"You come any closer to me, or Marie, I'll fill your head with more holes than you can count."

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Gunsmith - Real name is unknown... but due to his talent for making rather reliable fire arms from scratch... everyone calls him Gunsmith.

Image The sweet little girl hiding behind him under his cloak is Marie, she follows him everywhere ever since he saved her from bandits.

Nickname - Smith

Title - The Bounty hunter

Age - 27

Gender - Male

Height - 5' 11"

Weight - 145lbs

Race - Caucasian

Ethnicity - 19th century American

Species - Human

Hair color - dirty blonde

Eye color - blue

Skin color - white

Alignment - Depends on who pays the most

Class - Gunslinger

Primary Occupation - Bounty Hunter

Secondary Occupation - Gunsmith

Outfit - Lookit tha pic

Tattoos - None

Piercings - None

Scars - Stabwounds, bullet wounds, and burn scars scattered throughout his body


When it comes to Marie, the little girl that travels with him, he is very protective of her... though... He doesnt seem like it to her face... He talks to her like she's an idiot, he ignores her when ever she talks to him, and treats her like she can fend for her self (which she can), but deep down... beneath his tough macho exterior he deeply cares about her. When it comes to other people... He's pretty cold or hard to warm up to at first... Unless you're just downright gorgeous in everysingle way. THen he wouldn't be able to resist being nice.

Sexual Preference - Pansexual

Religion - N/A



- Lemat Revolver :: Image

- Tri-barrel shotgun :: Image

- Tote Bag of Ammo

- Provisions

- Bowie knife


How he got his nickname - "I earned the name Gunsmith because back when I was in a gang of bandits... I'd always steal my mates guns, take them apart... melt them down, and make them into newer, better guns. The leader went to me and said 'hey, you some sorta Gunsmith 'er somthing?' and the nickname just stuck. over time they shortened it to just Smith. But that was when I was sixteen... little over ten years ago."

Personal History - "I was an orphan. Dad left my mum, and my mum died giving birth to me. Grew up in an orphanage on the Eastern part of the country. When I was fourteen I ran away, wanted to head west, so I caught a train and... well... headed west. It wasn't what I expected and I was just some dumb ass kid who thought he could survive out on his own. That's when I met Irish. The man that recruited me into the Bandit Gang known as the Shamrock Family. You might have heard of them... Worst pieces of trash in the country, running around stealing, raping, killing any one that got in their way.

"When I was 15, Irish made me commit my first Murder. 16, well... let's just say I did things to a woman who'd never forgive me. Seventeen... I was ready for my first bank job. Then... about five or six years ago... While I was sleeping, Irish and a couple of others had pulled me out of bed while I slept, hog tied me... and dragged me out into the middle of the desert while the sun was still down. It was chilly... Moon was high over head. They stripped a cactus of it's spines and tied me to it, like i was a witch they were preparing to burn at the steak. Irish heard that I was planning to take over... but that wasn't true.... So he acted first.

"They left me out there to die. It was out there for about maybe... Three... four days maybe? Hungry... dehydrated. IT was at that point that I prayed to God that I get out of this alive. It was just before the sun went down... that a miracle happened. My prayers were answered. A Beast-folk travelling caravan had heard of lands where their people wouldn't be discriminated against and could be treated as equals. They saw me on their pilgrimage tied to that cactus and untied me.... They fed me... gave me clothes... and water... I was just a few hours away from dying... and they saved my life. I gladly thanked their hospitality and when they asked my name... i told them Gunsmith... because I figured that Edward W. Orwell died in that heat. I only wanted one thing. Revenge.

"It was about two years later, that I found Irish and his gang ransacking a Pioneer convoy... As they rode away I saw they had a young girl. I rode after them and hunted them down. When I found them they were seconds away from doing unspeakable things to that girl... So... I put the girl, Marie, Outside and told her to wait.... WHile I slowly tied Irish and his gang... one... by... one... and executed them...."

So begins...

Gunsmith's Story