Haze Retiga

Solicitor and Advisory in the City of Fiari

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by DevilishFae


Massive Research corporaion specializing in Arms Deals, Medicine Education and New Technology.


Haze Retiga


Haze Retiga has a sharp mind, and quick thinking skills than enable him to process the context of a client's situation quickly and accurately. He represents many commercial industries including:

- Imports/exports/Trade
- Real Estate
- Family Law
- Business Startup
- Employment

He has recently been tasked with redistributing commercial assets/properties for The Helix Corporation, offering information and advice to prospective businesses and buyers.


The Stars and Stone- New Management
After the last owner fell into a state of bankruptcy, The Stars and Stone has remained empty for 14 months. Once a thriving hub of activity it now remains unused. This establishment holds the only Alcohol license in Fiari making it a very profitable and viable business opportunity. For more information and a view of the inside, please visit roleplay/the-multiverse/places/the-stars-and-stones

The Helix Arcanum - Recruiting/Enrolling
The Helix Arcanum is home to the prestigious Cortex Archive. With great funding going into the facility each year it is an ideal place to learn new topics. Its gothic architecture is high rising and the Arcanum is the only place where Sygaldry is taught. Seeking both students and Teachers.

The Helix Medical Center - Recruiting
The Helix Medical Center boasts great advances in medical technology, with such brilliant facilities it finds itself short staffed.

The Sphere Business District
In the centre of the city is Fiari's main business center. With many commercial spaces to rent, there is plenty of space for your new business ventures whether they are technology based or produce/service based.

Any Questions or queries contact Haze Retiga in his office in Fiari's Sphere District.

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