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Hawke Williams

Felix Williamson

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by FireHawke57



Name: Felix Williamson
nicknames/Aliases: The burning man, Phoenix
age: 18
height: 5'9"
weight: 150lbs

bio: Born under the mark of the phoenix, Felix is calm, collective, and passive aggressive towards everything in life. he was gifted with the ability to conjure, consume, and manipulate all forms of fire. though just merely that doesn't explain that...

early ages

Felix birthdate is currently unknown, seeing he burnt down the building they were stored in. though, through survivor accounts say he was born stillborn to a poor family. though unknown facts still remain hidden to the public eye the hospital mysteriously burnt down the day they left with him.

Younger years
his parents died in a freak arson attack that burned down a farm and 3 acres of crops. later that day people claimed to see a Burning child walk into the city. that started his notoriety in the city's underground....

criminal past

Donning a Red coat, he became a slightly infamous criminal known as the Phoenix or The Burning Man. mostly wanted for arson and murder, he never really wanted fame until current years.

as of known police records felix is still at large though current whereabouts are unknown it is assumed though that he may soon strike again hoping to bring his name to the top.

fun facts:
1) hates people with political power
2) like to burn things
3) has one surviving member of his family though whereabouts is unknown.
4) is completely immune to any form of heat or fire
5) gains strength through anger and hatred
6)doesn't like to lose

high forms of pyrokinesis
is immune to fire
extreme resistance to harm
rapid healing
can create his own fire
enhanced strength and reflexes

water, though it hampers him very little
enough physical damage will kill him
overly headstrong and can be predictable

personality: almost completely insane, though also a complete sociopath. he likes the chaos in fire and the way it can purify things though he prefers to leave planning to other people.

So begins...

Hawke Williams's Story


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Felix "Hawke" Williams walked up the mountain grinning at the special before him. the volcano, which blew it's top sending fire and hell all over the area around him. A fireball flew towards him which only made him grin harder. with a slight gestured backhand he absorbed the fiery heat from it. the crackling sound of the lava hardening was almost as loud as Felix's laugh as he erupted on fire. he came here to watch the immense power of fire emerging from the volcano. laughed again as his blood red cloak whipped in the wind that came out of nearly nowhere.

"I must truly be mad!" he cackled to himself, as he thrusted his hands to the ground burning an area of the forest around him to ash. "I Came to watch the world burn!" he threw a fist to the air and a giant flaming bolder burst into dust in the air. "And here I am saving a part of it!"

a few minutes later

Felix was completely on fire now. turned into a form of blazing energy caused by the amount of power he's absorbed from the lava that was flowing around him. anything within three feet of him was already solidified and everything else was slowly cooling down and hardening. he was standing near the top half of the volcano trying to absorb the mass amounts of pyro-energy emerging from the volcano. "shit." he grimaced, "I'm absorbing too much energy! I'm going to have to vent it!"

In which He did. violently.

minutes later

Felix quickly vented the mass pyro-energy in the form of a column into the air. and as the last of it dissipated, he passed out on a solidified mass of lava towards the top of the mountain.


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The clink of metal boots rang out on cooled lava as one freed from a vent of the black storm is attracted by a column of flame. Equally writ in fire faceless armor and equally faceless inner flame thumps his way to the inert body. The indistinct shadowstuff of his armor's skirt drifts to its own wind as Hashim kneels down before the body. An old creature of a distant nation he still enjoyed magic in any form. Now freed with the escape of Myrkul's Vein there were new creatures of men to study.

The hot black metal of his arms pushed under the young man's body to raise him up. Not that Hashism particularly cared for humans but the loss of new magicians was not a cost he was willing to ignore. The carbonite bombs that stilled this volcano would not still the earth underneath for long. The pounding of earth as much a hazard as the fire the young man failed to channel.

The deep voice chanted a shadow-step spell and darted down the mountain. Racing through the world long black smoke trails behind Hashim. In a dark world devoid of heat and light it is lit only with the colors of Hashim's fire.