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Gabriel Blackmoor

0 · 423 views · located in Harbor District

a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Doubleshot


Name: Gabriel Blackmoor

Race: Werewolf

Age: 25

Profession: Detective

Height: 6'0

So begins...

Gabriel Blackmoor's Story


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As darkness crept along the night, furthering and furthering the city into darkness, the streets were bare and empty as a crescent moon lit up the night's sky. The stars could be seen even from the heart of the city even, much to the satisfaction of various stargazers. A cool mist had filled the streets as well, giving an eerie feeling. But it was better then the intense fog from earlier, that was filled with mana and electromagnetic waves that prevented anyone from communicating with the outside world. And as their was a criminal among them, no one wanted to risk going out and getting murdered, or letting the murderer flee so easily.

And in the Harbor District, a group of people stood around a corpse. The man had an ice pick twisted through his heart, which had actually belonged to the victim himself in question. This was as clear a murder as ever, and as the man had not been entirely pleasant, everyone had a motive. The rich woman he had offended, after making the ice sculpture of them too fat intentionally. The man who came from the Southern Region who possessed an ability to telekineticly move objects was also a suspect, since with him dead he would take over the entire business they had, as he was responsible for shipping, and he could use his power to move the large icepick. A muscular bodybuilder who had been seen argueing with the man for sleeping with his girlfriend, he clearly had the strength to do this crime. And finally a young elf girl who had come here to break up with him, who could have asked the spirits for assistance in using the icepick.

For the record, it was no normal icepick. It was a large one, that was used for the initial breaking of big ice so that it could be chiseled down by smaller tools.

The room was pretty empty. There was a mirror across from the body, a huge amount of ice in the crates, there was only one door in and out, a large sack of money nearby the killer decided not to take, as well as blood from the corpse and what appeared to be an M, written in blood.

No one seemed to know who the murderer was. And they were all afraid.

"Come on now! Lets get out of here! The fog is gone, we can go outside without getting electrocuted now!"

"What?! So you can get rid of evidence right?! I know you murdered him, you elven slut! How much was he paying you to sleep with him anyways?!"

"Hey! Why am I being blamed here?! He cheated on me sure, but he lied to me and used me for my connections! If anything, its that woman who is suspicious! She was the last one to see the victim alive!"

"No! I have an alibi! I was in the room next door, talking to his partner, Mr. Peters!"

"Yeah! I was with Ms. Gabbers, so clearly we are innocent! We should go get the guards, and get away from this murderer!"

"No, I think one will be leaving till the guards get here, now that this case is solved".

Suddenly, in a scene where some epic music would normally play, the door out of the room closed and a certain boy stood there. He had ruby red eyes, and hair as white as ash or snow. He wasn't terribly small, but he certainly was not tall either. In his hand was an old fashioned walking cane, not for any medical need but to indicate a level of fancy. It was entirely for show though, but the boy didn't mind that.

He did need his name to get out there as a detective, after all.

His clothes were a bit more casual. He had been out for a jog, to exercise and train his body, so he was wearing a blue hoodie, red sweatpants, and black sneakers. There was a magnifying glass on his back, something he did intentionally to help make him memorable.

"After all, the shroud of this case has finally been lifted!"

At those words, Ivera felt a small cringe inside him. He was doing stuff like this so he would be more memorable and notable, because he still felt like he was barely getting enough business and wanted to make more. So he put up with the show and dance. Well, he did find it a bit exciting it was true.

"Its you, the brat detective!"

"We don't care about some ramblings of a child detective".

"Go back to elementary school and study harder".

"Yeah! You don't know anything!"

"On the contrary, I know who killed him, I know when he was killed, I know how he was killed, and I know the motive they had!"

As Ivera said that, he pointed at the group and first looked at the woman.

"First off, Ms. Gabbers, you claim to have been i nthe adjacent room. Are you saying that it was impossible for you?"

"Wha...what are you saying!? I was not even facing that way, I was looking the other way at Mr. Peters, talking about possibly separating him from the business and bringing it under my ownership!"

"But he owned a large part of business. With him alive, it would be impossible".

"B...but...I have an Alibi! And what about that Elven slut?! She was alone at the time of the murder!"

"Ah yes, Ms. Luora Sibi" Ivera said, looking at her next. "You claim you only heard the murder happen, but you found the body first as well? Quite a concidence".

"Listen, I might have hated that guy and was here to break up with him, but...but..."

"But he was blackmailing you with photos to keep you close, right? Quite the motive".

" was not me!"

"Well now..." Ivera said, as he walked over to the body and pointed to the handle of the icepick. "Although you can do this using the Spirits to help you, I do would be quite hard for you to do and not leave fingerprints. Since the body was still fresh when you found it, and the Spirits in the area were still low even when it was fresh. Very fresh..."

He then looked over to the muscular bodybuilder.

"As for you, then perhaps you did it? But, the thing is...a little tidbit I forgot to add, was my own testimony. When I was walking by outside, uninvolved, I happened to be walking by the window...and I overheard you. You may have been planning to murder him, but your plan was far different and you planned to do it later! In other words, the you, Mr. Giog Peters!"

"Wh...what?! No, you are just a dumb brat! You don't know squat! I am innocent! I even have an alibi, I was nowhere near the room to attack him!"

"But you don't need to be in the room, do you?!"

"But...I could not see inside the room!"

"Actually you can. You see, I found the other mirror in the room where you supposedly had an alibi! YOu are known for your telekinetic abilities, so I bet when you used that Mirror Communication Magic Tool, he was surprised! Surprised enough to try and write it as a dying message in his own blood, M!"

"You are making that shit up! There is no way to know what M stood for!"

"But, there is more then that! You were standing in the right spot to view through the mirror. That is why Luora's testimony comes into play! If he was murdered by a person, her enhanced elven ears would have noticed it sooner! And yet, she only heard his screams, not the attack or even footsteps!"

"That...thats right! Just just died somehow!"

"But...but you are just a brat! This is all guesses, and you cant accuse me just for being able to do it and a lack of noise!"

"Didn't you hear? Everyone else has an alibi..."

