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General Astana

Leader of Stickistani Space Marines.

0 · 191 views · located in The Bluff

a character in “The Multiverse”, originally authored by redapple8766, as played by RolePlayGateway


A nation of sentient Stickpeople. Do not assume we are some sort of Central Asian culture, we are actually quite similar to Europeans.


Physical Description:
Extremely skinny torso and extremities, like all Stickfolk. He is beyond lithe. He is a little taller than the average Stickfolk at 6'5", and weighs in at a respectable 40lbs. He is 39 years old, not even halfway through his expected 130 year lifespan. The structure of his bones allows him to be more flexible than is socially acceptable to humans, but on par with his peers.

Like his peers, Astana is boisterous and brash. Some call him crazy, but he is just filled with that famed Stickistani tenacity. This tends to rub less ambitious folk the wrong way...

-Stickistani Space Marines armor (Zero suit, uses shield in lieu of heavy armor. Allows for wide degree of motion)
-XEL-90 Gauss Battle Rifle
-Officer Sabre
-Dress Uniform
-Movement-Enhancing Exoskeleton

Raised in a posh neighbourhood in Fort Theia by two affluent parents and a family of important people, it was obvious he would choose a military career. However, his knack for getting waist-deep into combat scared his superiors, who were armchair generals in every sense of the term. His response? He laughed, and insulted the men. Rather than court martial him, he was made in charge of all of Stickistan's colonies, a duty he takes pride in.


Physical: Proficient
Attack: 6
Damage: 6
Agility: 8
Vitality: 4
HP: 13

Invocation: 1
Magic Damage: 1
Influence: 1
Max Enchantments: 1
Shielding: 4
Magic HP: 6

Mental: Neutral.
Smarts: 2
Library: Max 20 cards
Willpower: 5
Action Points: 6
Charm: 4
Max Summons: 5


Library Size: --

Card Name
AP Cost: --
(Type: -- || Damage/Creature Type: --)
< Range: -- >
Description: --

So begins...

General Astana's Story


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"Drawn together like a moth to an open flame..."

Cole had received a parchment requesting his presence by Midland's Bluff. The parchment was strange...there was no sender address to give him a clue as to who had wanted to see him here. It was someone asking for help, though...if they took the time to seek him out for this, surely he could give them the time of day to at least hear them out. Once he had arrived at the designated location, he stopped in his tracks. Standing opposite of him at The Bluff was none other than his daughter, Toamna. She was standing with a similar letter in hand, head tilted.

"Toamna, what are you..." He cut himself off, glancing to the letter, then back to her. She seemed to have noticed his own in hand.

Blinking, confused, she replied. "A-ah? I was about to ask you the same thing, didn't send this?" She asked, lifting it. Cole's features shifted from curiosity to concern, stowing the parchment away and placing a hand on the pommel of his blade, ready to draw it if need be, but...not quite getting there just yet.

Surely there were others who might have received this letter calling for help. That, or...they were thrust headfirst into a trap...

[Yuki Nikka] cocked her head curiously at the pair and let a slow grin spread on her face. "Nope, didn't call nobody here. Just here for adventure," she said, tugging on the straps of her backpack to jostle it.

"Got a letter too. I think it was meant for me, even if it was sent to someone else. A kind of... fate thing, yanno?" she answered, then finally added, "Hi, I'm Yuki."

General Astana observed intently. "What in the hell..." he murmured.
He wrote down some notes in his notepad. He dropped the pad and it fell out of the protective cover of the tree. "crap!"

Astana darted out and got it, returning swiftly. To the 3 others, it seemed but a blurr.

Cole Maibara blinked curiously and met eyes with Toamna, then returned his gaze to Yuki. That was strange...she received a letter to, but...wasn't the one who wrote it. Concerned, he crossed his arm for a moment and raised an eyebrow in response with a nod.

"Is that so...? Strange...and also not very good news."

Toamna glanced around, she thought she heard something...a voice? She zoned out from the conversation her father and Yuki were starting to have.

In the backdrop of the Bluff, the sky darkened was afternoon, sure, but the skies were growing more evening-like in appearance. Not quite storm-darkness, but instead dark like the sun was down despite it still being up in the sky above...Cole looked around, then back to Yuki with a raised eyebrow.

Yuki Nikka shrugged. "Not good is just a frame of mind really, I think," she said, trying to sound intelligent. But she soon realized that attention had turned away from her and she too turned around to look at the sky.

"Uh, it's getting dark real quick. I think we're going to find out what these letters are for..." she said, with a nervous beat of her heart in her chest.

General Astana dove behind a boulder, within 15 feet of the three. He was very quiet, though an alert sentry could probably spot the resulting rustling of leaves. He listened intently on the conversation. "letters...?" he muttered almost silently. What kind of pretentious, anachronistic sorcery is going on here? This can only mean one of two things: Piracy, or something much, much more pressing...


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Character Portrait: Yuki Nikka Character Portrait: Aspect of Entropy Character Portrait: Cole Maibara Character Portrait: Toamna Maibara Character Portrait: General Astana
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Cole stood vigilant, his gaze becoming more intense in turn. Today was an extremely strange day, and this...was only making things worse. He continued examining the surroundings to find out what was happening...

Toamna on the other hand was already paying attention to what she thought were voices, now noticing rustling of leaves and pointing in its direction.

"H-hey, what's--"

She was cut short however, something unique from the rustling of the leaves had begun to take form just above the drop-off of the Bluff's cliff. A formless black substance taking shape within the air, moving in strange and erratic patterns. It looked like it was trying to take a human form, but at the same was struggling. An almost TV static-like distortion surrounded its body and rippled around it with the fabric of reality bending in its attempts at forming.

A 'voice' of sorts came from it, not truly speaking up but speaking to the minds of those who were in its area. Rather...its 'speech' was imparting its own ideas to others, an essence of communication if you will. Pure, unadulterated communication that wasn't tainted by the barrier of language.

"Vessel. Want. Struggling to remain in this realm. Realm not meant for me. Need body."

Delivering its message, it stayed in place...festering. A strange metallic taste within the air accompanying it, and a low resonant hum ringing in the air loud enough to be noticeable but faint enough to be drowned out by anything louder than a pin dropping.


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Yuki Nikka Character Portrait: Aspect of Entropy Character Portrait: Cole Maibara Character Portrait: Toamna Maibara Character Portrait: General Astana
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Astana had had enough. Were these wideys trying to summon an Eldritch Being or something?! There wasn't a thing he could do but this.

Astana cocks his Gauss Assault Rifle and walks into view. "Halt, Hu-mans! There will be no foolish wand-waving on these premises, not while an envoy of Glorious Stickistan is present. Now, tell me just what in the hell is happening, and why that just registered on my instruments!" He points at the blob of black, keeping his composure (just barely). Then, he sees the letter. He commandeers it and reads it out loud.