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Gell Blue

He has a dark past, came from another planet to find a better future.

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by RolePlayGateway


He has navy blue skin, changes with his mood. Crimson red hair and red snake eyes. Has demon claws, is part alien and demon. Has a red samurai looking sword by his side., wears fighting gear, is 5'9, weighs 190 pounds, all muscle, veins defined everywhere. Has a large red scar on front and back.


He is kind, but comes off as mean and shy. Cares deeply about people once he gets to know them.


red samurai sword, futuristic alien spaceship thats damaged


My name is Gell, it used to be Jell, before I was striped of my royal status. I am a half breed; part jellion, part demon. I have no place, being feared an hated has been my legacy for as long as I can remember. My sword by my side is all that keeps me sane. Aside from that, I feel like I have nothing else to live for. For I am alone, and feel I will always be alone.
When I was 5, my father King Jell wondered why I looked different from the wrest of the jellion kids; having pointy ears, fangs, claws, red crimson hair (from my mother), and dark blue skin. I was walking one night and heard my father talking with a doctor.
“He is composed of both Jellion and demon DNA, with him being a halfbreed, he'll become a monster just like our ancestors predicted.” The doctor said. My father replied, “I had no idea, I thought it was just a condition.”
As I heard this, I walked down the hall of the kingdom to my mothers room. She turned towards me and asked, “Whats wrong?” I told her what I heard, and all she did after was stare blankly at the floor. After what felt like forever, she said, “We have to leave tonight.”
I asked her why, but she only said, “For our safety.” As we ran from the palace to a ship, guards ran up to us and blocked our path. The next thing I remembered was her bloody hands carrying me, and the corpses of the guards left behind in her path. My mother always appeared to be human-like, with tan skin, and red hair, I didn't see her as a demon. As we made it to the ship, she told me “There's only enough room for one, so you will go.” I began to cry, “No mother! I won't leave you!” She only smiled back at me slightly and said, “I love you Jell, and never forget that.” Then the door closed. As I was being launched into space, I heard a loud scream, and had an awful pain in my chest. It took me a while to realize my mother was killed right after I was launched.
After what felt like an eternity, I crash landed onto a planet of beings identical to humans. As I crawled out of the crumpled ship, I found my way to a river and saw my reflection. “Why did this happen?” I asked myself. “Is it because I'm ugly? Or was I bad son?” As I asked myself these questions, I cried uncontrollably, my whole life was gone, my mother dead, my father possibly hunting for me. During my episode, I was tapped on the shoulder by one of the locals. “Are you OK?” The 10 year old girl asked me. She had long green hair with light green eyes.
“I lost my mommy, and I have nowhere to go.” I replied. The next thing I felt was her arms wrapping around me and picking me up. “My parents will take you in.” She told me as she smiled at me. Suddenly, my tears stopped falling, and I felt warm inside. “Who are you?” I asked. “Im Venessa.” she replied. “Whats your name?”
Knowing I couldn't use my name Jell anymore due to not being considered an heir to the throne anymore I replied, “Im Gell. Gell Blue.”
When her parents saw me, they backed away in fear, “Hes a demon!” they shouted. “His darkness will kill us!” I started to have that awful feeling in my chest again. I was about to leave when I heard Venessa say, “If you don't let him live here then I won't live here either! I'll hate you forever if he can't stay!” Her parents where shocked and begged her not to leave, so they eventually gave in to their daughters demands to let me stay. The next 5 years were actually filled with happiness. Aside from Venessa's parents glaring at me during meals, I felt happy. I went to school, and took martial arts classes with Venessa. The other kids were afraid of me, but Venessa told them I was good, and that I was her friend. The kids in the town suddenly started to talk to me and treated me like a friend. I thought my troubles were over, but I was wrong. The good times were not to last.
Venessa's parents were sick, and soon they would pass away. As they laid in their bed with Venessa by their sides, I listened to what they said to her. “I told you he would kill us...he'll do the same to you.” Her father said. Her mother faintly said, “Avenge us daughter..” Those were their final words before they passed away. Venessa cried like there was no tomorrow. As I put a hand on her shoulder I said, “Don't worry Venessa, I'm here.” As I said this, Venessa turned around and punched me in the face, and I fell backwards. “OW! What was that for?!” I asked. Venessa screamed at the top of her lungs, “SHUT UP! YOU WILL DO WHAT I SAY WHEN I SAY! YOU ARE MY SLAVE! I OWN YOU! THIS IS PAYBACK FOR KILLING MY PARENTS YOU HALFBREED!”
I was shocked to what I just heard, and was beginning to cry. Before I could even begin, I was hit across the face with a spiked whip Venessa held. “STOP CRYING! OR ILL HIT YOU MORE!” I immediately stopped crying. “ you will obey me, if you do so without question, I might let you live,” Venessa spoke in a cold tone.
The next 4 years of my life were filled with hell. She would beat me everyday with her whips, throw knives at me for fun, and would drag me around with a chain collar she made to restrain even the strongest species. While she would drag me, she would insult me in front of the other townspeople, and they would laugh and point at me. I was no longer aloud to go to school or practice martial arts. If it wasn't for my occasional stealing of food when Venessa wasn't looking, I would have died of starvation long ago. I was surrounded by darkness, and it felt like there was no way out.
One night, I accidentally spilled Venessas dinner on her lap. “UGH! YOU USELESS SLAVE!” she shouted as she began to whip me. I snapped, I couldn't take it anymore. I grabbed her whip with my left hand and grabbed her throat with my right. Ready to sink my claws into her and end my suffering once and for all, I yelled, “YOU BITCH! YOU BLAME ME FOR YOUR PARENTS DEATH! THEY JUST GOT SICK! GET THAT THROUGH YOUR FUCKING SKULL! YOU LET YOUR SADNESS CHANGE WHO YOU ARE! AND YOU TOOK IT OUT ON ME! I DONT CARE WHAT HAPPENS TO ME ANYMORE! I WILL TAKE MY REVENGE ON YOU AND ALL OF YOUR KIND!”
