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"I'm the best at Hide and Seek."

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We didn't ask to be made into science projects.


Name: Ichero Fenix
Age: 10
Race: Felinoid Aonian
Basics: Orange, black and white Hair/Fur, 4'10", 95 lbs, orange-red eyes, usually dresses in blacks and reds, prehensile tail, night vision.


Gravity Manipulation: Ichero can control and manipulate gravity fields. This gives him the power of flight as well as the power to crush someone with the the power of a black hole.

Invisibility field: A mentally projected field that can used to make himself, others or inanimate objects invisible.

Shadow/Darkness manipulation:Ichero can use the shadows or darkness to travel short distances and can turn darkness or shadows into solid tangible items (Think green lantern constructs, but made of tangible darkness)

Beast form: Upon reaching puberty, Felinoid Aonians have the ability to take on the form of a large creature similar to Earth's saber toothed cats. It is often triggered by life or death situations, or times when incredibly angry. They often have to use meditation techniques to keep the beast under control.

Background: Ichero was also sold as a kitten to the same lab as many other Aonian Felinoids and was given the same serum that Meeko and the others received. While Meeko was the first to manifest his powers, Ichero and the rest developed theirs after Meeko let them all out and they all went their separate ways. Ichero used his invisibility powers and shadow traveling to sneak on to ships and also traveled to various planets throughout the universe before he heard about Origin and thought it would be a great place to get away from the SCP agents. He also heard rumors about the Rixy clones escaping there. He managed to steal a small ship and headed for Origin.

So begins...

Ichero Fenix's Story


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Ichero came into the planet's atmosphere far too fast and was unable to control the ship. He had to use his gravity manipulation to slow the ship so that it was going slow enough to not destroy the ship on impact when it hit the ocean. He landed it just right so that it was floating like a boat, but he knew it wouldn't take long to sink. As the cockpit began to fill with water, he jumped out and swam to the nearest shore.

As Ichero walked onto the shore he saw a bunch of kids setting up camp. They seemed to be on some sort of field trip, but he didn't want to startle anyone or freak them out, as he looked different than all of them. He went invisible and decided to look around the island. He found the place to be an amazing resort and he loved the hot springs. He then went to the arcade and saw a couple of kids playing a racing battle game and a bunch of other people standing around them chanting and cheering them on before they beat the two highest scores.

That's when he noticed two things so shocking he dropped his invisibility field. The first was that the orange haired kid playing the game was Prince Quintin of the Eurythmian Empire who had been missing for quite some time. The other was the boy with the bar code tattooed under his eye, a tattoo similar to the one he had at the base of his own neck under his fur. The blue haired boy with them was the closest one to his own age based on appearance, but he walked up to the boy with the tattoo and gently pulled on his sleeve.

"Excuse me mister, are you one of the IWEMAP clones?" His voice was that of an innocent child and looked like a cross between a tiger cub and a human, but with the orange and black reversed on his stripes.

"I only ask because I have a bar code too, I was also a lab experiment. And is that the prince?"


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"Yay! We did it! We won!" Vyro shouted with an excited voice, jumping up and down and moving with such force that his special onsen clothing nearly fell off...which was a good thing since if they did, he would get extremely embarrassed. But before he moved so fast it went completely off immediately, he stopped and considered something.

"Hey wait, what did we win?"

As he said that, Iziti was the one to answer.

"Well, that is the thing. YOu play games for your own personal enjoyment, not just to win things...but in this case, you won those tickets. And at the end, once you are ready to leave, you can take all the tickets you earned to that counter over there and exchange them for the prizes you want".

As he pointed that out, he turned to see a boy that had approached him. At that moment, he was asked a very specific question...a very dangerous question. Before he even had time to think or process, he jumped into action. One of his eyes turned purple, only instead of the passiveness it normally had, that purple was bright and full of energy, and Ichero would probably feel a force being extremely forceful and probe into his mind aggressively, unlike the usual passiveness and stealth that Iziti normally had when investigating. Incidentally, it was technically possible to consciously resist this, however in this state it was also possible for Ichero to actually look into Iziti's mind a little and learn some things as well, if only minor things such as what he was currently thinking and doing. This included the power of his other eye.

The other eye had turned teal, and Teal was the power of Examination. Not only could Iziti use it as a sort of X-Ray, looking through Ichero's clothes to see if he had any hidden weapons on him, but it would also help him spot if there was any other suspicous looking people in the crowd, like people who were focusing on him too much and such. It would also help him spot scars, fibers, and other traces.

Of course, even without it, he would probably notice the boy was still soaking wet, including all of his clothes, and might even still be dripping, indicating that like Vyro, he came from the ocean.

It was that fact that, after a bit of time, Iziti finally registered the next thing he said. He stopped materializing the gun and knife he was about to create for self defense and calmed down a little, but still remained on guard.

"First things first. Who are you, and how did you find me?"


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Ichero froze in place as he felt Iziti scanning his mind, and while he felt the ability to see into Iziti's mind, he didn't do it because he thought it would be an invasion of privacy. As Iziti scanned his mind, he would have seen that all of what he had said was true, even if it was only two sentences. He also would have seen, that in spite of his calm outward appearance, he was scared out of his mind by the way Iziti reacted. He pulled Iziti to the side of the room so no one would be listening in to them.

