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One of the six races fighting in the Gauntlet, a combination of Six Realms of different races that fight to extinction and one of them stands above the rest. Humanity doesn't have strength physically or magically but in technology.

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Hunter_Killer


Humanity, also known as the human race is one of seven races participating in the Gauntlet and fighting for dominance over all. While the physical appearance of each human varies greatly between them the semblance does dictate that they have two eyes, ears, a nose and mouth on their face, along with two arms and two legs in a bipedal structure. Though defects at birth might alter these in some mutation, the main populace appears in this way, though gender, skin color, hair color, eye color and many other factors may be different.

As a race in the Gauntlet, it is without a doubt there is some feature that makes them "Greater" than their opponents. While their agility, strength and affinity for magic is nowhere close to that of the other combatants, Humanity has achieved a greatness in technology and advancement. Indeed, such advances have become clear as most of the other races seem to be frozen with a technology base that is more Medieval than that of Humans which has spiraled to technological marvels. Unfortunately, thanks to the design and combination of the Realms the use of Nuclear Weaponry is all but useless. Instead, Humanity's work has focused more towards a different goal. Robotics and machinery.


Out of all the races in the Gauntlet , Humanity has certainly pulled the short straw of this battle. While advances and an affinity for technology take the stage, their other ability is far below anything else of the other races it is simply pure luck they have stayed in for so long. From the beginning everything was a rough patch. After a few centuries to adjust to a life style, a scouting party found a Dragon's Lair a couple of miles from their early settlement. The First War had begun, also known as the Dragon Wars , Humanity found itself against the first of five opponents. Around this time it is said that the Lycans encountered the Vampires while the Elves discovered the Fairies and the Fae . It has now been believed that those with opposite strengths would face each other. From the get go it was a bloody battle.

Fortunately, to the Human advantage, their grasp on technology and advancements dragged them through the advances in warfare quicker than the other races. Ascending to Medieval stage weapons in armor in only 1.5 Millennia, by this time the Lycans and Vampires had reached Spears and shields and Elves were just grasping their hands at swords.

Despite their sure grasp on technological advancements it was during the time of their firsts Industrial Revolution that they really became tested. The discovery of gunpowder and guns and the cannon helped keep the Dragons at bay, if only just but by this time the Elves, Lycans, and Vampries came into their realm as well. While the Elves remained distant from direct confrontations, Lycans and Vampires set raids on Human establishments to "convert" whole towns and cities to their numbers. Indeed, with the race barely breaking past its second Millennia the human race had fallen to a number that could be fit in half of a country the size of Spain.... It seemed as though the time for Humanity was reaching its end.

So begins...

Humanity's Story

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