Huck Waldo

"Sinners, the lot of you."

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Huck Waldo
God's Will


I'm just doing God's work. It's nothing personal.

Personal Information

Theme Song: Huck's Theme

Name: Huck Waldo

Age: 30

Age Appearance: 30

Sex: Male

Race/Main: Human

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Marital Status: Oath of Abstinence

Birthplace: Bumfuck Nowhere, Ruula

Date of Birth: October 9th 1986

Religion(s)Beliefs: GOD

Marking|Tattoos|Piercings: SINFUL

Height: 5'10''

Weight: 145 lbs.

Physical Condition: Healthy

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Gray

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Occupation (Main): Priest

Education: Highly educated.

Language(s): English, Latin, Italian, and Spanish

Current Residence: Still in Bumfuck Nowhere, Ruula

Family/Relatives: None

Enemies: Sinful fire-type Pokemon.

Disabilities: None.

Personality: Loves GOD, hates sin.

Fears: The unfaithful.

Psychological Condition: Not too healthy.

Image Equipment Image


POWER: |||||||||| (2/10)
SPEED: |||||||||| (2/10)
ENDURANCE: |||||||||| (2/10)
INTELLIGENCE: |||||||||| (5/10)
WISDOM: |||||||||| (8/10)
CHARISMA: |||||||||| (5/10)

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Ability: Ability Description.

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His Pokemon

Aggron "God's Hammer"

God's Hammer has been with Huck since he was a small boy, when Aggron had not evolved and was still an Aron.


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