At those words, he finally understood what had happened. Ivera was outside, so it confirmed no one snuck in or out. He had eyes on the bodybuilder. The Elf did not have the time or ability to wipe off the fingerprints in time. Somehow Ivera was able to tell the spirit energy was low, so it was unlikely she had used Spirit power to kill him. And he had confirmed the alibi of the woman...which meant, he was the only singular person able to commit the crime.

No one had snuck in from the outside either. Ivera just made it there when the fog rolled in and he was forced inside to take cover from the weather, since the fog had electricity running through it it would shock people inside painfully. It then got super thick and prevented anyone from coming or going really. In other words, he was the only one who could.

He quickly panicked, and jumped out the window in his panic. Ivera was glad he did this, he was worried he might actually come up with something to provide reasonable doubt, but it seemed Ivera had surprised him enough to make him panic. Well, cases were rarely so easy to close.

Ivera jumped out afterwards, not letting him escape so easily. However, all of a sudden the man released a crazy amount of magic power. Ivera also noticed a few others nearby seemed to have gathered and had been listening from outside as well, which meant more people saw his show and would remember him.

"Mr Peters, you cannot escape the truth! Surrender quietly or else!"

"No! I wont accept it! I cant accept it! After suffering from a man sized brat for so long, I wont get beaten by another brat!"

It seemed that the strength and overall physical ability of the man drastically increased for no understandable reason. Well, that could just be another thing for Ivera to investigate. Maybe someone would pay him for it.


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#, as written by Davien
Akana had been picking up on some gossip he had heard from a district over, that someone had been murdered near the harbor. All of this was eavesdropped, the people divulging unaware of the large cats prying ears dissecting their conversations as much as their prying eyes tried to comprehend exactly what he was. Used to stares and unwarranted attention Akana calmly walked on, adjusting the cuffs on his shirt beneath his jacket. Tail swishing behind him he calmly walked up to the group in question, reckognizing a few faces in the crowd. Still, he kept his distance.

Standing at the back, partially concealed behind a building corner, he calmly collected data as the group spoke on. There was no reason for himself to make known he was there, or to intervene with his ill informed opinion just yet. He watched intently as the small child attempted to apprehend Mr. Peters, slightly amused at how different the harbor was from where he grew up, so very far away in distance and mind now. He had seen the kid before, but never spoke to him, as he was not the kind to start conversations. Intently he listened, watching for others of interest to arrive, remaining stone cold still except for his tail, giving away his inner thoughts briefly every moment or two, golden eyes fixated on the scene.


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An electrical current passed through the air and caused Gabriel’s hair to stand on end. Something was unnatural in the atmosphere, but Gabriel couldn’t quite put his finger on what. The department contacted him to look at a specific case and work with a new partner. Unknown to him, he was three times his partner’s age.

Moonlight filtered through a cream colored curtain that draped in a rumpled fashion. The window was left ajar, so a breeze came through and lifted the edges air bound. He caught himself in a reverie about an old boyfriend named Chance, but moved on with that memory. In the Harbor District, he heard concerned cries of the townspeople and a commotion that interrupted any peaceful thought.

Gabriel lived in a small studio apartment that overlooked the central part of the city. He was like a hermit and kept to himself, but preferred his solitude. To work with someone else, meant that he would be giving up his daily routine and that was something that created a nagging annoyance.

The screams and cries continued, while flustered citizens milled around Gabriel. His steps were casual, but with a solid gate. Gossip circled like wildfire, about a mad man that threatened a small child and how he leapt through a window with a blinding rage. To see such madness was nothing new in this city, but it was odd that this commotion started in the afternoon. Most criminals were smarter than that and preferred not to make a fuss.

He walked through the crowd and cut through with a distinct presence. Gabriel wore a dark outfit and long coat, with his hands jammed into his coat pockets. There was nothing remarkable about this case, but he couldn’t help but overhear the enthusiasm of Ivera. An interrogation had already begun, which must have been what drove the man into his madness.

Night crept and welcomed the chaos in the Harbor District. Patrons were shuffled into secure areas by local law and Gabriel spoke with one of the officers. Local authorities were accustomed to Gabriel Blackmoor’s interference, but he was also known for solving the most cases in the area.

As Ivera drove the poor man into insanity, Gabriel caught an odd aura drifting off of the man’s silhouette. It was like a shadow, but with a viscous nature about it. The form wiggled and moved about, almost as though it were an intelligent being.

He wasn’t in his werewolf form, but his supernatural abilities allowed him to see things that other beings couldn’t. Ivera would have learned about his abilities from his file, but Gabriel knew very little about Ivera.

Gabriel also noted the strange figure that lingered about in an unimposing fashion. Akana caught his attention briefly, before he joined Ivera in the chase. The man would be brought to justice, but he knew they were dealing with darker elements.

“He’s not natural! Use the arcane restraints!” Gabariel yelled after Ivera and rushed forward with a quickened pace. His natural speed would aid him in the chase, but that didn’t mean that there wouldn’t be other obstacles to overcome.


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Mr. Giog Peters was practically oozing with unnaturalness, his eyes having gone into a state of clear abnormality. He was still in possession of his own will, his own freedom, but to those who were more perceptive they could see something had begun to influence him heavily. And it seemed the core of that were darker emotions like hatred and such, which were now all directed at Ivera.

With a swift and sudden kick, he launched himself off the ground and onto the rooftop. It was beyond what a normal human could do for sure, and Ivera could see a dark aura emerging from him. It was a power Ivera had never seen before, but...he knew it was bad, he just had that feeling. At the same time, others appeared to appear, including someone who he had seen before, though not in person.

Ivera himself couldn't jump as high as what he did, but he certainly was stronger then how he looked. He himself managed to hop onto some nearby stacked crates and used that to jump onto a rooftop. He didn't like following the man, or losing the crowd that would see him act and help bring in business, but he had no choice. After all, he couldn't risk them getting hurt and he couldn't let him get away either, it would be bad for him.

The Rixy Detective Agency was originally just him, Ivera Rixy, but was a member of a list of Detective Agencies that were given special privilege by the Department of Crime, and were allowed to assist and investigate criminal and police matters, enter crime scenes, and even apprehend criminals. Thanks to that, Ivera could do all that and not get in trouble by the police for interfering. That said, they had been a bit worried about Ivera working on his own for his age, even if he was very capable, and had insisted on him getting a partner.