  I grabbed onto her neck and was about to deliver the kill, until I heard her speak softly, “Im...sorry.” Did my ears deceive me? Did she just apologize? I suddenly let go of her and she fell to the ground. I suddenly ran into her room and barricaded myself in. “She didn't apologize, she couldn't have, even if she did, she didn't mean it.” I told myself, “Its a trick, shes lying. Yeah...she'll just break through that door and try to kill me.” The door was suddenly kicked down by Venessa. I grabbed one of her knives and tried to stab her but she disarmed me and hugged me, “Im so sorry Gell.....for were right.” Venessa spoke softly as I was in her embrace. I pushed her away screaming, “DON'T BULLSHIT! YOU'VE TORTURED ME FOR 4 YEARS! IM NOT GOING TO FORGIVE YOU JUST LIKE THAT!”
“I don't expect you to.” She replied. “But I want to spend the wrest of my life making it up to you..please...forgive me...the truth is I love you..and I was just blinded by hate for so long I forgot...ever since we were kids i've loved so sorry.”
I was speechless, but finally managed to choke out, “Are you asking me to marry you?” Venessa got down on one knee and began to cry looking up at me as she shouted. “Yes!” I brought myself down to her level and made eye contact with her. She was serious. I just couldn't believe it, until she pulled me in and kissed me. I trembled at first, but slowly relaxed and embraced her. That night we cuddled and I felt like the horror was finally over. I could have a peace-full life.
The next morning I woke up alone. I looked around for Venessa when suddenly I heard gunshots from outside in the town. “Terrorists!” I said as I grabbed a sword and ran outside fighting them. I was too quick for them to shoot me, as my blade cut them each in half I was quickly joined by Venessa. After a long side-by-side battle, I was breathing heavily. “Wow...we did it..” Suddenly, a sword stuck though me from behind and was dragged from my heart down to my right pelvis. It was a miracle I was still alive. I saw who had stabbed me as I shouted, “Venessa! Why!?” She looked down at me and smiled evilly as she spoke, “Don't you get it? I've always hated you. Everything I said last night was a lie, after all, I play a real good game of pretend.” I didn't understand anything anymore. “Goodbye Gell..May you fade in the darkness,” She spoke before I blacked out.
When I woke up I saw her corpse in front of me. A terrorist must have gotten to her. The whole town was in ruins, all of the people were gone. Suddenly, a red sword fell from the sky into the ground in front of me. The sword spoke to me, “If you want to be happy, wield me, and I will protect you.” Somehow, I could tell that this sword was telling the truth, almost as if it was apart of me. As I grabbed the blade, I felt dark energy being poured into me, my muscles grew, my hair grew longer, my skin turned darker to a dark navy blue. I roared into the sky as I began to change.
After I left the planet in a damaged spaceship I repaired, I carved out a suite of armor made of rock. To me, it was like any other pair of clothing, light and flexible. I also made a mask to hide my face, and wore black spandex underneath so no one would see my skin. I became a bounty hunter, killing criminals and handing over their corpses over to the galactic authorities. Every night, I have nightmares about Venessa torturing me, my horrible childhood, and what she did. Every morning I would wake up with my scar bleeding. She put a curse on me, where her soul can torture me even when I'm fighting, whether its bringing up painful memories, or just making my scar bleed. Shes like a constant evil in my head that won't go away. How she even learned to do such a trick is beyond my understanding.
One day, I thought a police officer was about to arrest me for killing a criminal she had in custody. Instead, she asked if I would talk to her. I agreed, but had my guard up. She appeared to be from the Fela race, since she looked like a cheetah. As we were in space in her ship she asked me questions about who I was, and I answered a few, mostly about where I grew up and what my life was like. She then exclaimed, “Gell! Its you!” I was puzzled as to what she meant. She told me that she was Liona, and that we went to the same school and took martial arts together. I remembered that she would always try to talk to me, except Venessa would clutch onto me and say “No hes mine!” Before our conversation could really begin, terrorists started to attack the ship where we were holding our meeting. We ejected onto a desolate world, and spent a week fighting the terrorists pursuing us, and we tried to run.
One night, as we laid in a cave, my cheetah friend Liona asked me, “What happened to Venessa?” When she asked this, my whole body tensed up, and my breathing became harsh. I told her everything, and all she did was listen. When I finished, she hugged me and said, “You deserve better,” Then she kissed me and wrapped her tail around me. That night, we made love; the most intoxicating moment i've ever had.
The next morning the terrorists attacked, and Liona was fatally wounded. As I killed the last of the terrorists with blind rage, I didn't see that Liona's fellow officers had picked up our signal from the beacon we managed to repair the night before. The other officers saw my unmasked face, and one said, “He's a Jellion! Hes supposed to be dead!” I then stole one of their ships and flew away as quickly as I could and went to light-speed. In an old history log on the ship, I learned that all Jellions were ordered to be killed due to our power. Then I heard a rumor that there might have been one royal Jellion still existing, on Earth. With all of my money gone, and my identity exposed, I had nowhere else to go.
That brings us up to date. I've suffered, and have fought my whole life, now being 16 I head for earth possibly thinking of a new life. “Don't get your hopes up,” I said to myself, “Every time you think you've found happiness, it comes around and bites you on the ass.” Heading to earth, I have nothing but the sword on my side and the darkness in my chest.

So begins...

Gell Blue's Story