Icey & Shiver

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Full Name: Jasmine Danrien
Nicknames: Icey
Preferred Names:Ice, Icey.


Main Species: Demoness
Sub Species: Witch?

Apparent Age: 18
Actual Age:16
Birth Date: February 11 1994
Birth Place: Earth
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius/Dog

Sexual Orientation/Preference: Bisexual

Skin Color/Shade: Slightly tanned
Markings/Scars: Numerous scars laced over every part of her body, mostly on her back and arms.
Tattoos/Piercings: Only her ears.

Weight: 110 pounds
Physical Condition: Fragile, worn down and sickly looking.
Body Build: Sickly, unnaturally thin

Disabilities: Physically weak
Psychological Condition: Unstable

Handedness: Right handed

Eye Color: Red
Eye Wear: Glasses sometimes. Or contacts.

Hair Color: Black
Hair Style/Length:Uneven, grown out.
Hair Wear: Nothing maybe a hat sometimes.

Education: High school
Languages: English
Voice Wave: ~

Main Occupation: Living
Side Occupation: Looking for someone with a particular ability

Current Residence: No where, she refuses to sleep
Previous Residence: Earth

Current Affiliations: None
Former Affiliations:Ikiros, General Maelik

Family/Relatives: Unknown

Religion(s)/Beliefs: Was a forced Christan. But she is a atheist now that people aren't nagging her.

Statistics Ratings

Using low, moderately low, average, moderately high, and high

Intelligence: Average
Spiritual: Average
Magic Resistance: Moderately high
Stamina: Moderately low
Energy: High
Endurance: Moderately low
Speed: High
Strength: Moderately high
Combat: Average
Technique: Average

Personality and Other Characteristics

Overall Personality: Colder and is out to do something. She will talk and be happy around others if she feels comfortable.

Public Behavior: Shy until she knows someone.
Behavior with Friends: Hyper and not afraid to say what she thinks. Out going and playful.
Behavior with Family: N/A
Behavior with Lovers:N/A
Behavior with Enemies: Outwardly hateful towards them. Ignoring them until she finds out how to get back at them.

Likes: Candy and being with friends. She likes nothing better.
Hobbies: Drawing. Listening to music. New one trying to watch fights or get into them herself.
Interests: Anythings she doesn't know already.
Dislikes: Spicy foods. And people that try to hurt her or her friends. People that think they are all that or stuck up.

Goals/Ambitions: Get really good at hand to hand combat.
Life's Ambition: Second on the list= Join forces.

Fears:Hates bugs.
Biggest Fear: Of someone she cares about dying.

Morals: She can't kill someone. Ever. Even if she wanted to with all her heart?

Prized Possession (Emotional/Personal Value): Her Psp Or Dragon
Prized Possession (Material Value): Her Ipod that is the only thing she has from her former BFF.

Most Outspoken About: Anything that is brought up that she has an opinion about.
Least Outspoken About: Herself or her family.

Positive Characteristics: A at heart happy girl. You just need to help her open up.
Negative Characteristics: She is pretty hot headed. And has a thing for listening to her music to loud. She is now out to do something so she is much more serious than before.


Equipment and Personal Belongings

Main/Usual Outfit: SkirtShirtBootsCloak
Secondary Outfit: Outfit

Armor: None

Jewelry: An ice crystal jewel that was given to her by Ka-Ryuu.
Accessories: Nothing.

Primary Weapon: A light sword that shines and intensifies with the users feelings.
Secondary Weapon: A gun blade given to her by Silver.

Side Weapons (Throwing knives, chains, and etc.): Coming soon.

Racial Traits and Abilities

Newly found ability that if she shes someone do something she can copy the action perfectly. Unless its something like a stronger magic spell etc. Other than this current one there are no others that prove to be of any danger.

Personal Background

Whist hanging out with Ka-Ryuu he was under assassination attempt and was trying to help him. Her being her promised to kill him anyway she could. If she might be able to that is.
Upon recently hanging out with Ka-Ryuu he got her a small dragon egg. After having it cling to her hand for about 2 days it hatched into a small baby ice dragon. She named it...


Shiver has recently taken up turning into a human form. Learned from Yosei close friend of Icey's.

Became immortal that was on her list with a little help from Maelik, now laced with demon blood and in mega debt to the dragon man also. She is out onto her second thing to join forces with those who have yet to be named...

After a while finding that she had become to known for her own good. She decided to change her look. To her anyway she was getting tired of white and green. Always keep on your toes. Old look...
http://th07.deviantart.net/fs71/PRE/f/2 ... c6bef2.png
http://i1012.photobucket.com/albums/af2 ... 9n8jpg.png
Most recent
http://www.furuanimepanikku.com/wp-cont ... mbnail.jpg

Gained abilities
Black fire from Vampric Rage.
Earth bending from Joshua
Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique from Madara/
Violent Wind Palm technique From Satori
Fire from Ka-ryuu
Shadow jumpng from Patch/norriginton.
Fire flashing from Erinal Decompri/GrayFoxUA
Bohemian Rapture from Tsukasa/Rydan_Allivitiar(still learning.)
Telekinesis and mind tricks from Irikos
Asphyxiate spell from Jules Restlin/ Tarren_Wover

So begins...

Icey & Shiver's Story


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#, as written by iceredm
Blinked at him, quickly blocking all three of the strikes and jumping back from him onto a table. "So you attack me? Thats ridiculous!" Holding her hand out as she muttered a spell her eyes flashing a sick olive color.


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Character Portrait: Icey & Shiver

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#, as written by iceredm
Muttered a curse to herself, letting the spell die on her lips. Setting up a telekinetic barrier around herself. "What a joke." Forcing the barrier out to slam into each and everyone of the Silvers. What ever one stayed in tact she would attack.


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Character Portrait: Icey & Shiver

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#, as written by iceredm
Sighed frowning, holding back a shudder at him being behind her. Stumbling from the breaking of her barrier keeping her eyes on Silver now, sending a flume of fire at him. Then soon vanishing to appear behind him sending a strike at his middle.


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Character Portrait: Icey & Shiver

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#, as written by iceredm
Frowned again, muttering under her breath pushing against his blade. Barely keeping her own, muttering a spell again her eyes flashing a bright olive as a curling light snaked out from Icey's hands and at Silver. Looking much like lightning. If it hit it would quickly close up his air way for one round, maybe giving Icey a help she needed.


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Character Portrait: Icey & Shiver

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#, as written by iceredm
A gaze lingered on the cup that stayed firmly unmoving in the small figures hand. Dully staring into the waters of the coke, so emotionless that a gargoyle would be jealous. No breathing. It was unneeded. And regrets hung heavy over her head, think and sickly to her mind. And proof of such was written unseen all over her body.

Icey shuddered, finally letting those that might have been staring that she hadn't died on the stool at the counter. Glancing quickly about the bar, ever silent. As she would be for the rest of time.