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Captain Cooper stepped out onto the rickety docks of Yggor’s Island. The sea was calm, its godlike fury quenched like the deafening silence that followed a thunderclap. Salt caked his reanimated bones, and he released a breathless sigh. To smell the ocean air again…

Cooper discarded the thought and gestured to several ghouls. They heaved large crates and carried them aboard the frigate like machines. Gunpowder, cannon balls, ballistae bolts, and all manner of ammunition and supplies were carried into the lower decks. Far more than normal, Captain Cooper thought, but he cackled as he remembered a lost detail.

The dead had no need for rum and dried bread.

Armed with cutlass and pistol, Captain Cooper boarded his new ship. He tipped his tricorn hat back and glared at the sea with baleful eyes - empty sockets filled with icy blue flames. His master demanded loot and fresh recruits, and so the captain would deliver.

A ghostly tune drifted through the mists as the ship set sail, heeding the song of the depths.