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When there's no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth.

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Ashes



--- Name: William Samuel Breer.
"That's really no one's business, you know, and my true name is so.. Human. If anyone is to address me, they will use Horror."

--- Age: Unknown - Immortal.
"Who fuckin' knows. I've been thrown in and out of hell so many times, reincarnated so many more, I've honestly lost track.

--- Species: Demon, weakling in the eyes of others that are his kin, he has always been known as an 'Evil One', 'Monster', 'Abomination, and it shall be such a way until the day he perishes. At times, he is found doing 'kind' things for people, only if he gets something in return. Horror is what Demon's are 'stereotyped' as; sneaky, looking out for only himself, enjoying a good blood bath every few days... And though he is still 'Leia's Minion', he seems to be on his own always, and cares not for the battle between 'Good' and 'Evil'.
"Demon. 'Loud and Proud'."
--- Appearance: When your eyes first fall upon this man, you may grow worrisome; with thick curving horns protruding from his head, red spikes jutting from his shoulders, pointed nails, and a reptile like tail... It's clearly obvious he is a Demon. If one can get pass the ghastly appendages, he is rather handsome; scrawny and wicked, but handsome. Usually he is dressed in some kind of black pants, without a shirt due to those spikes on his shoulders, and a thick golden pendant around his neck. Other then this he looks normal, enough.
"If you can't see for yourself, it's best for you not to know, lovely."

--- History: Since the birth of this demon, the underworld has never been quite the same. Alas, such things happen when you're the bastard child of Irva and Munivel, both rather moderately powerful demons of hell whom are one of Hades' many servants. Rather, they were servants of his. After betraying their 'master' by going off and having a good time with one another, well they were banished from Hell. Having been thrown out of their only home, Munivel went his own way without a second thought, leaving pregnant Irva with no one to turn to. Luckily she had a few friends 'in the middle' and stayed alive by just the skin of her neck. That was - until months later, William was born, and she realized she had really fucked up. Believing it was his mother's fault for him being evil, and that he would become 'pure' with her demise, he broke the bond of her body and soul per say; thus throwing her into a place between Heaven and Hell. It wasn't long after that he realized this had left him with nothing, and no answers. Thus, as a young boy he ventured out for his father, with no sense of direction, his judgement clouded by rage, lust, and need for bloodshed. He ended up lost in this big place; and the rest? Dare to ask him and find out.
"Ahh. This is something I don't remember all that often. Get me some blood, or booze, some kind of intoxication, and you'll hear an earful."

So begins...

Horror's Story


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#, as written by Ashes
Horror dragged his dirty nails against the tile floor as he paused outside the kitchen doorway, looking around and sniff, blood dribbling down his chin, neck, and staining much of his shirt. His nose took in every sent, even objects outside of the diner. His expresionless face churned into a disoriented smile when he found no one here. Of course there was a few waitresses, a cook, and two bus boys, but he had taken care of them some time ago. Now he could be alone with his thoughts.

Horror was dressed in a striped long sleeved shirt and dirty jeans, no shoes, the stench of death clinging to the boy as if he was the devil himself, accompanied by dry and fresh blood. A hostile growl leaves his dry parted lips and he moves forward, pulling the grime covered doll with him, his posture resembling an animal, seeing how he was on his hands and knees, pausing every second or so to look towards the door. Slowly, he slinks under a booth, pulling his legs close to his chest as his back presses up against the wall.

He would then start to shake, hiding his face, and more importantly, those teeth gleaming like the pale moon against the midnight sky. "Horror doesn't like this place, Molly... Horror thinks we should leave.." He mumbles, towards the doll, lifting his gaze to the trail of blood his hands left. "Someone might come for Horror..." He goes on in a whisper, truly afraid someone would find him. Now that his need for blood was gone, he'd be okay. For a couple hours that is. But for now he'd sit there and wait, for someone to enter or until he dozed off. The police wouldn't be here for hours anyways.