"Mr. Peters, I won't ask you again. Surrender and let me arrest you peacefully, or else as Detective Ivera Rixy I will have to use force! Furthermore, you should stop using that power and tell me where you acquired it from at once! Before it's too late!"

And on the streets, there were others who watched and gossiped with shock and excitement.

"That boy is a detective authorized by the Department of Crime?"

"He is so small, but he seems quite powerful".

"...don't judge a book by its cover".

"That little detective is going to face that guy? He is so brave!"

"What is that aura around that man?"

Ivera looked over at Gabriel, and then back at the culprit.

"Yeah! I have some, but I don't think he will allow it so easi..."

In the middle of Ivera responding to Gabriel, the man suddenly accelerated and moved even faster, appearing in front of Ivera in the blink of an eye and plunging his fist into Ivera's face. No matter how Ivera was able to get up to that roof, that would certainly do a lot of damage.

Only, Ivera's face was not where it should have been, as he had stepped to the side to avoid the attack. It was thanks to his Foresight ability that he predicted it, and Logic Process let him determine the best way to move and counteract the man, as he drilled his leg right into the man's gut. The man went sprawling backwards, but in the process he grabbed Ivera's leg and threw him over into a wall as they both fell down back to street level.

The man immediately got up first, as if the pain did not phase him at all. This was definitely beyond normal, something was driving this man past his limits for sure. And Ivera knew it was definitely past his limits, because he had observed it already. His body was taking damage from his own movements. The jump to the roof, the movement to Ivera, and just before the fall back down. His body was destroying itself trying to kill Ivera.

Ivera was still in pain, but he managed to get up after getting thrown into that wall. Ivera was still keeping his head calm and focused on the objective. That said, in order to beat him he had to solve him. Unfortunately the man didn't want to give him that chance, and used his power to make several metal spikes that were nearby, probably used in ship construction, fly towards Ivera at high speed. This man clearly wanted Ivera dead, but it was definently unnatural for him to be this outraged and murderous over getting caught.

And yet, before they hit Ivera they stopped in mid air. No, it would be more accurate to say they were frozen in time, which allowed Ivera to roll out of the way in time before they hit him.

"Gabriel right? Name is Ivera, Ivera Rixy. It seems like his focus is centered on me, so can you get behind him and use the restraints? I don't know what is manipulating him, but he will pretty much die himself at this rate!"

As he spoke, the man unleashed a telekinetic storm to throw anything and everything he could at not just Ivera, but anyone who tried to intervene as he charged towards Ivera as well. He took one of the spikes he did not use before and lunged it right forward to stab through Ivera. Certainly, if he got stabbed through with that thing, he would suffer serious damage.

"Chronus now!"

And suddenly, a Dragon appeared that was coiled around his arm and projected a barrier to block the attack. The dragon himself was white but what was probably more notable was the monocle on it's eye, and its extreme British accent.

"I will say now Ivera, jolly good move. However, this man can move far faster then us so do keep that in mind when using Foresight. Furthermore, it appears he is quite the martial artist. And a pleasure to make your acquaintence too, Sir Gabriel Blackmoor. I do agree with your assessment of Arcane Restraints, however it appeared despite being enraged he was still able to listen and think. When he threw us earlier, he took the pair in Ivera's back pocket and threw them to the side when no one was looking. Ah right, I have yet to introduce myself. I am Chronus, Master Ivera's Spirit Guardian".

"...and a chatterbox! Anyways, did you get what you needed?"

"Yes, I have confirmed that the man is not possessed as you theorized, and still possess his free will. However, he is clearly under heavy influence by something so he might as well be under someone's control. Unfortunately, an extensive analysis will require capturing him alive".

As this was said, the man actually broke through Ivera's barrier by punching and went right for his body. Ivera managed to duck down under it though and went into a slide like a baseball player, and managed to make it so he was next to Gabriel.

"Anyways, its nice to meet you. Sorry for the lack of a proper introduction and such. Don't worry, I might look like this, but trust me I have the ability to do this job. Anyways, this guy is stronger then me and faster then me, but teamwork should do just fine. That said, we should finish this before he ends up killing himself. We still don't know what caused all this, after all. Anyways, I got your file, but I will clue you in a bit on me. I mainly specialize in my Time Abilities, my Spirit Guardian Chronus, the use of weapons, and physical combat. I can use magic as well, but its not at a high level where I can rely on it alone".

Incidentally, standing next to Gabriel like this, many other things could be observed about Ivera due to close proximity and Gabriel's senses. For one thing, Ivera's hair and skin seemed perfect. If Gabriel touched them, he would notice that even the feel and texture and various other qualities would seem perfect and not just the appearance. They were far beyond what even normal clones and genetically modified people would have. Additionally, there was a second heart beating inside of Ivera, but it seemed to be managed and monitored somehow so both hearts never interfered with each other or caused issues in the body, but instead worked in unison.

Even aside from the sweat Ivera had built up, his normal smell could even be called unnaturally pleasant, and his voice also was strangely warm and sounded incredible. All of this seemed a bit too perfect, and that was because it was designed by the scientists to be this way. It would be captivating and entrancing, and the reason for this was so when they were sold as weapons, the buyers would end up wanting them even more.

Before Ivera could say anything else though, the man once again charged at him as he was further consumed by rage. The dark aura around him seemed to get even stronger, as if the angrier he got the worse it would get. Ivera made note of that, as it could be an important clue to figuring this all out. After all, you could never be sure what a clue could be and where it would show up.


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#, as written by Davien
Akana smiled and shook his head as he watched the duo chase after the man. Gingerly taking a pack of cigarettes out of
his pocket he began to walk in the direction the two ran, increasing his pace to make sure they stayed in sight, or at
least scent range. The unnamed man that went running off with the child had the unmistakable odor of the supernatural,
and therefore woulndn't have too much trouble.

He had never been the type to rush into action, it was just something in his character, maybe a lifetime of turning
the other cheek to the rampant crime in his local neighborhood, or early on in his career jumping to conclusions that
landed an innocent man in jail, where he still presumably resided. His eyes darted from one side of the alley to
another, suppressing the thoughts of his shortcomings as he began to lose track of the action. Dammit, he hated running
in a suit.

