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Haelo Matsumaru

...Hmm.. why are bullets so slow?

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by SubjectThirteen


Haelo is roughly five years old, his physical appearance differs based on three stages.

Childhood : Age 5

Haelo is exactly four feet, two inches tall. He usually wears a pure white, long sleeved coat that seems to fit loosely around his shoulders, yet is slightly too large around his arms, though the sleeves stretch only to his wrists. His hair is around four inches in length, and is commonly spiked backwards and away from his face. The hair itself is of a silvery white color. He is slightly muscular for his age, and wears a jet black belt, with six card holsters. Three on either side of his body. On his back, were his coat to ever be lifted, there is a large, cross tattoo. His pants are pure white with a silver rim, to match his fingerless, steel knuckled gloves. His shoes are a martial arts kind of boot of a pure black with white trim. The best way to describe them is that they look like "Goku's shoes".

Teen : Age 14

Other than taking on a slightly taller form of five feet, Haelo's appearance is unchanged.

Adult : age 23

Haelo grows another nine inches, and takes on a small amount of facial hair, similar to five o'clock shadow.


Haelo is almost always in childhood form, and is essentially an average child. Though he has a very solid grasp of flirtation and is easily mislead by older females. He is extremely fond of candy and other childish desires, and tends to walk around aimlessly until he can find someone to help. Not for any real reward, but because Haelo was always taught as a child, that anyone could be a hero, if they tried.


Haelo carries six sets of fifty-two cards. Each of which, he uses his natural ability to bend light to power up and use accordingly.

Just to give you a sample of the multitude of decks that I've made for Haelo. I figured I'd show you the scale for one.

Haelo : Deck 1 : Elemental Techniques

Suits : >< Hearts : Fire >< Diamonds : Water >< Spades : Earth >< Clubs : Wind

Hearts : Fire
King : Fire Absorbtion - Adds To Prep
Queen : Bending - Control Over fire
Jack : Fire Breath
10 : Fire Attribute
9 : Explosion Attribute
8 : Fire Cage
7 : Fire Spin
6 : Incineration Attribute
5 : Fire Shield
4 : Flamable Attribute
3 : Heat Absorbtion
2 : Regeneration
Ace : Activates any three cards.

Diamonds : Water
King : Water Factory
Queen : Water Bending
Jack : Water Absorbtion - Adds To Prep
10 : Ice Attribute
9 : Frozen Touch
8 : Liquify
7 : Gill Attribute
6 : Ice Shield
5 : Vaporize
4 : Vapor Attribute
3 : Hydrogen Amplifier
2 : Oxygen Amplifeir
Ace : Activates Any Three Cards

Spades : Earth
King : Earth Bending
Queen : Stone Attribute
Jack : Metalic Attribute
10 : Boulder Slam
9 : Stone Shield
8 : Earthquake
7 : Stone Conversion
6 : Metal Conversion
5 : Armor
4 : Stone Touch
3 : Midus Touch
2 : Sand Shield
Ace : Activates Any Three Cards

Clubs : Wind
King : Air Bending
Queen : Flight
Jack : Air Pressure
10 : Still Wind Attribute
9 : Ghostly Breeze
8 : Lightning Absorbtion
7 : Sonic Thunder
6 : Oxygen Amplifier
5 : Tornado
4 : Air Shield
3 : Vacuum Touch
2 : Split Step
Ace : Activates Any Three Cards

Little Joker : Avatar
Big Joker : Void

Now, this may seem a bit different to understand, so I'll show one of his techniques too.

Judgment ; Everything Burns! : By combining the king of diamonds and the ten of hearts, Haelo is able to quite literally able to open his mouth, and pour forth a virtually endless amount of water, and with the fire attribute, the water that comes forward would seem cool and refreshing, but would in fact burn anything it touched to a cinder.


Years ago, Haelo Matsumaru was an average acarian. His lifespan thousands of times longer than a humans, and his signature acarian ability being the ability to control light, and with it, his magics. Struck by amnesia some time ago, Haelo is virtually an average child.

So begins...

Haelo Matsumaru's Story

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Now I get it.

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Haelo Matsumaru stands around, shuffling his cards out of boredom.