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The One Of Heavy Lifting

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Sheoul


Gravitas is a short creature, standing just under 5ft. He has entirely white skin of a smooth texture, which reflects light like marble or glass. He has no face to speak of, it is purely an empty space on his head, however, his body can be changed to create a mouth, tearing and reforming the skin and muscle to make one. He doesn't have any teeth, and due to a lack of any bone, can't make any. However, his saliva is quite acidic, and could break down most materials in about twelve seconds. Despite this, it is never used as a weapon. For unexplained reasons, his saliva loses its acidity when it makes contact with oxygen.

On top of his head are two long, twisted strands that resemble antennae, which point backwards. These are sensitive appendages that can hear and sense vibrations from miles away. The white skin protecting them protects them from loud noises and from being overwhelmed with senses, making them accurate from an inch to many miles.

Gravitas can see using a trillion hidden eyes on his face. They are too small to see with the naked eye, and are spread evenly under a layer of skin, giving them protection. Each eye can move independently, and two looking in the same direction can give a good image of what they're looking at. For this reason, Gravitas has huge area of sight of everything in front of him. The distance they can see is equal to that of the human eye, but the quality of the image is far greater.

Gravitas has a mostly humanoid shape, his feet and hands are close to those of a human in basic structure, however, instead of 10 toes, he has only four larger ones, and instead of 10 fingers, he has only eight.

Lastly, poking out of his lower back, Gravitas has a thick tail not much longer than his own body. The tail itself is quite sensitive to vibrations and is a useful tool in tracking ground-based movement. It is nowhere near as sensitive as his antennae, but within a slightly large radius, they are quite effective.

Due to his species' evolution, his body has a few natural talents as described above.

Hearing/ Sensitivity:
His antannae are incredibly sensitive to sound and vibrations in the air. Allowing him to pinpoint most sounds and movements around him.

Tail Sensitivity:
His tail is also sensitive to vibrations, but not to the same degree as his antennae, and can only feel vibrations in the ground. The muscles in the tail are quite strong, and make a great natural weapon.

His one trillion tiny eyes allow for brilliant sight, all of them able to move independantly of one another allow Gravitas to see pretty much everything in front of him.

He has a high strength level, putting him easily on par with most mid-to-high-tier enemies.

His reflexes are one of his strongest assets, allowing him to react quickly to vibrations he senses.

Gravitas has a unique control over the forces of gravity. He can manipulate his body's own gravity, to make himself heavier or lighter as he sees fit. This is almost always used in an offensive manner, and his body's make up and lack of actual bones are tough enough to withstand any change he makes. That doesn't mean to say that he can't hurt himself after certain points, he isn't immune to pain.


Gravitas is a lone wolf. Much like the rest of its species, he stays alone, and has a very defensive personality because of it. He always sees others as intruders or possible predators, and will be on the look out for attackers at all times.

So begins...

Gravitas's Story