He came to a sliding halt as he observed the action underway. That little kid seemed to enforce better than some fully
grown police officers he had seen. It would be hard to deny that Akana was definately not expecting the dragon to appear,
or be so well versed in the English language. Several times watching the fight between Mr. Peters and Ivera Akana wondered
if he should jump in to help, but Ivera's power became more and more apparent as the fight went on. Puffing on his cigarette,
the large cat watched in semi-disbelief at the scene unfolding before him.

Unconsiously he had stepped up next to Gabriel as he puffed away, watching the scene unfold. Eventually he was going to
have to talk to someone, just to figure out what was going on. At this point, it was more for his own curiosity. Once again
he tensed up however, watching the dark aura grow around Mr. Peters. Flicking his cigarette to the ground, he remained
stoic and seemingly relaxed, but his eyes were widely dialated and every muscle was ready to pounce into action if he was


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Gabriel didn’t have time for formalities and the dragon creeped him out. However, that was besides the point. He rose a brow, while the kid spouted off details about himself, his guardian and information on the man they pursued. By now, a large group of people had gathered to catch the action up close and personal. He shook his head at the sight of so many, but understood this was just human nature. Gabriel grunted toward Ivera in response and leapt forward in were form. It wasn’t an instantaneous shift, but he had already been half-way transformed before he met up with Ivera.

With the speed and precision applied to the force of the punch, he thrust a balled up fist toward the man and aimed for the center of his face. If his punch connected, he’d attempt to slam another balled up fist toward his gut. Should either connect with flesh and bone, the force would do some damage to the human man’s body. In other words, he wouldn’t escape unscathed, unless he managed to dodge both punches.

There was something that nagged in the back of his mind, but perhaps he was caught up in the adrenalin rush of it all. His body was on fire with anticipation for a good bloodied fight, so the thought of just restraining the man disappointed him. Gabriel Blackmoor was the one the agency sent out to handle the unpredictable types. He worked well under pressure and desired the action packed life the agency had to offer. As for a partnership, he hadn’t planned on being teamed up with a kid.

Once the man was subdued by his punches, he could place the arcane restrains on him, since he carried a pair of his own. Issued by the agency, they were forged with magical runic properties. Whatever dark energy lingered in the man, it wouldn’t survive against the restraints.

His primal instincts began to take over and any movement caught his attention. In full were form, people scattered away from the group. The crowd of people were smart enough to avoid the fight between the werewolf and the belligerent man.

If all else failed, he wouldn’t mind turning the man into a miserable pulp and save them some time.


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The man seemed to take the punches alright, but as Ivera mentioned before, it seemed like pain was not really affecting him in the slightest, pain or self limits as his body would quite litterally rip itself apart in order to kill Ivera. Because of that, although he did take damage from Gabriel's punches, it did not phase him in the slightest in terms of offensive ability and he hammered Gabriel right back, the black aura that normal people couldn't usually see becoming so thick that even normal people would be able to see it if they looked close enough.

Ivera wanted to get this man under control before he hurt someone, or killed himself. When Gabriel got close to him, he began attacking him with a rather aggressive manner. Still, the man stood up against the werewolf as if he didn't feel pain at all. Which of course was because he couldn't right now.

And yet, Ivera wouldn't just sit back and leave everything to Gabriel. With Gabriel being right in its face and blocking its view, Ivera managed to sneak around and slow time for the man who was...corrupted...and also struck several of its focus points. Even if it couldn't feel, Ivera figured locking up its joints should do something. And as he did that and made it easier for Gabriel, he managed to force the restraints on the man...and the moment he did, the dark aura seemed to instantly disappear, along with his enhanced state, maddened mind, and most notable, pain negation.

The man pretty much collapsed the moment the restraints were put on him, but not before he screamed in pain so loud it might pop some people's eardrums. It was rather...something. Ivera didn't know a word for it specifically.

He then immediately turned toward the crowd and smiled while giving a thumbs up.

"Its okay! I am Detective Ivera Rixy, Owner and Private Detective of the Rixy Detective Agency, authorized and approved of by the Department of Crime to handle this. As you can see, we have everything under control! Also, if someone has not already, please call an ambulence or a healing mage over! Otherwise, this guy might die from the damage he did to himself alone!"

He then turned toward Gabriel as he took a sigh of relief.

"Well then, unless someone else decides to get involved for whatever reason, after we ship this guy off I should probably show you to the office. Anyways, its a good thing you showed up. If this had gone on any longer, innocent civilians might have gotten hurt. You are Gabriel Blackmoor right? The guy that the Department of Crime asked to partner with me at my agency?"


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In his were form, Gabriel was more animalistic, than man. He stood in a hunched over fashion and his eyes followed the slightest movement made by Ivera. The crowd was a distraction for Gabriel Blackmoor, but it wasn't something he couldn't handle. After they both took the man out and restrained him, he focused on what was being said by the small child. In his mind, Ivera reminded him of his younger sister he lost to a murderer many years ago, but he chased the thought away. His tail wagged behind him in a sluggish manner and a small child attempted to grab the tip of it, which made him react in an aggressive manner. The mother grabbed her child in a protective stance and Gabriel came to his senses. There was nothing more obnoxious about being a were, than losing your sense of control when the primal instincts kicked in. He growled an apology to the mother and she nodded with a watchful eye. People began to go about their business and the crowd shrunk to a manageable size, but he still felt anxiety from all of the people watching the action.

Once the man was taken away in an ambulance and the sirens blared, the sharp sound snapped him out of his primal way of thinking. His eyes focused on Ivera and he appeared to snarl when he spoke, his features unnatural in their expression in comparison with a human.

"I wouldn't of allowed that to happen to citizens." Gabriel spoke to Ivera in a guttural voice. He motioned toward his body and snapped toward a tourist attempting to take his picture. Gabriel watched the fat tourist run away at a slow jog and smirked. He turned back to Ivera. "I'll need a place to change back, so the office sounds excellent." He said, not needing to explain his situation further. If he morphed in public, he'd be taken in for public indecency, since he wouldn't have a fresh set of clothes. There were pros and cons of being a werewolf and this was one of the cons.


