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Gina Soji

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Liquidus


Gina Soji (Geen-A Sow-G)

Nicknames/Aliases: "Wolf of the Sky"----"Madwoman Soji"

Appearance: Gina is a beautiful woman, considering she hates makeup because sweating the the cockpit with cause her face to look like its melting. She has short unkempt black hair that is cut to her slender neck and soft toned shoulders that lead to toned arms and a nice handful of bust with a solid core and lush powerful; feet and hands to match. She has a tattoo of wings and her nickname in kanji in the center of them.

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Personality: Gina is a impulsive, stubborn, intelligent bastard with a gift for piloting. She's very passionate about piloting and she loves to do her own custom work on her crafts. Gina is a light hearted person who can be rude and demanding, but is gentle in nature. She is kind and respectful of others, but she would surely make sure to disrespect though that would do the same to her. She is hard head as all hell and she is a known deviant and it just seemed to work for her, call it lady luck. She is a sweet person despite her slightly rough edges.

Abilities/Skills: She has a gift for repairing most technology in the realms of weapons, robotics, vehicles, prosthetic's and she can even jury rig most things, she even customized sliver sky's cockpit over a time period of 4 months. She can speak fluent Japanese, and English although she's been working on her slight accent, and even some french. She knows enough science and technical skill to use a base mobile suit, armored core, or aircraft and with some help and planning create her own custom unit or vehicle. (Although, she is mistake prone because no one knows everything.)

Silver Sky (X-12 668)

This air to space to air craft is her baby, complete with a 7th generation kinetic E.X.A.M (Energy eXperimental Accelerated Malestrom) jet propulsion engine system that is rated at speeds of mach 4 normally and mach 6 with the overdrive enabled (requires a heavy dose of an experimental drug, only those logged with 3 years of experience may engage the overdrive. Side Effects: Vicious abstract nightmares, Muscle Spams, Uncontrollable shaking, Bleeding from nose, mouth, eyes.) The cockpit of this unit has been customized to her size, weight, and handedness and would be difficult for others to fly, but not impossible. The craft can operate in space, in air, or temporarily in water for upwards of one hour and thirty minutes. She is an expert at flying it and can perform advanced unique maneuvers (much to her superior's dismay) that aren't taught in the academy.



She is a military girl, born and raised. Her father and mother met in the military and got permission to have a child and raise them on base without having to take leave. She was curious of the military world and she was taught the ropes since she was knee high to a grasshopper. During the time other kids were learning in kindergarden, she was being taught how to fly a standard jet in the japanese army. Come time to go to elementary school, she had experienced in engineering, mechanics, and she had aced the fight simulations. Around 15 (with her father pulling some strings), she finally joined the airforce and under went the most rigorous training and simulation in order to get her wings. During her time at the academy she met a senior french cadet Magali that transferred from Italy and they both got their pilot's license and graduated. Upon graduating they were both sent overseas to help aid the American alliance forces, and since Gina had frequently visited american she knew enough English to communicate and even taught Magali how to speak the language as she got better at it.

The two of them were eventually placed on a team of 4 others, with Magali leading the pack, having the most live combat experience. Their first mission as a team was an astounding success and they began to become a go to squadron of newer pilots on the rise. After multiple missions, and about 2 years of fighting, they both became know as a dynamic duo in the air. Overtime it was found out that Magali didn't have a true last name, so Gina gave her legal right to use hers. They were like family and they were the perfect team.

So begins...

Gina Soji's Story