"My... My name is Ichero Fenix. I'm from Aonia, my people, the Aonian Felinoids, are treated like slaves there and a lot of us are sold to Tel Max labs as test subjects. The lab I was trapped at was a smaller one with only one scientist and a handful of assistants, but quite a few test subjects. The scientist was trying to make a new super soldier as per orders from Emperor Sonique and he was testing a serum he created. We were all given at least one dose, some of use were given more. One of the others, I think his name was Meeko, got a high enough dose to develop powers before the rest of us and he used them to kill the scientist and free the rest of us. We all ran away to get off the planet, but as I was leaving I stole a flash drive from his desk. When I checked it out later, I realized it was filled with case files from something called the IWEMAP project and it had a ton of files on you and your clones. It seemed that he was comparing notes with another scientist who was also hired to create super soldiers. It also ended about the same way. I stayed on the planet a little longer than some of the others, but a lot of them agreed that the best thing to do was to hide somewhere where they wouldn't stand out, like an interplanetary school. I recognized you from your file as one of the IWEMAP clones and I just figured you had done the same thing when you escaped. I'm not sure if any of the others have shown up here yet, I just got here myself." Ichero did his best to be specific and include as many details as he could remember.

Quin had been listening the whole time. He tried to stay calm but it was hard at the moment.

"My father is responsible for your suffering?! This is crazy! Are there any lengths he won't go to?" Quin growled in anger at his father.

"I take it you ran away then and didn't go on an extended vacation like all the reports say?" Ichero asked with an innocent look.

Quin huffed. "What next? He gonna fake my death too?"


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As everything was explained and Iziti calmed down, he scratched the back of his head and made a face one might make if they spilled a drink on someone. "Oh...uhhh...oops, sorry about that then. Normally I can stay calm and collected, but admittedly people coming up to me all of a sudden randomly and asking a question like that out of the blue is a bit of a weakness of mine".

"Wowza, that is one very specific weakness".

"Well how would you feel if people came up to you all of a sudden and mentioned your true identity or the true identity of Quin?"

"Oh, well I would make them tell me everything they know of course to make sure they werent a....ahhh, I see what you mean".

Incidentally, Vyro made a bit of a terrifying expression on his face that didn't match his normal innocent expressions, but it showed how much he cared about Quin.

"Well, anyways. I am a bit concerned about people coming in the middle of the night more then ever now to come after us. I mean, instead of faking your death, isn't it more likely your father will actually have you killed during this fake story he made up, and use that to establish some invisible enemy for all your people to be afraid of so he can fortify his own rule even further".

"...thats not funny Iziti".

"That wasn't a joke. That said, although its unlikely they can just charge in here to attack us, and even more doubtful they will show up quickly, I find it concerning that two ships crashed here around the same time. Well, I have one brother that can destroy a cyber trail, and another that is good at sneaking, so I can see if they can destroy some of the trail and hide the tracks, but we may need to be...alert...well, I am sure everything will be fine. That said...I thought cats didn't like water? And aren't you uncomfortable, soaked like that?"


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"I really don't think my father would have me killed, as much as he might like to. The fact of the matter is he's getting old and he hasn't fought a battle of his own in decades and I'm the only heir to the throne. If I die, the attempts on his life will increase ten fold at least and the only thing he cares about more than his own life is his Empire which will also crumble with no leader. As long as I'm alive, his Empire survives. I just have to wait him out until he dies then claim the throne for myself and from there I can bring about the changes that need to be made." Quin spoke softly with a serious look on his face. He briefly contemplated having his father killed, but he knew that would make him no better than his father.

Ichero looked at his clothes and his fur, now clinging to his skin, making him look skinnier than usual, and then looked up at the others.

"I kinda stole the ship I crashed from a smuggler, which I'm sure he stole from someone else. That's kind of the way things work on Aonia. Unless I had stole a vessel from the lab, I doubt it would have had a tracking system in it that still functioned. And to be fair I didn't crash it, I slowed it down enough to make a safe water landing." Ichero chuckled.

"I guess the clothes are a little bit uncomfortable, but I don't have anything to change into. About cats not liking water, that's a myth. Aonia is a desert planet so most of us will take any chance we can to play in the water. But I should probably see if I can get a towel and one of those robes I see everyone wearing around here. They look soft and comfy.


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"Wait, where did you get the clothes from if you just escaped in the first place?"

Iziti couldn't help but wonder that, since the Rixys didn't get clothes till after they escaped. They were treated as experiments, not people, so the scientists didn't bother to treat them like people.

"Well, anyways, not the point. The point is..."

"You should get all the wet stuff off right now!"

Vyro said that as he approached Ichero and grabbed his pants with pretty clear indications.

"Hold on Vyro! If you do it here..."

"But, Iziti! When I was made to go through Army Survival Training, they told us to always have spare clothes with you in case you fell into the water. That is because when someone wears soaking wet clothes, not only is it uncomfortable and hard to move in, but it increases the chances of catching a serious cold and disease, and even if the temperature around you is normal, can cause someone to experience hypothermia or close to it! Right oniichan?"