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As the whole incident with the child nearly occured, Ivera knelt down slightly and made eye contact with the child. He smiled at him like a reliable big brother, and handed him a card and a coin. "Don't worry, he knows what he is doing. He just has this thing called adreniline running through him right now, from all the danger. And you know, nothing likes their tail pulled you know?"

As he said those words, half warning and half comforting the child, he then gave the mother a nod and then turned back towards Gabriel as he took some distance from the crowd so they would not overhear.

"Yeah, I wouldn't have either, but since its impossible to fully know what might happen, it is still risky. That's why its better to resolve things quickly, since the increased length of a conflict means more time for something unpredictable to happen".

Of course, Ivera was trying to look out for stuff like that with Foresight, but not everything could be predicted and the more that happened, especially the more he interacted with the area, the more he would likely miss something. There were no certainties, and no guarantees. He knew that better then most, given his origins.

"Alright then, follow me. Its over in this direction" he said, as he started walking towards a direction. Now that he thought about it, thanks to everything that happened, he never completed his run. His clothes were very casual and not very worklike, although his expressions and way of talking, even when it seemed casual, and hints of professionalness and reliability. That was no special power or charm, that was just him and his own effort.

" you need spare clothes once we get there? I don't think anything of mine will fit you..."

He asked that as the morning sun began to cut through the fog and mist on the city in greater quantity, revealing the morning light. Not a hint of fatigue could be seen on his face, and even the Dragon had seemed to disappear.


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Gabriel laughed, but it came out like a guttural chortle. The thought of fitting into Ivera's clothes were quite the image. He motioned toward a duffle bag that leaned against a store fronts wall. It was a simple tactic, but it was a hassle. Maybe they could invent some sort of clothes that could morph with his body, but he'd mention that concept to Ivera at a later date. After the mother and child left, he felt as though some primal protection bubbled inside him. Ivera was around the age of his sister, when a murderer took her life. The thought overwhelmed him for a moment, but then he focused on the next task: returning to the office in were form and not causing a scene.

Gabriel traveled through the alleyways, in order to stealth through the shadows and be unseen by the public. People misunderstood his race, but he couldn't blame their rationale. The dragon friend of Ivera, made him question reality, but then again, he was a werewolf hanging out in the main part of the city. His reality was full of the weird and unusual, so a spirit dragon should have been readily accepted.

He walked toward the duffle bag and swung it behind him, so it rested on his back for easy transport. The light of the morning sun rays were like a cleansing to the scene. Peach, brilliant golds and pinks washed the area with its ethereal luminosity. He gazed upward and inhaled the morning air, his lungs filled, he exhaled with pleasure. Today was a productive day, even if he almost killed a man due to his rage. Either way, the mission was handled and he was sure that his new boss would be pleased with their teamwork.

"Let's get going. I'm going to need to refuel and get recharged for our next mission. You did some decent work." Gabriel said, his grin looked more like a snarl in the sunlight. He was surprised by Ivera's ability and the dragon, but he had a feeling that Ivera was full of tricks up his sleeve.

With that thought, he leapt up and landed with a smooth stance on a nearby rooftop. His padded feet kept the impact low, so he kept his presence under control. Gabriel used his momentum and traveled along the spines of the rooftops, his figure a mere shadow to anyone who might glance up.


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Ivera kept up a good even pace as he moved toward the office, showing that his daily exercise was not for show. He was keeping up a pace that even some adults might not be able to keep up with for as long as he did, and continued to make his way forward and such. That said, he did keep an eye out for any indications of people following him or such. That was the curse of the Rixy after all. The ability that gave them all their powers and abilities, the entire reason they were kidnapped, cloned, and experimented on, and the reason they could not age. All was from the Adaptability Power, their only original power, which gave their bodies the ability to do many things, from taking in foreign tissue and adapting it into themselves to make full use of it, to quickly adapting to poisons, diseases, and even aging, to being both a universal donor and a receiver.

By itself, it probably meant nothing. It would be considered a low ranking power or even one that inflicted self harm, since technically it would soon activate near birth and leave them trapped as infants or toddlers. The scientists that experimented had to actively give them a drug to age them, and an expensive and unique one at that. After all, aging meant cell deaths, and cell deaths are harmful. And even if you took out the self harmful part, all it would do was essentially make their bodies better at adapting to disease and poison, and being a universal donor and receiver.

The reason it became so valuable was because the scientists saw another potential use for it. The ability to transplant organs from people who held special powers and magical afinities, as well as things like hair and skin and such, and infuse those into them to give them those powers.

So then why would someone set themselves up as a detective, and even advertise themselves? Well, that was simple for Ivera. Each Rixy was taking a different approach to this situation. Many kept on the move, or kept hidden. Some erased all traces of themselves. But Ivera? He was taking the route of trying to be too public to target. The scientists and people after them wanted to remain in the shadows, but Ivera was forcing light into those shadows. It made him tend to run into a lot more crimes and cases, but it also meant that if someone tried to target him, they would have to step into the light...and Ivera could get the chance to capture them and expose them.

With that in mind, after a good while Ivera led Gabriel back to his office, which was also his home. He worked here, slept here, rested here, bathed here, and ate here. 342 Miracle Way, Apartment 3C. The Rixy Detective Agency.

"Yo, Ivera!"

"Old man? What are you doing out at this time?"

As he was returning, a dwarf with a rather impressive beard stopped and waved hello to him.

"Lookin for ya, ya goddamn kid! Ya know ya had more loiterers standin on da other side of dis street, takin pictures again!"

"Wearing suits, or wearing normal clothes?"

"Botha dem!"

"Huh. In that case, its not all for me old man. The people after me are never so stupid as to wear suits that make them stand out like an old thumb. Might be insurence investigators coming to hassle you again".

"Well dem birdbrains can try all dey wanna, but my Pawn Shop be clean and good! And hey, ima running low on groceries again! Ill give ya a good tip if you get some more for me! And stop callin me old man ya damn shortie! I still be in my prime, and my name is Kallo!"

"First off, old man, I don't think someone who is shorter then me should be calling me shortie! Secondly, old man fits you way better! And finally, you better tip me well then! Price of eggs has gone up!"

