knee. His strapped sandals clung tight to his shins while the brown leather pulled into the stretch. The man ignored the new sensation of added pressure and began to softly stroke one of the flower petals near the edge. His soft, pale hands slid easily off as the bright light from the moon flowers simply continued their twinkle. As a new thought echoed through his consciousness, Gabriel winced. His features twisted into malcontent while his hand pinched the petal and pulled. The flower bent down before flipping backwards when the petal was ripped off. "She does." The man quietly spat, his eyes watched the golden flower swing for a few moments until it resumed its position. The yellow petal stuck between his digits burnt from his touch. A thin edge of red and orange ate through the petal until it became black and crumbled.