At those words, Iziti had to admit all that was true but...before he could react...

"Hold on Quin. So I understand the whole leaving you alive part and that whole logic about the empire and whatever...but, I thought he wanted to use Vyro as a weapon or a tool or something? Did he really make Vyro go through some actual hellish survival training?!"

Vyro meanwhile comforted Ichero.

"Its okay. Its not that bad. We can just tell people you lost your towel, or your robe got accidentally taken by someone else. Its a hot springs resort after all, so its not that abnormal. ANd dont worry about the ship, I kinda did the same...only I really did crash. It was kind of embarrassing walking through the halls, but I would never risk making oniichan sick on our first meeting!"

"...how about we go back to the room, and he changes there instead. And with the robe, there is hte dis...wait, if we get seen with him like that, will they get difficult about the discount? You might have to take one for the team..."

As that was said, Vyro took mental note about something and went over to Quin to whisper it into his ear.

"Is it me, or is Iziti way too focused on money considering how nice of a person he is?"


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"I don't think it'll be a big deal if they see him like that right now, I think the main thing is for us to wear the robes the majority of the time we're here. But Vyro was being trained to be one of the Royal Guards, my personal body guard as a matter of fact so he wanted Vyro to be the best trained guard around. " Quin smiled.

"Most people worry about money, Vyro. I'm rich so I don't let it bother me, but that's a luxury most don't have." He whispered to Vyro.

"I don't know what all the fuss is about, I can take off my clothes off here, I didn't wear any at the lab." Ichero had been raised in a lab without clothes and didn't quite understand the concept of them, unlike the older Aonians. He mainly just wore them to blend in. Before anyone else could say anything he had taken everything off and his fur was covering the important parts from the waist down. He then shook himself off in the manner of most animals by getting on all fours and shaking in back and forth motion. spraying water everywhere.

"There, now I can get a towel and dry off the rest of the way and get a robe." He smiled looking up at them innocently.

"Okay, let's go get you a robe too before you get in trouble for being naked."

"You can get in trouble for that? Why?"

"I'll explain later. C'mon let's go." He said as he grabbed Ichero by the hand and picked up his wet clothes on the way to the room.


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"Well, you wont get in trouble here, after all just in case of accidents they..."

Vyro started to speak, but Iziti was the one who stopped him while Quin talked to Ichero.

"Vyro, normal people would be embarrassed...I am amazed you didn't get embarrassed..."

"Why would I get embarrassed when its allowed? Besides, I had to share an army bunk and..."

"Yeah, but thats not normal".

Notably, Iziti did seem to have a concept of normalcy unlike some of his other siblings, but that was because he established his common sense by raiding the minds of several others first to learn it.

Ichero was now totally naked, and the group proceeded back to the room.

"But yeah, you wont get in trouble for it!"

Iziti just shook his head, and sympathized with Quin a little. Well, he also sympathized with Ichero now that he knew the truth. And even if he had hair, its not like his body wasn't visible.

Vyro then went back over to Quin.

"Really? I never really dealt with money, so I just dont get it maybe..."


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When they got back to the hotel room, Quin quickly found a towel and helped Ichero to dry off the rest of the way. His fur got all fluffy and he looked even cuter like this. Quin fought back a smirk as Ichero looked up with such an adorable smile. He was sure that he was going to die of cuteness overload from the combination of Ichero and Vyro. He grabbed him a robe as well and tied it around him nice and tight as he had done for Vyro, before putting his clothes in the hotel laundry hamper to be cleaned.

There you go all nice and dry and ready to go. Speaking of which, do you have some place to go? Were you trying to find some place specific?" Quin asked after kneeling to be at eye level with Ichero.

"I was really just trying to find someplace safe, I was told there was a school on this planet that protects it's students and keeps them safe. I know a bunch of the other Aonians were coming here too for the same thing. I was hoping to go there, but I also want to see if any of the others made it to the school." Ichero said, his voiced hitched a little as he tried not to cry.

Quin couldn't help but feel bad for the poor kid. He gave him a big hug and Ichero's tears began to flow as he sobbed into Quin's shoulder

"I don't want to go back there. The doctor did mean things. He put needles in us that put some kind of glowing purple goo inside of us. Some of us got sick from it, but we all got changed. The stuff burned my insides, and made me feel all weird and I fell asleep for a really long time. The doctor said I was asleep for two weeks and when I woke up I felt all different, like I wasn't me anymore, like it wasn't my body."

Quin held him closer and used a tone to make Ichero calm dawn a little and trust him a little bit more.

"It's okay, Ichero. We're here for you. We actually go to the school you mentioned and I'm sure they'll help keep you safe. You don't have to worry anymore, you're safe now." And with those words and his tone it was as though he had made everything all better. Ichero stopped crying and sniffled a little before hugging the other two boys as well and thanking them.

"So would it be okay if I stayed with you guys until you go back to the school?" He asked

"Well, I don't have a problem with it as long as Iziti and Vyro are okay with it." Quin said looking at the other two.