"Yeah yeah ya damn whippersnapper!" he said as he took his cane and hit Ivera's butt with it in a quick and fast movement that might seem slow, but to anyone with excellent eyesight would notice there was an abnormally fast swing right before the slow one. "Now git! Git! Stop procrastinating ya work and chores Cluezy! And dun drink too much before noon!"

"I told you I hate that nickname, old man! Its Clue, Ivera Clue Rixy, not Cluezy!" Ivera shouted back, as they seemed angry with each other. However, there were others around, regulars, who seemed to not mind it at all and either shrugged it off, or even laughed at the display the two made. It seemed that despite what it might appear, Ivera and Kallo seemed to be on good terms with each other, and that was just their unique way of getting along.

With that done, Ivera went up and continued to show Gabriel to the office. The building tiself seemed rather old and a bit worn, but it appeared to be maintained in good condition. It was a walk up to the third floor, but eventually they made it to Ivera's Office and Apartment, the Private Detective Agency known as the Rixy Detective Agency. Ivera walked over and took a seat at his desk, which included various files and documents.

"Sorry bout the delay. Anyways, welcome to the Rixy Detective Agency. Ah, uhh...sorry about the mess, but I was involved in a case all night and didn't have time to clean up. There is a kitchen over there if you want a snack".

And so Ivera told him that as he looked over the files, when he realized something and looked back up.

"Oh, right. If your not comfortable with changing in the same room as me, the bathroom is over there through that door on the left. The one on the right is my bedroom that I think about it, I have been up all night haven't I? Well, should be fine probably. Not the first time I didn't or couldn't sleep".


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He immediately noticed the mess and began to clean out smaller areas, before he realized what he was doing. Gabriel stopped mid-way and put down a pile of papers, before apologizing profusely. Since he lived alone, there was little to look after and he had a habit of letting his OCD get the better of him. After he stacked the papers in a neat order, he nodded at Ivera and went to change. Although he was confident in his ability to change in front of others, he didn't think the kid needed to hear the sounds of bones snapping out of place, or other parts of his body morphing into a distorted frame of a human being. Once the transformation began, he felt the adrenaline invade his veins full force. It was like an electric current over took him and all thoughts exited his mind. Clarity overcame him and he focused on the change. His bones shifted first, then the fur began to smooth out into human skin. His fingernails retracted with a painful force and blood dripped from his hands. All-in-all, the process took no more than thirty minutes, but Ivera would hear the sounds of the bones manifesting into something more human. Gabriel sighed and inhaled a fresh amount of air, then exhaled with a certainty. The detective agency knew about his ability, but Ivera was still a child in comparison to him. He got dressed in comfortable slacks, a dark work shirt and basic work shoes. There was little thought put into his outfits, but when one transformed, it was the least concern on his mind.

His hands were bandaged from the nails and claws retraction, but he ignored the subtle aches and pains. "The old man is interesting. I'm sure we'll work with him in the future." Gabriel looked around and wondered if a coffee pot existed beneath the mounds of clutter and chaos.

"Do you have anything to drink? Changing takes a lot out of me." He said, then noted the change in his stamina. He'd need food soon too, so he made his needs clear. "When we both get a good nights sleep, we can begin working with a fresh mind." Gabriel preferred to work after he ate and slept decent hours, but he didn't always have that luxury. He pushed aside some piles of random items and sat down on a nearby couch. He flexed his bandaged hands and cursed at the annoyance.


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Indeed, the chaotic mess might due with a good cleaning. Although most of it was centered on Ivera's desk, there was a bunch of files and cabinets with various info lying around, and under a pile that Gabriel cleared, he would find a strange object in the floor. One might think it was a floor safe, except instead of a lock there was a strange puzzle with all sorts of constellations and planets and stars on it. Parts appeared movable, but it was dangerous to move stuff on a safe like this unless you wanted to trigger some horrible trap.

Among all the papers he would look at though, some were articles on the cases Ivera solved, which seemed to include a few serial killers, a murder where the victim was killed from the inside out, and discovering the CEO of Darius Industries had been replaced by a hommunculus and was really being run by a criminal organization.

And unfortunately for Gabriel, all of Ivera's senses were highly acute. Even if Gabriel did his transformation in a place that he couldn't see, he would end up hearing quite a bit...

He eventually also heard the comment on the old man as well.

"That guy? He can be really irritating sometimes. Anyways, he runs the pawn shop downstairs. Well, I have gotten a number of useful items from him though".

BUt ivera tried to keep that off his mind, and focused on some things. Like some paperwork he put off, mainly looking over some papers he was asked to see to determine if the same person wrote all of them.

After Gabriel came back though and asked for a drink, Ivera nodded and opened up a drawer on his desk. First he took out a bottle of whiskey, and then he took out a Colt, before finally he got out two coffee mugs. One might consider questioning while he had those three objects in the same place though.

"Yeah, there is a coffee machine in the kitchen" Ivera admitted as he walked over into the kitchen and put the two mugs on the counter next to it. "I have some ingredients here, so it can probably be whatever you want it to be. ANy preferences for your coffee in terms of milk, sugar, and such? As for sleep and such...well, I suppose that might be a good idea. But first off, I read your file...but I suppose you don't know anything about me yet. So I suppose I should go and talk about myself. So tell me if you do know anything you know yet, and ask me what you want to know first, and I will try to explain from that".


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Gabriel nodded at Ivera and sat down with a cup of fresh coffee a few moments later. He didn't normally engage in idle prattle, but he kept in mind that this was going to be his partner. They didn't need absolute intimacy between them, but sharing details now and then might prove to be interesting in the long run. Idle gossip never entertained Gabriel either, but that thought vanished as soon as the hot fresh coffee hit his lips. He hadn't had a fresh cup of coffee since he had been at home and that was a few days ago. When he took on cases, he tended to leave his apartment vacant for some time. There were many reasons why he was still single, or went through various partners, romantic, or business related and his inability to commit was one of them. He didn't see the reason for getting attached to someone, when you would be moving on to the next individual. There was no reason to put oneself through that much emotional turmoil and upset.

