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Her cold eyes seem to peer at your soul; they know your motives your heart and judge you accordingly

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Neava13


Name Idania daughter of Yakov of dark springs
Nickname: Idan
Age 622 years (Looks to be in her early 20’s)
Nationality East European (Slovick)
Height 5'2"
Weight103 lbs
Hair Black
Eyes Blue
Distinguishing features : Red tribal tattoos down her entire right side

Description: The red tattoos that trace down her right side give her a wild untamed appearance. In truth though she is as cold as the places she once lived. Her ice blue eyes display a control that few master, but they also portray a wisdom and knowledge of things that she has seen and known. Her body is lithe graceful slime, but with definite curves.

Clothing: Her chest is always wrapped in thick black cotton bands to keep her curves from getting in the way of work. She is pale skinned though odd red gems are affixed to her flesh at different intervals. She has some bands over her arms and hands the same cotton wrapping that crosses her chest. She wears the baggy black Shingami pants as well, though she never wares shoes or sandals of any kind.

(picture by Luis Royo)


Personality: She is slow to anger and just as slow to make smile. Though with those she is comfortable with she smiles a bit more often and even every once in a while will show a sense of humour. She is the most amiable when drunk though she rarely allows herself that pleasure. Her Captain introduced her to Saki several years ago and since then she drinks far more then she probably should off duty.

Family: She has several family members that have passed into the soul society though she does not associate with them, and they do not associate with her.

Hobbies: Drinking, Tattoo artistry, body art, and painting

Strengths Has a very strong code of honor, code of conduct, and is faithful to a fault to the ideals of the soul society. She will not kill unless it is a full fledged Hollow, only disable. Her ability to see the flow of Reiryoku over others skin allows her to understand her opponent far better than most are ever able to.

Weaknesses: Will not kill unless it is a full Hollow. High amounts of Reiryoku can cause temporary blindness.

Likes: Animals, art, beauty in all forms, life, and order

Dislikes: Rudeness, dishonourable people, hates thieves and beggars, and chaos

Favourite Foods: Blood sausage

Least Favourite Foods: Lutercriss

Favourite Color: White



Zanpakutō Name: Inoue Mamoru Katsu

Zanpakutō spirit appearance:Image

Zanpakutō spirit personality: Calm, lawful, reserved, and dutiful. Inoue is like the wolf she resembles. When what she stands for is in danger she will bare her fangs and bring about the destruction or those that stand against her. She is protective of those she believes part of her pack, and believed in order above all things even her own life.

Zanpakutō spirit manifestation: Image


Zanpakutō Shikai release phrase : "Яркий свет предохранения
" (Bright light of Protection (In Russian))

Zanpakutō First stage abilities (Shikai)

Void of radiance - Sinks the entire area around her into blinding light in a 500 sqft area (her tattoos change to white light)

Dragon sight- Can see those around her through her blade's guidance (her eyes shift to black voids)

Radiant flash- She can teleport to any place within her Radiant sphere at the speed of thought.

Zanpakutō second stage (Bankai): The blade looks the same but turns to an inky blackness. The blade looks like flowing ink and has no substance other then fluid like up to the hilt.

-Debilitating tattoo - Her blade turns inky black and her red tattoos also shift to black though her eyes glow white. Each attack she makes leave a tattooed mark across the skin that tattoo debilitate the person's access to their Reiryoku at each swipe, eventually cutting them off from their abilities all together. The effects can be lifted at her will, or when she falls unconscious.

----Shingami abilities-----

-Shunpo- Expert

-Swordsmanship- (advanced though not Master quality)

-Reiryoku Tattoos- She can create tattoos that allow those she marks to harness their energies; farther connecting them to the energy within them. Takes a lot of time to do and when fished causes visible tattoos on those she adds them to.

-Healing threads- She can use her own Reiryoku in small threads to stitch together wounds on others and heal injuries though it is a lengthily process and tiring for herself.

-Reiryoku Sight- She can see how the person’s Reiryoku flows over their skin, as well as it’s shades and hues that portray emotion and personality. (auras)


* Bakudō (Binding spells): Well versed with one form of binding

-Spheres of counter weight- which creates a counter Reiryoku that severely diminishes those that she captures with it. She must place four small sphere’s around the target and activate with a fifth. Once the fifth is released three pulses emanates towards the target, if one pulse strikes them then their Reiryoku begins to counter act itself diminishing their power and abilities as well as their control of them for each pulse that strikes.


She was born in 1387 in a farming village of Eastern Europe now right on the Russian boarder. Her family had been farmers for over a hundred years and she was expected to marry a man who held land to bring honor to her family name as well as bring wealth and honor to the spirits of old.

She was the eldest daughter and as such she helped her parents with all the basic functions of the farmsteads. At the age of 15 she took the harvest to the market and met a passing warrior there. This Warrior began to try courting her; finding excuses he came to the farm she lived. He convinced her to sneak out of her home at night to meet him. One such night she came to meet him in the forest not far from her home, and while they met in secret they were ambushed by a local group of thieves. Needless to say she did not get out unscathed; and her lover was killed in the skirmish. When she returned home she was cast out of her family being accused of being a whore, and soiling herself so she could not marry a man of title or prestige. She turned to the local brothels to make a living; she was taught the art of tattoo by a fellow prostitute. She later learned far more in the art of painting, and word art. After a time she moved out of the brothels to her own business. She became such a famous tattoo artist that many came to for miles around to be tattooed by her skilled hands. Her writing and painting was also known throughout the region.

Death During one of the various skirmishes in the city she lived in, her workshop caught on fire and she died in the resulting flames.

Beginnings in the soul Society After death she came to find herself within the walls of the soul society. She continued to tattoo, and when one of the Sensei’s of the Shinou Academy, Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto, came to see her work, he realized her tattoos were far more than just art. Her gift allowed her to tie the soul to the physical body, giving those she tattoos one step up in their training. She was recruited into the Academy and graduated in the high end of her class. Her abilities continued to grow and evolve through training. As she became a Shingami her talents where enlisted in her unit in both tattoo and her fighting prowess.

Is currently the 4th squad Vice Captain and specializes in distraction of enemy forces and extraction of wounded. Though she is fairly proficient at the healing arts as well.

So begins...

Idania's Story