He leaned back on the couch and perked up at the mention of a pawn shop. From the nature of the establishment, there was a possibility that the pawn shop could have exotic items to combat the freaks. Gabriel used the term loosely in his mind and went back to enjoying his coffee. The flavor was dark, bitter, but had an aftertaste of roasted almond, or hazelnut. He couldn't tell which, but the aroma lifted his spirits as well. Although he was in a hoarders paradise, he was able to forget his environment and focus on the steam that curled and twisted on the surface of his coffee.

Gabriel assumed that Ivera would want to know about him as well, but he didn't think there was much to share about his past. He took out a rolled up folder from his torn jeans that lay on the couch and handed it to Ivera. His folder mentioned the loss of his Werewolf clan and the murder of his family, his skills and abilities. Otherwise, it would be considered your run-of-the-mill personal folder with his private information. His age, status in the clan and even his likes, or dislikes were noted with an almost robotic-like quality to it. He preferred not to get too involved with anyone, but he had a feeling that this "kid," wasn't going to be avoided so easily, so he kept that in mind.

He poured himself another cup of coffee and sat down with his ankle on his knee. There was no reason why he wouldn't be open for discussion, but Ivera would learn that he wasn't an open book when it came to socializing.

"Since we're getting personal, what are you? You aren't like the others I've come across." Gabriel said, then indulged himself in another large gulp of coffee. He had seen many fantastical creatures before in his life, but Ivera was something of a marvel. Gabriel couldn't figure him out and the dragon guardian perplexed him. He settled down in the couch and put the coffee cup on a side table, but didn't hesitate to push aside various piles of paper to make room.


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"Personal? Well, I suppose it is sort of getting more personal. Truth is, I am still new at this. Not detective work I mean, but reality. I was created in a lab. A clone, an experiment. Opened me up, gave me all sorts of powers and abilities. Including Chronos here".

As he said that, that same dragon appeared with that monocle which probably looked at least a tad ridiculous appeared.

"Greetings, Mr. Blackmoor. My name is Chronos and I am Master Ivera's Spirit Guardian".

"Right, anyways so yeah. Thats why there is this barcode on my cheek right here, why my appearance probably looks unnaturally great and why my voice has great pitch. They were really thorough with their work. But the way I think and work, my beliefs? All me. To be honest, Ivera is a name I came up with myself. Oh yeah, I should probably warn you, don't be surprised if there are weekly or even daily attacks on me by people who want to abduct me, or kill me and steal my body away for scientists to examine. You should be even less surprised when they lose, but I think you get the idea. Hell, right now there are people who are already scoping this place out for their next attempt. I really hope they don't use a bomb, thats how I lost my last apartment and it would suck to buy furniture and write up all these documents from memory again".

As he said that, he took a sip of his own coffee and looked out over the area.

"Unlike the rest of my 'brothers', I have a bit more of a public image. My way of doing things. I have created a reputation, gotten allies and become useful for the police, so now they hire me as a private detective or expert consultant and give me certain permissions that normally would require one being a member of the police. That said, if by any chance, if for some reason something goes horribly horribly wrong, if it looks like I am going to be taken by them and nothing can be done, just go and kill me. Because I would rather avoid the endless surgeries of opening me up and re-arranging my organs and innards while I am conscious. I mean, they have me a second heart even. Not even sure why, but now I got two hearts".

As he said that, he downed a good bit of coffee and then stood up and looked out a window.

"...oh who the hell are these amataurs? There is a guy down there blatantly taking pictures of this window. Unless he has some obsession for third floor architecture, its so obvious...I wonder if they made their bounty more public and have started to hire local criminal organizations? Well, whatever. Anyways, I wonder who will be our client first? Some random stranger, or the police?"

Ivera asked while he sipped his coffee again and sat down, acting calmly.


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Gabriel nodded with respect at Chronos and acknowledged the dragon. His life had been tumultuous as well, but not as painful as Ivera's. He was not an experiment, but an expectation of his father's clan. Gabriel focused on what Ivera explained about his past and kept quiet during the exchange. As he learned more about his new partner, he realized that he was not some naive child, but more intelligent than any adult he had encountered in the past. Ivera's eyes had a certain otherworldly depth about them and while Ivera's gaze unnerved him, there was an all-knowing as well. He held on to the smooth handle of the mug and allowed the texture of the cup to distract him. His thumb traced along the edge of the handles border and he glanced down at the ink-black liquid. Words escaped him, but he wasn't at a loss for sharing empathy. Since they were getting so personal, he decided to share parts of his private life, that was closed off to other individuals he worked with. Not everyone got to become close to Gabriel, but for some reason, he felt an understanding with Ivera.

"I'm sorry...I can't imagine how you felt going through all of that, but I understand what you're saying." He paused and shared a thoughtful look with Ivera.

"My family was murdered and my sister was around your age when she was killed. There's not much to learn about me. I was supposed to take on the clans responsibilities and take over my father's position as leader. After my family was killed, I broke off from the council and have been on my own since." Gabriel acknowledged his own painful past, as well as Ivera's. In a way, he was attempting to hide from the world, while Ivera kept a groomed public image. They contrasted each other nicely, which brought a thin smile to his face.

"After I broke up with my boyfriend, I moved here and decided to get more involved with my work. I can be a workaholic and a bit of a perfectionist. I keep to myself and don't go out unless it's work related." Gabriel explained, realizing then how bland his life seemed in comparison, but he shrugged the thought away.

"I think we should interview potential clients. I don't want to waste time on flakes, or wannabes." Gabriel said, understanding the delicacy of the situation. They couldn't just let any client in, but who would qualify for such a coveted position? The agency didn't just work for anyone, so the criteria had to fit and the client had to be able to pay the fees.

He got up and finished off the rest of his coffee in one gulp, then tossed the cup on a pile of papers, as if in retaliation to his own perfectionist nature.

"I'm ready to get started when you are."


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As they continued to converse, Ivera decided to leave the terrible spies or people obsessed with third floor architecture aside and went over to his desk, where he activated some sort of interface. It looked like it was hooked into the phone system as well as his computer, and surely enough data began to appear in a holographic display in front of him.

"Thanks. And yeah...I understand where you are coming from...but you are right, I suppose it is time to get to work" Ivera mentioned, forgetting about any idea of getting any sleep before work...again. He moved in front of hte holograms and began to interface with them, searching through the various requests sent to him over the phone or online.

"Thankfully, I have this system here that helps me filter out the boring cases or cases where my talents would be wasted on, as well as those that ask me to work for free. After all, I kinda need money., thats boring. No, the criminal was obviously the wife....and not this one either, it was obviously for the inheritence. That one....I guess I need to rework the filter again, since a case that says 'candy stolen from baby' should definently not get throu....oh hey now, this looks interesting".

As he flipped through the various cases with little to no interest, suddenly a case showed up that caught his interest, as his eyes sparked and glowed with excitement.

"Someone stole from Juno's? Well this could be interesting indeed. The Vault at Juno's Depository is Chrono-Sealed and Spatial-Sealed. YOu cant teleport in there, you cant go into the past or future to get inside, its reality locked that way. And that is only what I know of, there are countless details about this vault that are kept secret even from the government. And yet, this was broken into...ohh, ohhhh. If this is not a case, I don't know what is. And as for the million Rozans?!"

THe moment he saw the reward, he immediately on that spot took note of his own state. He took off his own clothes right there on the spot, as they were covered in sweat from last night and such, and grabbed a set of clothes from his desk and put them on without a care that Gabriel was watching.

"This is definently someone who I want return cases from! Gotta look my best, or at least not be in clothes that might smell!"

As he said that, even though he had just been on a workout, solved a case, and was wearing those same clothes for who knows how long, Gabriel would notice that Ivera's body, with its unnaturally perfect looking skin, would not really show signs of perspiration or anything else from that. It was as if his body was being maintained in such an incredible state despite all that had happened, even the exterior signs of wounds had healed. From where he got kicked in the gut, there was only a minor trace that he had been hit at all.

Once he was dressed in new clothes, he took a cane and put on this classic newsboy hat. He looked towards Gabriel.

"So, ready to go see a safe that should be uncrackable?"


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Gabriel nodded and watched Ivera sift through the potential candidates. There was nothing more thrilling then being on the case. His mind could relax and he'd push all of his past thoughts to the side. In a sense, he relied on his work to free himself of past burdens, like painful memories, or the night terrors that would wake him up at three a.m. in a cold sweat. He didn't know what Juno's was, but it sounded like the case they needed to make this month's rent. After studying the file with Ivera, he realized that it was more money then he'd seen in awhile if they succeeded. With that kind of cash, he could pay off a few months rent and then some and be comfortable. Gabriel sighed, knowing full well that he'd have to shift at a moment's notice and wondered if she shouldn't have a stash of clothes to bring along.

"I may have to transform again, but I wanted to know if you knew someone who could make me a suit that would morph with my body. I get tired of carrying around a duffel bag all the time." He said, the annoyance in his voice pronounced. Gabriel grabbed the duffel bag and motioned for Ivera to take him to the case. They'd more than likely be face-to-face with new opponents, which made his adrenaline pump with excitement. He hadn't been involved in a good fight in a long time and he didn't consider the last guy something to write home about.

He swung the duffel bag over his back and motioned toward the door. "I'm ready, let's try to solve this before dinner time." Gabriel smirked at that thought, since he knew that most cases took weeks to solve, but it was a nice outlook either way. Perhaps Ivera could put in his request for a morphing suit and they'd be better prepared for the next case.

Whoever broke into Juno's, had to have some sort of special ability. He grew anxiou at the thought of an electrifying fight and followed Ivera out the door.


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"Agreed. Its no good running on an empty stomach" Ivera agreed, even though he had not even eaten breakfast yet. On that note, he went over to the fridge, pulled out a banana, and then also made his way. The vault was in a more high end part of town, and so it would take them a bit of walking from where Ivera stayed.

That said, he did not forget about Gabriel's question. "Personally? No. But I have heard of people, and I think maybe one or two of my brothers might know someone".

And as Ivera left the building, there was something that caught his eye. Actually, he noticed it as he reached the front door, before he opened it but after he finished descending the stairs, but acted like he did not notice it at all. He picked up the pace a bit, hoping Gabriel would keep up. Around them, everything seemed normal. A jogger talking on his phone near a fire hydrant, a boy in a wizard's hat texting someone, a woman with a cyborg arm delivering a package to a store that had yet to open. There was also a homeless man begging for change, a police officer ticketing a packed hovercraft, and two people up ahead wearing hoods and looking all shifty as a group of teenagers passed them.

"Okay. Looks like they are really at it today" Ivera said as he walked forward unconcerned, noting the specific details. He wanted to get this over with so he could get to the case. "Four hitmen, well if you can actually count those two as hitmen".

Almost on cue, the two extremely obvious shifty looking people pulled out weapons as Ivera approached. "Dark Manti..."

However, as they pulled out their guns, and held them sideways at that, Ivera didn't even bother to use his powers and just outright disarmed them. It didn't even look like he would have needed or used his enhanced reflexes for that.

"One, if your going to be a hitman, no legitimate hitman holds a gun sideways. Only idiots and corpses do that, the corpses being people who did that and then got killed by people who do things the right way. Two, the Dark Mantis Association would never, ever do a hit in public, and if they did, they certainly would not announce it. And three, if you try this again, I won't just disarm you".

The two young males, who were still a bit in shock from Ivera disarming them immediately, were taken back by Ivera's lecture snap, and even...well, Ivera scared them quite a bit. Given he was like, half their size, it was a bit surreal. And as they just shouted an apology and then ran away, Ivera looked back at the crowd. The delivery woman, or rather, the apparent delivery woman, seemed to abandon her delivery and drove off, and the homeless man was already gone.

"Alright then, lets go. Anyways, I am really interested in seeing who broke into that safe after all. I just hope it isn't that guy...he can be seriously irritating. Actually, here is some advice. If you ever meet someone named Artemis Fowl, as much as you will probably want to from the way he acts, do not punch him in the face. Your arm will get broken by his bodyguard before you could".

Ivera himself remembered the time he tried. Even though his physical abilities were well enhanced beyond a normal adult's, despite being a 100% normal human, Ivera would hardly call the man who could outpower him normal.